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am 4. Juli 2003
Richard H. Wilkinson, Egyptologist and Director
of the University of Arizona Egyptian Expeditions,
has written an excellent new book about the
gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. His new book
is a complete, systematic survey of the ancient
egyptian pantheon.
In ancient Egypt, every city originally was the
city of a certain god, and many of them evolved
later to cult centres of the local gods. The author
considers the differing cult centres of the deities,
their manifestations, symbols and icons, and their
fluctuating popularity.
This book is recommended for everyone who wants
to know more about the ancient Egypt mythology.
Maybe it is even one of the best books about the
egyptian gods and goddesses. All the books I read
from Wilkinson so far are well illustrated and very
comprehensive. This one is rich illustrated, for
example with tomb paintings and temple reliefs.
His book has five major parts :
"Rise and Fall of the Gods" >> Evolution
"Nature of the Gods" >> Forms, Appearances, and Manifestations
"Worship of the Gods" >> Rituals and Mysteries
"Kingship and the Gods" >> Political aspect
"The Many Faces of the Divine" >> Catalogue
Other books of Dr. Wilkinson worth reading :
* The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt
* Reading Egyptian Art: A Hieroglyphic Guide to
Ancient Egyptian Painting and Sculpture
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