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am 2. April 2005
Man kennt und liebt Mark Twain ja vor allem wegen seiner phantastischen Romane und seiner etwas anderen Reiseberichte. Dass er auch zahlreiche Kurzgeschichten schrieb, nimmt man oft nur am Rande zur Kenntnis. Leider; denn auch hier gibt es Erstklassiges zu entdecken.
Mark Twains erzählerisches Werk reicht von geistreichen Humoresken wie etwa dem "Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" bis zu bitterbösen Satiren wie z.B. "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyberg". Für alle Kurzgeschichten gilt jedoch: Das hier ist ein Moralist ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger. In seinem Vorwort rät der Herausgeber Charles Neider: "You must come to Twain with a smile." Recht hat er!

In diesem Band liegen Mark Twains sämtliche Kurzgeschichten von 1865 bis 1916 vor. Ein veritables literarisches Feuerwerk wird hier gezündet, die ganze Bandbreite von Mark Twains Können zeigt sich. Durch die chronologische Anordnung der Geschichten wird seine immer pessimistischere Weltsicht klar; vor allem die späten Erzählungen sind oft (nicht immer!) sehr bitter. Was freilich nicht heißt, dass sie nicht geistreich wären.

Mark Twains Stärken liegen vor allem in geistreichen Plots, in seiner überbordenden Phantasie, unvergesslichen Figuren und -- was leider nicht alle Übersetzer ins Deutsche herübergerettet haben -- in virtuoser Sprachbeherrschung. Kenner von Mark Twains Werk können vermutlich jede Figur auch ohne Kontext identifizieren: Sprechweise und Sprachebene seiner Protagonisten sind unverwechselbar. Dieser Autor schien tatsächlich jeden denkbaren Jargon nicht nur gekannt, sondern auch selbst zu beherrscht zu haben. Schon aus diesem Grund lohnt es sich, wenigstens die ein oder andere Kurzgeschichte im Original zu lesen.
Bedauerlich ist bei diesem Band nur, dass er weder Kommentare noch bibliographische Angaben enthält.
Dafür bieten diese "Complete Short Stories" jedoch eine preiswerte Möglichkeit, Mark Twain im O-Ton zu genießen.
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am 30. Oktober 1998
This is an important book in American literature. This collection truly shows off the massive range that Mark Twain had. From the author of books as divergant as Huck Finn and Joan of Arc, to the humorous travel writings and all the way past the bitter, hateful scribblings of his later life.
These are some of the highlights, as I see it:
"The Story of the Bad Little Boy", an early version of Twain's comprehenisive pessism and it proves that there is really no such thing. There's optimism and there's realism. "A Day at Niagra", an obvious parody of his own early newpaper feature writing. Perhaps it was an abandoned assignment on a trip to the falls and Twain had such a bad time he wrote this vicious, sarcastic piece. There are numerous other wonderful stories along the way, hilarious, mean-spirited, touching, beautiful, gently humorous and smile factoring. After the dreadful 1890s of Twain's life (lost a wife, a daughter, a fortune and another kid got sick), sometimes a few of the stories are near-misses. Still always amusing, but something is missing. Then, at recurring times over the last decade of his life, Mark Twain got angry. He popped the blister that became "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyberg", a brutal profile of mankind's inate greed and selfishness and how there will always be someone out there to laugh and enjoy your misery. "The $30,000 Bequest" is a heart-breaking tale about delusion and wasted lives, and how even the thought of money corrupts absolutely. "Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven" is a mercilessly blasphemous account of Heaven being no different, really, from the earth, the same classist behavior, the same tragic dreams of a better life never to be had. It shoots a hole the size of, well, Heaven in this shaky mythology.
Finally, we visit with "The Mysterious Stranger", a categorically violent attack on the idea of God. It demystifies so many absurdities organized religion tells you to take for granted, don't be surprised if you lose your faith after reading this short novel. It is one of the ultimate masterworks of satirical tragedy ever produced by a writer and is desperately in need of some ingenious filmmaker to produce an R-rated animated movie. Hell, anyone out there who may chance across this add, I'm willing to write the screenplay or assist in production in some way. I have some experience and can do this one TOP NOTCH.
Enough advertising--all in all, a beautiful, necessary book.
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am 9. Februar 2015
I wasn’t too crazy about Mark Twain’s early stories. A lot of them fall flat, others would have been good if they hadn’t been exaggerated to death and some are downright cruel.

Although his later stories make up for it, I still prefer his books, especially the incomparable "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".

The Kindle edition is not up to standard. Several stories appear more than once and the irritating tale of Elfonzo and Ambulinia seems to crop up three or four times.
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am 9. Oktober 2011
I have it! So i m glad, cause one another book of Twain shines in my collection. This book was really not to expensive for that content you will got for your money. Every time i would buy it once more.

Yes i can say to all other readers, who like the stories of this genious man called Samuel Clemens:
Buy it and you will never be dissapointed! it worth his price in whole cents !...
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am 26. Juli 1997
This inexpensive book of over 600 pages offers an incredible value for anyone who enjoy Mark Twain's quintessential humor. It is one of those books that you cannot put down once you get started on it. A great way to while away a hot summer afternoon
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