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4,4 von 5 Sternen

am 23. Januar 2018
No matter if you know a lot about Asian cuisine or nothing. This cookbook offers you a complete index of recipes from different countries, such as Japan, China, India, Korea, Vietnam... It's incredible, everything very well explained and the most important recipes include picture.
Also I think it's gonna last my whole life, because it's hard cover version and quality seems excellent.
So if you are an Asian food fan this book is 100% recommendable.
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am 8. März 2000
I have owned the original copy of this book since 1984. I also lived on the Pacific Rim for 12 years. This book is without a doubt the most authentic Asian cookbook I own, and I own several. I have found Ms. Solomon's directions always clear and informative. Yes, some ingredients may be a bit out of date and you can use shortcuts (i.e. canned Thai sauces), but I find I still go back to the original recipes for the best taste. I have never had a failure using this book. My Maylaysian/Indian friend uses the Malay and Indian recipes all the time (because they're so good), the Thai section is better than in the restaurants, I re-create Indonesian food that tastes the same as in Indonesia, and everyone asks me for my Chinese and Indian recipes. The Japanese food tastes just like in the Japanese restaurant in San Francisco where I ate If you really get into Asian cooking I also recommend Ms. Solomon's Encyclopedia of Asian food, and another book called simply "Southeast Asian Cooking," by a German publisher (no author listed).
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am 21. September 1996
Charmaine Solomon is the best author of Asian cookbooks I've read and this is a great book - the Burmese and Malaysian recipes are great.
In most sections I found the text informative and concise. However some of the instructions do assume some familiarity with wok/Asian cooking, just enough to make you think. That said, none of the recipies I've tried have fallen flat.
For a great cookbook, have a look at her Thai only book - very clearly explained, great glossary, best Thai book out ther
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am 21. September 1999
This book is great. I recd my 1st copy from a woman of Indonesian-Dutch origin after she made us a meal using the easy & delicious recipes. I borrowed her copy for three months -- she finally purchased another & sent me the bill. After using the book almost everyday for two years, I gave it to our Indian cook as a present. He found the recipes more authentic than his wife's cooking. Now I need another copy for myself.
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am 1. März 2000
I use Ms. Solomon's Thai cookbook all the time, so I naturally bought this one, thinking it would be a bargain and a nice introduction to other Asian cuisines.
However, I find I never use it. I have the first edition -- with a bit of luck the recipes have been updated -- and the ingredient lists are about twenty years out of date in regard to what is available in American supermarkets. Ms. Solomon also specifies canned Asian ingredients like water chestnuts, when fresh substitutes (jicama, in the case of water chestnuts) are freely available.
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am 30. April 2010
Ein Klassiker und ein echt schoenes Kochbuch: Klar beschriebene, kurze Rezepte; gut zu lesen; einfach nach zu kochen. Zudem werden die Küchen recht vieler asiatischer Laender portraitiert (Indien, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesien, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Thailand, Kambodscha, Laos, Vietnam, Philippinen, China, Korea und Japan). Am besten haben mir die Kurzeinleitungen zu Beginn jedes Kapitels gefallen. Dort bekommt man einen schnellen Ueberblick was die jeweilige Kueche ausmacht, und welche Grundgewuerze und -zutaten man immer in seinem Küchenschrank haben sollte (z.B. "My Indian Shelf").
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am 9. Januar 2000
This cookbook contains some of the most authentic Indian recipes I have ever prepared. My husband is Indian and he is amazed at the accuracy with which these recipes recreate the food from his childhood. Never have I been able to get uch successful results. I have not yet tried the other Asian recipes, but I will be planning some great Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dinners in the future. Don't heistate to buy this book!
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am 29. November 1999
Charmaine Solomon certainly knows her cooking and how to teach it. Her recipes are marvelous and easy to follow and I do have to say that her cookbook is one of very few cookbooks I could ever trust to cook straight from the recipe, without trying the recipe first, when serving quests.
Thank you Ms Solomon - you have pleased so many of my dinner quests.
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am 5. März 1998
Have had the original edition of this cookbook for 20 years & am still transported back to Asia everytime I read or cook from it. Charmaine Solomon makes recipes come alive with her descriptions & directions. I use this book more than any other in my collection.
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am 11. Januar 2000
Without a doubt the best Asian cookbook that I have ever come across. Every recipe I've tried has been a success, and friends always want to know where the recipe came from. A must have for anyone serious about cooking authentic Asian dishes.
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