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am 11. Januar 2017
This is a light hearted easy to read book, and generally a good read. Yet at the end of it I felt somewhat unfulfilled, unlike Mandy!

There are certainly stories about passengers and staff that you wouldn't believe, some which you expected but didn't know if they were true and others which are cliched. You get to here about the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny and amazing and also the sad. And this to me was the best part about the book.

Mandy takes you through her journey of how and why she became a stewardess, the stress and true working and living conditions and implications of such a job, and how and why she moved on in life. From this perspective it comes across as a well written genuine account of her life and is a good and interesting journey which is put over well.

But as the book develops the stories about the life and times of the staff and the passengers become less and less and it becomes more about who she is having a relationship with and her struggle to find Mr right.

I guess that wanted and expected more about the life and shenanigans of the passengers and staff and less about her sex life. Although the journey is good and interesting I am left with mixed feelings for the book, but good feelings towards the author.
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am 13. August 2014
Ein unterhaltsames Buch über das Leben einer Stewardess von Virgin Airlines. Nichts Schlimmes, kein Porno, aber nett und lustig geschrieben.
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