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4,7 von 5 Sternen
4,7 von 5 Sternen
The Caves of Steel (The Robot Series, Band 2)
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am 3. Januar 2000
This is the best of Isaac Asimov's series of robot novels.
The reason that Asimov claimed that he tried to write science fiction mysteries, in the beginning, was that John W. Campbell Jr, the then editor of Astounding Science Fiction, had claimed once that SF and Mysteries couldn't really be mixed as genre. His reasoning being that the author could be very unfair to the reader and pull a delux ax machina out of the hat. Asimov basically thought an author could do that in just about any mystrry and wrote an SF Mystery to prove it could be done.
Elijah Baley is Sherlock Holmes and R. Daneel Olivaw is Dr. Watson. That is not just an accident really, Asimov was a great fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.
It is also a great look at what a future earth could be like with regards to Population Growth. An issue that Asimov harped on in several of his science essay's that appeared in "The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy" over the years.
Along with _Foundation_, this novel forms the bedrock of Asimov's Foundation-Galactic Empire-Robot series of novels and some short stories. A very good book.
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am 26. Oktober 1999
I love both robots and Foundation novells. This is the first book of the robot novells followed by the Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn and Robots and Empire, which in turn is connected to the Foundation novells.
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am 26. Mai 1999
This is one of Asimov's best science fiction novels. The description of New York, in a future where Earth's cities are built underground (for fear of attack from other planets colonised by humans), is totally convincing. The people of Earth are agorophobic and live in standardised, basic conditions due to overpopulation and scarcity of resources. Asimov's description is fascinating. The novel also deals with robots in detail, according to Asimov's famous Three Laws which govern their behaviour. Asimov writes some very interesting speculation on robot psychology and attitude towards humans, and their attitude towards the robots. This novel really shows Asimov's talent for writng intelligent science fiction and plausible future history. It is mainly a mystery story, and althogh I haven't read many detective novels, I thoght it was well written and the ending was surprising. Before reading this novel, I would recommend reading Asimov's short stories dealing with robots. These deal with the early development of robots, and make what happens in this book clearer. 'The Caves of Steel' is followed by more Robot novels, and then the Galactic Empire and Foundation novels. You should read the whole series, but make sure you read them in order. Like all of Asimov's novels, this book has a clever plot and is very thought provoking. A must if you're a serious science fiction fan.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 4. März 2007
Ein toller Roman - Science Fiction wie er sein soll! Die Story: Eigentlich ein Krimi. Der Mord an einem außerirdischen (Astroniden) soll aufgeklärt werden - das kann fürchterlichen Krieg bedeuten. Wie gesagt, fast ein Krimi - wäre da nicht einer der Detektive, der ein Roboter ist. EIn Roboter in Menschengestalt. Auch nach 50 Jahren hat das Buch nichts an seinem Charme verloren.
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am 20. Juli 1999
Aside from being a fun science fiction slueth story, Caves of Steel presents an incredible picture of human society as it may come to us in the future. I found that this aspect of the book-- depicting how people will react to the advent of robots on the commercial scene as well as what happens to people in general(their dislike of open spaces and uncontrolled elements)-- was just as interesting if not more so than the storyline. Certainly it is more to Asimov's credit that he could write this sort of novel with such an insightful vision of the future than it would be if he just polluted the book market with yet another good mystery novel. I tend to favor the Grandmaster's older fiction more than his newer, except in the case of Foundation's Edge, which I found to be a fantastic book.
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am 12. Dezember 1999
This was the first Asimov book I was introduced too, and it is the one that got me hooked. (As of this writing, I just finished Robots and Empire.) The Caves of Steel combines great science fiction, and good mystery. The relationship between Baley and Daneel is fascinating, in that Baley hates robots, and by the end of the book, accepts Daneel. The backdrop is interesting and thought-provoking. Will Earth get as populated as Asimov writes? Anyway, the only aspect that could have been better was the mystery aspect. You can and can not solve it: meaning, the murderer is apparent, but the method is unknown (and ingenious.) If Asimov added a few more suspects, I would have been completely baffed. Well, to sum up, read this book, and continue it with The Naked Sun!
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am 9. Dezember 1998
As you can see from previous reviews, this is a must read for anyone who likes Asimov, Robot stories, mysteries, or the possibilities of our future (sci fi). The series gets even better but it all starts here -- with the human-looking robot R.Daneel Olivaw. If you are a fan of the Foundation universe, this series takes place in the same universe. The later Robot novels in this series begin to tie to the later Foundation books (characters and events). You might want to read them in order. Mr. Asimov suggests a chronological order in the intro to one of his newer Foundation novels, maybe "Second Foundation" or "Prelude to Foundation".
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am 4. März 2000
The Caves of Steel is a masterpiece. Hands down, exlamationpoint, throw a parade! In the future, the Earth has turned into anindustrialized society where just about everything is regulated. The amount of food you get, and the number of children you have all depends on your status as a citizen. Asimov creates a world as real as our own. This book is the second in a series of books that link together into a saga. (There are 14 in all.) All that you need to read this book is a few bucks, and open mind, and a lot of free time because it will keep you up and reading four ours on end. Definitely one of sci-fi's best works.
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am 31. Dezember 1998
Although Isaac Asimov's Caves of Steel is great science fiction, it's strength lies in the fact that it trascends typical science fiction novel, and becomes a great mystery novel. Many science books are centered around the neat toys of the future. Such as space ships, computers, or as in the case of this story robots. But in Caves of Steel it's the mystery that stands out. Unless the reader is a genius, there is no way to figure out who the murderer is at the end. Agatha Christie would have been proud. So if you love both science fiction stories, and mysteries, this may be the story for you.
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am 6. September 1999
Ultimate sci-fi murder mystery! Elijah Baley is one of the best written detectives in history, and certainly gives old Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. This is the second book in by far the greatest sci-fi saga ever written. A must read for sci-fi lovers, and Asimov fans! Although die-hard mystery lovers may object to the futuristic nature of the book, it doesn't hinder Asimov's story-telling or the mystery, and actually enhanses it. I, ROBOT is the first book in the Asimov saga, and CAVES OF STEEL is followed by THE NAKED SUN and then THE ROBOTS OF DAWN.
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