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2,0 von 5 Sternen
2,0 von 5 Sternen

am 7. März 2012
This book is the first part of Laurann Dohners Cyborg Seduction series.

Burning Up Flint (Cyborg Seduction, Book One)
Kissing Steel (Cyborg Seduction, Book Two)
Melting Iron (Cyborg Seduction, Book Three)
Touching Ice (Cyborg Seduction, Book Four)
Stealing Coal (Cyborg Seduction, Book Five)
Redeeming Zorus (Cyborg Seduction, Book Six)
Taunting Krell (Cyborg Seduction, Book Seven)

Mira is on board of a small space shuttle when a lager ship of cyborg's attack hers. Flint, who is in charge of the lager ship takes her immediately as his property, when he discovers her and takes her to his ship. Cyborgs where created by humans in order to be their property, but when these become too dangerous the human government starts to hunt them down, only some of them surviving, fleeing earth. The humans, however, have been informed that all cyborg's have been destroyed. So Mira's surprise is huge, when she becomes the property of one, that the government lied. She has always thought that the cyborg's should have allowed to be free and live their own live and is therefore not really afraid or against Flint and his world.

The rest of the story is about the two having sex, fighting, hurt honour and a at the end love.

I miss a real story about cyborg's, the problem the two might have together, other than his size in every way. I don't understand this immediate attraction (which one finds in too many books) and acceptance of the situation, just because of size and strength difference. I could not sympathize with Mira, who either does nothing or takes extreme measures, but not for survival only out of jealousy, sometimes and worries about small details like: who might see her naked, while she is being abducted. She never really worries about informing her family, only that they would not mind not seeing her, she accepts being a property and somehow a sexslave. I also didn't really like the idea of Flint explaining human seduction by binding the woman to the bed...
I could not get any sympathy for the 2 characters, nor could I understand their relation, nor did the story fascinate me and finally the sex scenes had nothing really special.
Maybe the other parts are better....

Enjoy the read MBTM
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