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am 8. März 1999
Conversations with my agent succeeds on three levels: as a quick introduction to writing for television, as a morality tale about overnight success in Hollywood, and as a humor book. I've read almost everything there is to read about screenwriting, and this book was by far the most enjoyable in an overcrowded, turgid genre. It wasn't deep, but it sure was fun -- and informative.
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am 20. November 1999
This quick read is full of funny scenes as the author labors to bring his sitcom onto the air. He has a rare (in Hollywood) modesty; he drops no names although he badmouths no one.
He doesn't even name the sitcom he managed to get on the air and which he discusses throughout the book (it was PIG STY, which ran on UPN for a season).
He's currently producing LOVE AND MONEY for CBS.
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am 29. September 1998
This book reads like something that was quickly banged off the type-writer while the author was waiting for his agent to get him a job...which is actually one of its strong points, as well as its weakness. It's a slight book, but that also is why it is so highly readable, as though a smart and funny buddy were telling you some anecdotes over some beers. It gives inside insight into the machinations of the L.A./Show Biz world. It is funny. And you can feel in the subtext that the writer is DESPERATE that he have a success soon, or, God forbid, he's going to have to go work for an advertising agency. This tension ads to the book, too.
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