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am 31. März 1999
CO-OPETITION is a wonderful term that says exactly what it means. In many ways, if you think of a successful joint venture, you will have the right idea. Certainly between competitors, but even between company and supplier or customer, there is some competition, if only for lower prices and better service. This book explains both by steps to follow and great examples how two (or more) parties can win-win. Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Michael Hammer each talk about the cluster idea, that companies do better when competitors and the business chain are all in close proximity. Even when not directly cooperating, they encourage each other to develop new ideas and stay sharp. To succeed, we must be willing to change and be open to new relationships. The old Tradition Stall (see THE 2,000 PERCENT SOLUTION by Mitchell, Coles and Metz) of "Talk to the competitor, Cooperate with a competitor - Never!" must be tossed out the window. The Disbelief Stall of "A competitor would never try to help us" must be dispelled to make real progress. I encourage you to read many books on this subject, for they will each give you a new approach.
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am 5. Februar 1999
Most of us react to situations in the same predictable way, without ever realizing that we have other choices. In business, that choice you do not consider can be much better than the one that you do. Many people find it hard to come up with other ways of thinking about a situation. In Co-opetition, the authors do an excellent job of providing case histories, examples of bad solutions (ones that create poor results), and better alternatives. Whether you think of yourself as creative or the opposite, this book will expand your repertoire of thinking about important decisions in your business. You should earn a handsome return on the lessons in this book, when you begin to implement them. You will also have strengthened your ability to come up with your own, original alternatives that may be even better in the future. Buy and read this book!
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am 30. Juli 1998
A great book that shows how to get paid to play the game by using game theory. Why should companies particpate in a game in which they aren't getting paid to play? This book has example after example of how some companies got paid to play the game and changed the way the game was played to their favor. The book doesn't dive into a deep explanation of game theory (pick up Mr. Nalebuff's, "Thinking Strategically : The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics, and Everyday Life" for that) but touches on the basics. Truly a new way for business decisions makers to think when "playing the game."
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am 9. April 2009 on the most pressing issues of it all: finding the right strategies and making the right decisions. Maybe a missed a lot on business education, but i never thought of complements. Or the effect of myself entering a market or not having an impact on the whole game. Not even in my MBA did we cover such profounde topic. The authors cover very well the ground of Game Theory applied to business and how companies cooperate in order to enlarge a market and that compete in splitting the market share. Very readable book, even though it gets a bit boring after reading half through.
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am 10. März 1999
This book shows how interdependencies in markets present opportunities. The authors provide a five-part strategy revealing how companies can use game theory and change their views about customers, competition, cooperation and the market for success. The book provides guidelines for developing strategy with many cases. Stimulating and challenging.
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am 19. April 1999
Not only do the principles shared in this book make for excellent and informative reading, they can also be practically applied. I personally have taken examples from this book, applied details from my own business negotiations and built multi-million dollar deals. Suffice it to say I feel it is worth a few dollars to pick up a copy.
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am 2. April 1999
The author puts a new spin on game theory and did create a new analytic paradigm for strategic planning. All I hope is the sequal of this book can provide even more insight on coopetion in the Internet era. It would be interesting to analyze the coopetition between Microsoft, IBM, Netscape, SUN, AOL,....
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am 25. Juni 1999
I've read this book when I was pursuing my MBA and I am reading it again as a businessman and founder of a new strategy company - its simply superb. It completely changes the way you look at your competition. Read the PARTS of strategy and not only sharpen your thinking but also revolutionise it.
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am 2. Dezember 1999
The authors do an excellent job of applying modern game theory principles to past and current business strategies. Co-opetition provides useful tools for dealing in the competitive business environment. The book was easy to read and flowed logically.
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am 27. Juni 1999
...if only all books on game theory and strategy were written like this. The authors dissect a potentially confusing subject into easy, bite-sized chunks. Reads like a novel, and you can finish it in just one sitting.
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