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am 15. November 2003
In Germany, Porter's Theory of the competitive advantage of nations is nearly neglected in scholastic curricullums. The few rare times I experienced were only a brief conclusion that his work does not contribute substantially to the research of today's economics. - Unfortunately, from my point of view.
Porter's work has the ability to tremendously influence future promotion of industry locations on all levels, be it cities, districts, states, countries or entire regions. Yet, they need to be appreciated adequately. As the author understood this point, he provides a lot of real-life examples from his studies. This approach makes the monograph a valuable field-book for all those of us striving to improve investment conditions on a public level.
However, also "industry captains" can refer to this book. Following Porter's explanations one can easily draw significant decisions for the future organization of his company. Internationalization must be based on clusters.
I, absolutely, recommend this book.
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Most of Michael's premises are sound; however, reality can be somewhat different.
As a CEO of a global business training company, we never go into a country or business with preconceived information, and I don't think that is what Michael is trying to accomplish with this book. I have read the other reviews, but I think the negative reviews took this book too literal.
I think Michael is trying to convey a method business owners can use to establish a template for diagramming and understanding the competitive determinants of an unfamiliar nation and those businesses within that nation.
Having worked in 15 countries on 4 continents, I realize (as does Micheal) that some of his work would be highly controversial. It is what it is... a format to help us understand how to draw our own conclusions to understand how a nation and its businesses compete. Michael's work is valuable and useful. I have used his template successfully over and over.
If you are trying to understand what creates a sustainable competitive advantage of any nation's businesses, you will find the template for developing your own ideas here.
To fully understand the reality of international life and business...you have to live it.If you are looking for a place to start...you've found it.
A very good book by an interesting management consultant. I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss some of his ideas with him. He sounds like an interesting and intelligent guy.
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am 25. Dezember 1997
maybe the book could have been shorter than 855 pages, but the truth is that some decision makers and other purchasers needed to see the weightiness of the book to believe in the heftiness of it's lessons; and there are many: 1. competition is a force for useful change, 2. that productivity is competitiveness, and 3. that productive upgrading of an economy is complex and systemic. Porter is the best of all the management gurus because he has never preached easy ways out and a reductionist style of thinking. I wish that there was a way to make leaders read and absorb the entire heft of the book's messages.
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am 27. Juli 2000
A model for localize advantage not exclusively predicated on geography, geography, geography (location, location, location). A guide for what a government can effectively do to attract, grow, and sustain world class competitive industries. Should be read by every sub-saharan nation that has try to create industries without much success. It's Balanced Regulation, Respect for Private Property, Even Handed Law, and Education STUPID! If every tin horn dictator would read Dr. Porter and Dr. Olson we may eventually all live in a better planet.
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am 4. November 1998
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am 13. September 1998
This is a paradigm of the sort of book Paul Krugman complains about; i.e. a book about macroeconomic policy by someone who clearly doesn't understand macroeconomics.
Porter should stick to what he is good at, which is management consulting.
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am 22. März 2000
In order to making research on the banking system of Turkey agains the European Union Banking System. so how to determine the competition advantage and how to set up the standards of the competition advantage of any country.
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