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am 17. November 2011
A 270 day passionate love affair has come to an end. 270, not 365 days, which is as many times as our hero was able to say good night in different ways. Joseph or Yusuf, son of Jacob, great-great son of Abraham, inherited his good looks from his mother - she who had been as handsome and beautiful as the moon when it is full and as Ishtar's mild star floating gently in the pure ether. And yet' it was not Joseph who took my fancy and sparked my fire as he had with the proud wife of one of Pharao's high officials. No, it was the author himself, Thomas Mann retelling the story of the prophet Joseph, as in Genesis, chapters 37-50, and as in the Qur'an, Surah 12: 'Joseph and his Brothers'. I must admit, his long-winded, seemingly never ending sentences that wind their way ribbon-like over many lines were initially more than a little frustrating. Yet slowly but surely I fell under the author's witty spell and willingly let him seduce me into the world of the ancient Orient that he skilfully brought to life before my mind's eye. Eloquently and with subtle irony he captivated my senses, teasing me and enticing me to follow him from the fertile hills and pastures of Canaan to the depths of the underworld and ancient Egypt, bequeathing to me night after night the sweetest of dreams from the mysterious oriental spheres of his meticulously researched story.
One of the great masterpieces of literature by the master craftsman himself. Thank you, TM.
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