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4,5 von 5 Sternen
Better When He's Bad: A Welcome to the Point Novel
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 5. Juni 2017
‘Better when he’s bad’ is the first book that I read from Jay Crownover and I really enjoyed it.
Shane Baxter is indeed a bad boy, no question about it. But just like Dovie I loved that about him!
Jay Crownover certainly knows how to write a bad boy!

When you are born in The Point and you grew up there, the chance is big that you will end up as a bad boy. Not many good guys survive in The Point, Shane Baxter’s older brother is an exception, he became a cop but to do that, he had to leave The Point and his younger brother Bax behind. And without the guidance of his older brother Bax grew up as a wild, bad boy. Together with his best friend Race, Bax lived life at his fullest but they both knew that what they were doing was dangerous. But before they got a chance to go to the good side. Bax got arrested. At the time he choose to take the blame to protect his best friend Race but now 5 years later Bax wants answers. But it’s hard to get answers from someone who disappeared. Just out prison, Bax first job is to find Racd but during his search for Race he finds someone else, Dovie Pryce. A young and innocent girl that has a connection with Race. The last thing that Bax wants is an innocent girl in his care, he just isn’t used to good girls and he certainly doesn’t need her right now in his life! But life isn’t always about what you want. Something is happening in The Point and Dovie needs Bax’s protection against the other bad men who are also searching for Ray. And those guys wouldn’t mind hurting Dovie to get what they want.

It’s certainly not love on first sight but the more time they spend together the more Dovie and Bax get to know each other and get feelings for each other. But if there’s one thing that Bax know is that The Point can be a very dangerous place and that tomorrow isn’t always a guaranty!

Their search for Ray and the truth about that night become more and more dangerous! Someone has to die, the question is only who will die?! Can Dovie trust Bax to do the right thing when the time comes to decide which side to choose? Or can you simple not trust a bad boy with your heart?!

The story is told from Bax and Dovie’s POV what I really liked in this story. I liked the pace of the story, how the truth slowly got out in the open. The secrets, the unknown of who you could trust and who not but I especially liked Dovie and Bax together, the good and the bad, the ying and the yang. Yes, Bax is a bad boy but when you live in The Point you really need a dangerous guy at your side, someone, you know, who will protect you against the other dangerous guys out there. But Bax is more than just bad, he’s also loyal, intelligent and he really cares about the people that he loves.

I’m always happy when the writer writes an epilogue and I got my wish here. I’m really looking forward to reading the next story in this series.
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am 23. Juni 2014
Das war eines der besten Dark Romance Bücher die ich seit langem gelesen habe. Die Geschichte von Dovie und Bax ist vielschichtig, spannend und hot hot hot! Frau Crownover schafft es Dark Romances zu schreiben ohne den Leser mit Grausamkeiten en Masse zu überwältigen. Das ist ja oft ein Problem bei Dark Romances, dass man sich irgendwann fragt, ob man eigentlich noch ein Romance liest oder doch eher einen Thriller. Aber nicht in diesem Buch ! Sie schafft eine tolle und oft zwar auch düstere Atmosphäre, aber alles immer in Balance und man fiebert richtig mit.
Das Leben ist hart in "The Point" und Dovie und Bax sind mittendrin. Eines der Highlights ist die Charakterentwicklung und wie sich die Liebesgeschichte entwickelt. Einfach toll! Endlich mal wieder ein Buch ohne insta-love! Ich kanns echt nicht mehr ab! Das alleine ist schon 100 Sterne wert!
Noch dazu der absolut spannende Plot! Gegen Ende gab es Wendungen die ich niemals erahnt hätte! Genial!
Kann den nächsten Band kaum abwarten und werde definitiv auch die andere Serie der Autorin antesten.
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am 20. Juni 2014
Ich bin ein ganz großer Fan der "The Marked Men" Serie von Jay Crownover (die ich an dieser Stelle ebenfalls nur weiterempfehlen kann) und insofern war auch der Auftakt zu dieser neuen Serie der Autorin ein Muss für mich.
Und ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Wie gewohnt ist die Liebesgeschichte abwechselnd aus der Perspektive der beiden Hauptcharaktere erzählt, wobei man sowohl Dovie, als auch den mit allen Wassern gewaschenen Bax sofort ins Herz schließt. Obwohl zwischendurch sehr düster, schafft es Jay Crownover eine sehr gefühlvolle Geschichte zu erzählen, mit lebensnahen Charakteren und einem spannenden Plot.
Für alle die schon den Marked Men verfallen sind, werden ihre Herzen ganz gewiss auch an die "bösen" Jungs vom Point verlieren. Ansonsten glit, wer bis jetzt noch kein Buch von dieser tollen Autorin gelesen hat, sollte das schleunigst nachholen.
Ich freue mich schon jetzt auf die Fortsetzung "Better when he's bold"(Brysen & Race), auch wenn wir auf die leider noch über ein halbes Jahr warten müssen!
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am 3. Juni 2015
Das ist die Geschichte von Shane "Bax" und Dovie die in einem Ghetto namens "The Point" leben. Shane ist gerade aus dem Knast raus und sucht jetzt nach Race der ihn reingebracht hat. Dabei stößt er auf Race' Halbschwester Dovie.
Jay Crownover hat hier einen richtig bösen Bad Boy kreiert und ich mochte es. Ich hatte Rule von ihr gelesen und war nicht so begeistert, dann habe ich dieses Buch empfohlen bekommen. Die anderen zwei Bände der Welcome to the Point Serie handeln von Race und Titus (Shanes Bruder).
Ich kann gar nicht viel über das Buch sagen, es war dunkel, es war böse und es hatte ein Happy End. Ich fand es gut, dass wir am Ende keine Charakteränderung von Bax erleben mussten. Oft ist es ja so, dass Bad Boys dann plötzlich Vorzeigevorstadtmänner werden und das kam hier zum Glück nicht auf. Auch mochte ich, dass Dovie Bax akzeptiert hat wie er ist und ihn nicht ändern will.

Fazit: Gutes Buch, leider hat mir irgendetwas gefehlt, weshalb ich einen Stern abziehe. Ich kann nicht sagen was gefehlt hat aber ich war nach dem Ende nicht euphorisch genug um 5 Sterne zu geben.

Beste Szene: Küchentheke

Lese die ganze Reihe: Ja
Lese mehr von der Autorin: Ja
Lese ich noch Mal: Vielleicht
Leseempfehlung: Ja für Dark Romance Liebhaber
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What should I say. I loved reading this book. Bax (the bad boy) is so driven by his life that he faces a lot more trouble than he deserves. He thinks so less of himself that he is risking his life each and every day. With a drunk as a mother and no existing father he grew up in the "Point" where he became a thief at very young age to get the money for their living. Bax has also a big liking for fast cars. At the age of 15 he got in touch with the most dangerous man in the city, who hired him to steal high priced cars. When he got 18 he was so consumed by this man and his criminal work that he tried to get out of it. But in the end it got him arrested for 5 long years.

And that where the story starts. Bax got out of prison and tries to reconnect to the street. Doing this he went looking for his best friend who he thinks got him arrested 5 years ago while setting him up with the police. Searching for him he found his half sister Dovie instead. It turned out that this girl needs him to protect her. She is also the light in his dark life. She sees him as what he really is and tries to get him back to a normal life. But Bax keeps his habbit of taking very bad choices that brings him nearer to his death than to Dovie. But in the end they figured it all out.

This book is the first book of the new serie "Welcome to the Point" and definitely not the last one I will read.
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am 22. Juli 2014
Wow, I really am impressed by Jay's writing. It's just so captivating and stunning that you can't help but love her books. Better When He' Bad is no exception to that rule. With the series that plays in a imaginary district called the Point, she wanted to create something darker and grittier than her Marked Men series and she certainly succeeded with that.

Shane Baxter is bad. Really, he is. You can't say that often enough. And it's so wonderful that Dovie doesn't try to change him. She simply tries to show him that there's a good side, too. At times, that sounded a little bit schizophrenic because she also calls those two sides of him different names (Shane and Bax). But I still loved him. And her. And this book.

Bax just broke my heart. He completely belonged to the Point, body, heart and soul. In a weird, twisted way, he both loved and hated the people who lived there. He feels no remorse when it comes to the things he takes without asking. Bax loves fast car and lots of sex, but he always plays safe. Until he meets Dovie. Her innate goodness utterly fascinates him and though he tries very much not to taint her with his bad ways, he's also one who won't say no when something perfect is offered to him. Yes, he's selfish like that and I love it! Enough with the guys who only pretend to be bad but turn into mushy kittens the moment they fall for someone.

The only think that I didn't like about Bax was this:

"I smelled the barest hint of the last cigarette he had smoked."

Honestly? Smoking is in now way sexy. And people that have recently smoked smell absolutely disgusting. Non-smokers can only be repelled by that. I can't imagine to kiss a guy that smoke. I don't know whether that's just my personal opinion but *eww* no!

Sometimes, those romance are a little bit over the top and cheesy. Bax: "Nobody loves me, I'm the lone gunman." Someone else: "So many people love you, you just don't want to see it." You know what I mean. But then, that's always part of a good romance book and the secret is to hold the balance between the cheesy parts and the serious or sexy ones. Here it was well done and I'm excited about the upcoming sequel starring Race, Dovie's brother, and his own personal badness!
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am 29. Juni 2014
I am a big fan of Jay Crownover’s “Marked Men” series and I wasn’t sure I was going to like “Better When He’s Bad”, but damn, let me tell you, there is nothing about this book that I didn’t love. This book is very different from Jay’s other series and it shows how versatile her writing is and how much creativity and originality goes into her storytelling. And although my love for Rule and his guys will never waver, I must admit that with this book Jay Crownover has outdone herself.

“Better When He’s Bad” is a lot grittier, dirtier, raw and emotionally intense than “The Marked Men”. But I guess that comes with the story about a boy who is bad and not just a bad boy. There is nothing sweet or innocent about this story, no flowers and sunshine. And yet, it will manage to grip you right from the start, the characters will break your heart but in the end, they will glue it back together and make you smile like an idiot. At least this is how reading this book ended for me.

Dovie, a young woman who has been dealt a hard fate in life, is suddenly thrust into a world of crime, violence and betrayal when her brother disappears. All that she tried to keep away from herself, is now surrounding her, threatening to swallow her whole. Despite her difficult circumstances and upbringing, she is untainted by all of the negativity that polluted her young life. Instead, she is hell-bent on helping others, studying to make a better life for herself as well as kids that don’t have anyone else who fights for them. She is self-reliant, strong and yet extremely vulnerable. She feels very real, helped by the fact that Jay Crownover did not paint her as cover-magazine type of beauty, but a normal girl who has her flaws and yet manages to be beautiful in her own personal way. I felt very protective of Dovie and admired the strength she exuded, living her life by her rules, taking risks and allowing herself to feel what she feels. She realizes that life is there to take leaps of faith and if they turn out to be mistakes, to learn from them and move on. Especially with Bax barreling into her life, she manages to stand her ground and yet doesn’t stop herself from falling for him – accepting him for who he is and loving the good and the bad, without trying to change him.

And there is a lot of bad about Bax. Not only an ex-con, criminal and a thief, but also a man with a short temper and a taste for violence, Bax is bad, dangerous and destructive. He takes what he wants and doesn’t care what it might cost him or others. Having grown up with a drunk mother and no father, he turned to crime to make a living and to get away from the desolate surroundings he found himself in. But a life of crime doesn’t come without its price and he just paid it for five years – locked up in jail. Back out a free man, his freedom only extends to the bars he left behind. He is still a prisoner of his own personality – out for blood and revenge. He doesn’t do feelings or relationships, believing that no one can be trusted. The one person he believed in might be the person that cost him the last few years of his life, but to find that out he needs to deal with his friend’s sister, Dovie. No matter how much he might fight his attraction to her, knowing that whatever he touches gets tainted by the darkness he carries with him, he can’t stay away from her. Her loyalty, innocence and faith in him make him needy for her – and not only in the physical way. As he spends more time with her, he learns that there is more to him than his criminal life and realizes she is the one thing that is worth living and dying for.

As things come to a showdown, Bax and Dovie prove that in every bad man is a bit of good hidden and every good woman can be a little bad.

The dynamic between Dovie and Bax is incredibly emotional and at the same time very sensuous. Their relationship isn’t just about sex, although it tends to be a way for both of them to express the feelings they have for each other but can’t always articulate that well. It makes the sex between them very raw and gritty, a give and take, a push and pull that is incredibly erotic. Their growing relationship takes both of them out of their comfort zones, making them questions their beliefs about themselves and others. What made it especially realistic and so unlike many other books is that Dovie’s love didn’t turn Bax into a good guy with a legitimate 9-5 job and a house in the suburbs. No, he was still bad, he was still Bax. Just that he now thought about what risks were worth taking, as for the first time in his life he had something to lose. Their relationship didn’t change their personalities. They stayed who they were, just making adjustments to fit into each other’s life. I am absolutely in love with their story and their characters.

The fact that their life was tough and the place they lived was full to the brim with crime, violence and destroyed lives made their love even more extraordinary. There was no escaping reality. Jay Crownover didn’t water it down, making the town become better, brighter and happier. She had the courage to leave it as dark and dirty as it was and with that allowed characters like Dovie to shine brighter.

This is one of the best books I have read this year. Jay Crownover captured life on the wrong side of tracks extraordinarily well and brought it to live in this absolutely perfect story.

5+ stars aren’t enough.
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