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4,0 von 5 Sternen
Burn (The Breathless Trilogy, Band 3)
Format: Audio CD|Ändern
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am 26. August 2013
Ash McIntyre is all about control, be it in business or in his personal life. The man demands extreme and uncompromising control of everything. And he prefers women who want it like that. But now that his friends/business partners (Jace and Gabe) are settling into relationships with ladies who are perfect for them, Ash cannot help but feel a little restless. Then Ash meets Josie Carlysle, a struggling artist who seems immune to his charms and wealth. Ash is captivated by the woman and determined to place his collar around her delicate neck. Yet once he succeeded in that task, the harder part would begin. Whether she likes it or not, he can and will protect her at all costs.

Josie could not stop herself from sketching the man near her, but she never expected his eyes to zero in on her. The controlled focus of his gaze upon her was a bit overwhelming. Josie is still considering a relationship with the man when her ex-boyfriend shows up at her apartment and gets violent. Ash immediately swoops in to get Josie to safety; and where could she possibly be safer than living with him? Then Ash would deal with the former boyfriend. Between hard business decisions and dealing with his toxic family, Ash has learned to be ruthless.

**** FOUR STARS! The title of this book could have various meanings, but the passion burning between Ash and Josie is so hot that it would be my guess of its meaning. And there are a lot of hot scenes, believe me. There is talk of Dom/sub and what Ash demands of her in the relationship, but he never makes her do anything with an audience and there is no spanking punishments. (BRAVA! I hate it when the woman is treated like a child and/or spanked.) If you have not read the first two books in this trilogy, don’t fret. I am proof that you will still thoroughly enjoy the book. In fact, I am seriously considering going back to read them. The main characters from the two prior stories are secondary characters in this one. They help out Ash here and there, but don’t have vital roles. Yet after reading this story, I feel as though I actually know them. Like many of us ladies, the girls often get together for a “girls night out”. I really enjoyed those scenes. They had so much fun! Anyhow, Maya Banks has a good talent when it comes to painting vivid pictures in her readers’ minds. Everything is clear and believable. Author Maya Banks takes my breath away! ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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am 7. August 2013
OMG OMG OMG !!!!! After Fever I thought Jace was THE MAN!!! I didn't think that Ash could get any close, but like many others (as I have read on different blogs and pages) I was so wrong about him!
And I love the fact that Mrs Banks points out how different Ash appears and truly is in the book!
Now having read all three books I have to point out Ash as MY man.

The third book in the Breathless Trilogy definitely rounds up the whole relationship between the three alpha, hot-as-hell, dominating...

"Holy hotness factor. Individually, each of the three were gorgeous. But together? They were the epitome of rich, arrogant and devastatingly handsome."

And also the fact that this book rounds up the whole way they have been going, how their lifes had been affected by their actions and the closing circle of story to the first book.

Above all else...I DO LOVE MAYA BANKS girls night out!!!! Loved them in the Sweet series already!!! Who wouldn't want to have a girls night out with these women?!

Well done Mrs. Banks, I owe you for giving me such a great time enjoying your stories and thank you for writing them down!
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am 26. November 2013
I have read, I think, all books written by Maya Banks. Even if her stories are sometimes extreme I have truly njoyed them all. I must confessed that I was very much looking forward to this serie and expected something in the line og M. Banks standard. Well, that is not wht I got. The first book was OK, I thought the serie will improve with the next books but quite the opposite! The second book was bad, Jace showed some contradictory behavior, which is very untypical of Banks ashe usually writes quite conistent personalities.... And this third book was just unreal and so extremely boring. I on't know what happen to M. Banks this story line uality reminded me of ll the mny " wanna be erotic author" that are flooding Amazon... What a shame
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am 22. August 2013
Ich war begeistert von jace und ich liebe gabe. Ash steht dem in nichts nach! Heiss. Sexy. Dominant. Gelungendes drittes buch. Absolut lesenswert. Really loved it!!!!!!
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am 16. September 2013
Ich habe die Serie im Urlaub gelesen und war begeistert.
Ich bin mir sicher, die drei Bücher nehme ich noch mal in ein paar Monaten in Angriff.
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