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3,5 von 5 Sternen
3,5 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 19. Juli 2000
This is very well written book. The author is obviously very intelligent and presents an extremely convincing case. Like most people who saw "JFK" and subsequently read the books that supported the movie, I had certain ideas about the assassination. Like most people, I was taken in by almost fictional quality of the alleged conspiracy. Posner illuminates many of the inconsistencies and unsubstantiated claims that have been injected into this historical event. He also presents new and updated evidence based on current scientific methods, and seems to go farther than his counterparts in researching the subject. My problem is that the majority of his bibliography references the Warren report. I'm not convinced of the validity of the information contained in those volumes. Although the problems with the report are discussed, I feel that the main question not answered is whether the testimony referenced is truth or fiction. If there was a cover-up then the answer is most likely that it was fictionalized. Posner criticizes many of the "conspiracy buffs," but some of his conclusions are no better supported than those cited. As good a case as the author makes against many of the theories, the case is far from closed in my opinion.
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am 2. Juni 2000
Unbeliavable how a book can be some brainless and even being so still makes money! IT's full of absurds. CIA, Hoover and FBI thank you...
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am 2. Januar 2002
Gerald Posner verfaßte ein Buch, indem auf viele Einzelheiten rund um die "Ermordung eines Präsidenten - Attentat auf Kennedy 1963" eingegangen wird und kommt zu dem Schluß: Oswald handelte als einzelner Schütze. Auch für Anhänger der verschiedenen Verschwörungstheorien ein absolutes MUSS zur Bewertung der wirklichen Umstände des Attentates. In Fachkreisen wird das Buch als "Bibel" der Einzeltätertätertheorie angesehen und schon aus diesem Grund lesenswert.
Wie bei vielen Büchern rund um das Attentat fehlt auch hier die ausgewogene Berichterstattung und versäumt auf die diversen noch heute bestehenden Widersprüchlichkeiten hinzuweisen. Wußten Sie, daß am Leichnam des Präsidenten Veränderungen vorgenommen worden sein sollen, um die Herkunft der Schüsse zu verschleiern? Oder das es offensichtlich 2 voneinander unabhängige Autopsieuntersuchungen gegeben haben könnte? Oder Autopsiefotos aus den Nationalarchiven verschwunden sind? Um dies alles werten zu können und auch an der kontroversen Diskussion teilhaben zu können, lesen Sie dieses umstrittene Buch. Es lohnt sich!
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am 9. August 1999
I had the privlege of having met the President (JFK) in 1960 and the loss of our President was easily the greatest tragedy in America during my lifetime. The only tragedy probably greater than his death is maybe all of the falsehoods, misconceptions, and misrepresentations of the truth by some many (Garrison, Oliver Stone, etc.) since that Friday in 1963! Gerald Posner finally writes something that presents all of the facts in a comprehensive, detailed, and readable format that makes sense of everything. My only request would be, especially those that believe one of many conspiracy theory's, that you read this book in total, with an open mind. (it will become obvious that some of those that have posted negative comments concerning "Case Closed" here in this format, have probably not actually read the book)Approach this book much like Posner approached his research, as he (Posner) explains, this project was much like collecting and assembling the pieces to a giant picture jigsaw, without any clue as to how the final assembled puzzle would appear! Posner's "Case Closed" shows conclusively, through proven scientific evidence, that Oswald fired the rifle and he was the only one firing. In addition he (Oswald) most likely acted alone, although even Posner admits it is impossible to conclusively prove that point!
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am 14. Juni 1998
To read a good Posner book, one should turn to the back of the book right away and checks for Works Cited and Sources. It will tell you right away whether you're wasting your time.
Welcome to Wasted Time, Inc. Posner is reaching into some pretty thoroughly discredited sources for this book, and I only say that as I have been reading, listening and watching for several years.
Posner would love to tell the american public that there is no conspiracy, rest easy, your government has it all taken care of. But what about the facts?
Mark Lane, who Posner loves to discredit and ridicule in his book, is the flip side of the coin: Both are attorneys who are careful to say just enough to get their points acroos but without saying that which will get them sued. Selective answers, quotes and memory are the hallmarks of a good lawyer, and any first-year law student will tell you that presentation is everything.
And you'd better believe it.
Oliver Stone's "JFK" cannot be trusted, as it attempts in a comparatively short period of time to bring the viewer up to speed on the assassination, pre- and post- shooting events, global politics, motivations of several parties, present official solutions and alternate theories, and somewhere in there do some entertaining. NO, that's not the way it happened. But the official version doesn't hold water, and Posner knows it. Want to see Posner say, "Look, I know the case isn't closed...?" Keep reading.
A great portion of the american people were awakened by the "JFK" film, and if that is all the film did, then that is enough. People began asking questions, and "Case Closed" was written to put them back to sleep. Don't do it.
Not everyone connected with the assassination can be discredited, and Posner is very careful in his references. There are many books and replies to Posner; just search the Internet and the WWW are hear whay they have to say. Particularly, one of the finest books written in reply to Posner! was "Case Open: The Omissions, Distortions And Flasifications of 'Case Closed'" by Harold Weisberg (he can be found in Frederick, Maryland). Posner went to Harold for information for the book, telling him (harold) some less-truths in the process. Weisberg is the "grandfather" of the research community and up on his facts.
Overall, I think Posner has, at the least, written an entertaining but factually inaccurate book (not unlike some dimestore JFK authors, to be sure). At worst, Posner has misled the american people, and that cannot and must not pass away.
I welcome and encourage your comments.
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am 5. Januar 2000
I suppose the best review I can submit for CASE CLOSED is to tell you fine people that I just finished re-reviewing two of the major conspiracy books currently on the market. My initial review of these books was of the highest praise, recommending them to everyone in the free world. With respect to the authors, I still think both were well written, but I have since completely changed my beliefs. I was one of the hard core conspiracy buffs. I, too, believed that LHO could NEVER have done this dastardly deed alone (if at all). There MUST have been a major conspiracy. It gave me great pleasure to point out all of the inconsistencies in the Warren Report to the unfamiliar or unknowing. I loved to talk about JFK (the movie) and debate with anyone who would listen. Then Gerald Posner jerked the rug right out from under me. Ever hear the expression, "can't see the forest for the trees"? Look it up in the dictionary and you'll see my smiling face. Mr. Posner has essentially taken the myths and smashed them into a million pieces. As soon as I finished those 600 pages, I watched the digitally enhanced version of the Zapruder film for no other reason than to study the fatal head shot, this time with open eyes. If you will do the same, you will see that there is NO DAMAGE to the rear of JFK's head. A shot from the front or side would have had a completely different effect! Remember, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Of course he jerked back and to the left. The bullet entered from the rear and blew out the right side of his head, causing his body to react as the film clearly shows. Granted, I am not a forensic scientist, but I ain't no door knob, either. This is but ONE of the many points Mr. Posner makes in CASE CLOSED that has thoroughly convinced me that there was no conspiracy. I won't sit here and go into the rest of his the book. If you do not, you are depriving yourself of information that you deserve to know. Yes, the Warren Commission was flawed (GP never said it wasn't), but does that automatically mean there was a conspiracy? I have to say that this book has seriously opened my eyes and left no doubt in my mind that LHO acted alone, Jack Ruby acted alone, and that I have been blind for 36 years. The logic, the documentation, and the facts are there. Read it. Thank you, Mr. Posner.
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am 17. Dezember 1998
One day, years ago, I realized how ignorant I was of the facts surrounding the assassination of Kennedy. I couldn't even begin to argue when I told people I thought Oswald acted alone. So I got some learning by watching conspiracy videos and reading conspiracy books. And let me tell you, there's a lot of "facts" in them videos and books. But they're the kind of facts that have you scratchin' your head because they don't fit with the facts from some other conspiracy book. Hence, I end up paying five dollars to go see Oliver Stone's JFK to get the truth only to find out Kennedy got knocked off "Orient Express" style (everyone was in on it).
Well, I still thought Oswald was the only killer, if only because the Rashoman-like stories I was getting fed by the conspiracy crowd were just plain squirrely (yes, that is a scientific term). Finally, last month, I picked up Posner's "Case Closed" and, after the first chapter, found myself immediately in need of a vacation so I could read the book uninterrupted.
To say that the fog lifted, the clouds parted, and sun shone through is just an understatement. All those nagging problems in the back of my mind just flew the coop, Daddy-O (as Dean Andrews would say). Oh, yes baby, Occam's Razor really thins out the conpiracy establishment's "facts" pretty darn well.
One may not agree with everything in the book (I didn't), but it is so complete in narrating the actions of Oswald and Ruby up to and after the assassination that to disregard a section of Posner's book here or there does not make his argument collapse. Nothing but my highest praises for Posner's research and reporting.
One day we all grow up and learn that the Boogey Man doesn't live under our beds. Unfortunately, for the conspiracy nuts, fear is their solace. My advice to you, though, is read "Case Closed" and never have to sleep with the night-light on again.
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am 17. Oktober 1997
After reading many books on the assassination of JFK, nearly all of which were pro-conspiracy
I decided to get a more balanced view point. I admit that Posner's book, with it's easy writing style and emotive language, would convince anyone unfamiliar with the facts and theories surrounding the case that Oswald was the lone assassin.
However I was outraged at the treatment of some witnesses by Posner. Anyone who doesn't agree with him is mentally unstable, "prone to exaggeration," or attention seeking. He gets most of his information from the Warren Commission and accepts it as fact, although he does admit the Commission did make some errors of judgement. However, even worse is his treatment of the CIA and FBI, who are infallible in his eyes, and any glaring oversights made by them are written off as honest mistakes. For example, the CIA claimed to have photographs of Oswald visiting the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, however when they released them, the man pictured bore no resemblance to the real Oswald. To Posner this was an oversight or simple mistake. This continues throughout the book. The book is an extreme injustice to Kennedy and Oswald. It is also an injustice to many civilian witnesses who have claimed harassment and/ or met violent deaths (particulary around the time of the two main investigations] which Posner downplays as natural given the number of witnesses in the case. I never realised America had turned into such a violent country...
Posner's Case Closed takes the lone-gunman point of view that the government does'nt have a secret agenda and that whatever the government claims about the case is essentially true. Very close-minded and selective in the evidence produced.
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am 21. November 1998
Posner explains the public's dismay like this: how could that smirking little man bring down the President of the United States alone? There's no psychological balance in the act. But we often forget that history unfolds just like today. There is no logic to the flow of events. Things happen that cannot be easily explained. We can accept that two army buddies can blow up a building, that an ex-football star could/could not have brutally slashed his wife, but not that a disgruntled ex-Marine with an Marxist obsession could have murdered JFK without a vast conspiracy behind him, or that a struggling Jewish nightclub owner could have been so distraught that he chose to take matters into his own hands, or that government agencies like the FBI and the CIA could have tried to cover-up their mistakes and evade blame, or that eye-witnesses could have changed their version of events to gain noteriety. As a nation we've closed our eyes to the truth for too long. Myth-making has replaced rational understanding of irrational events. Posner skillfully puts these events into perspective and attempts to explain our continuing denial of what really happened. If you want to continue to believe the myths, then don't read this book; but if you want to understand what really happened that day in Dallas, this book is the final word on the subject.
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am 4. Juli 1999
Gerald Posner became the instant hero of an establishment determined to close the door on the JFK killing. Despite the success of many Warren Commission critics in creating doubt based on the Commission's mis-handling, misrepresentation and slanted investigation, the establishment has long wanted to kill debate.
Enter Posner and his pro-establishment, "there is no conspiracy; Oswald did it" slick tome. Two things make me suspicious. First, his access to former Soviet spy and defector Nosenko is suspicious. The only road to Nosenko's new identity and location in the U.S. is the CIA. They don't grant access to "protected" defectors without a reason. Second, by his own admission, Posner's investigation of this matter was accomplished in less than two years. Simply put, that is not possible working full-time given the voluminous amount of data to be explored, read, and digested. Not possible with the help of Mrs. Posner either.
It seems to me Posner was the slick personality the establishement relied upon to attact the critics. Spoon fed the dribble of "officialdom" Posner earned his stripes by parroting the party line. He's good at attacking the critics and trivializing their arguments. He's good at demeaning. Posner's book does prove one thing: The establishment does want the case to be closed and they used Posner to try to close it. Those who have not researched the case might fall prey to this slick effort. To those who know, Posner fails miserably.
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