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am 11. April 2014
A bad boy fighter with issues, a good girl that fell for him, some bad guys, drugs, lies & betrayal – sounds like a standard recipe for a contemporary romance novel, right? Wrong!!!

“Worth The Chance” is anything but generic. Though it has all those ingredients listed above, it takes an original and absolutely awesome spin on things. A spin I thoroughly enjoyed.

Vince, whom we met as a teenage boy in “Worth The Fight“, is now all grown-up. And I mean grown-up. Rawr. Having followed in Nico’s footsteps, he is on his way to not only be a fighter, but a champion – giving him a chance to outgrow the crappy upbringing he had. But for that he has to stop standing in his own way. He is cocky, bordering on arrogant. He is possessive and dominant. And he can’t say no to an easy woman.
Although with all those traits and the way he treats women, I know I shouldn’t like him, fact is, I couldn’t resist his charm. He made me melt. Me and Liv I suppose.
Liv, whom he sees again for the first time in seven years – seven years after he broke her heart. And as his feelings for her are reawakened, he starts to change slowly.
Let me tell you, a love-struck, sweet, attentive, jealous and territorial Vince is even more irresistible.
It seems like Vince might finally get a happy end, but when lies and betrayal come to light, will he give up everything he has achieved or will he fight for the people and the things that he loves?

One of those people being Liv. A young woman that has loved Vince for over a decade, but after he broke her heart many years ago, she has a hard time letting a man in. Instead, she focuses on her career, trying to score a job as a journalist.
With Vince reappearing in her life, she is at first reluctant to let him close, but step by step she learns to let go of her pain and allows him to slowly win her over. An incredibly likeable character, she is confident, funny and sexy. She stands up for what she believes in and is not giving up her values for anyone or anything. Her feelings and thoughts are logical and realistic and so it was really easy to identify with her. As her relationship with Vince progresses and she feels herself falling for him, she will have to decide, if her dream is worth giving up the love of her life? Or will she give up the dream she worked for all her life?

Vince’s and Liv’s story is the perfect mix of sweet, sexy, dramatic, intense and kinky. I just couldn’t stop reading. Their banter was witty and fun. And the sexual tension between them was sizzling, while the sex the two have has the power to cause spontaneous combustion.
The drama towards the end of the book kept me on the edge of my seat, holding my breath and crossing my fingers for a happy ending.

To find out if there is happiness at the end of their journey, I suggest you read the book yourself. “Worth The Chance” is definitely worth your time.

4 ecstatic, kinky, in-love-with-Vince stars.
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