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am 15. Oktober 1999
I had always been under two false impressions about negotiations. First, that negotiations are all about business and commercial transactions. Second, that negotiations are about hardball tactics where the stronger side "wins" and gets away with a great deal while the weaker side is beaten down and suckered into a raw deal.
Richard Shell's book completely changed this impression. This is a book that is well written and the ideas are structured in way that I could read and take away bite-sized chunks. The book is also very practical and ends each section with a checklist to be used when you negotiate. Shell has made the book very readable by not going overboard on negotiations theories and sprinkling the book with some terrific stories. The stories range from negotiation strategies employed by Mahatma Gandhi and Akio Morita to Indonesian villagers and Tanzanian tribesmen.
The main message of the book is that negotiations are mostly about relationships and that each party may have something to offer that is of enormous value to the other party. By building your relationship and unearthing that value you can conclude a successful negotiation where everybody leaves the boardroom or village center with satisfaction. Shell draws his rich material from many negotiating situations (e.g.-: kids negotiating with their parents about dinner, an elderly widow negotiating with real estate tycoon Donald Trump, and the negotiations for buying out RJR Nabisco). He has also drawn on negotiating styles from around the world and compared the cultural differences (e.g.-: Gandhi negotiating in South Africa, the importance of networks or Guanxi in Chinese cultures, etc.)
The first part of the book focuses on the six foundations of effective negotiation - being aware of your personal style, setting goals, adhering to certain standards, building relationships, uncovering the other person's interests and making use of leverage. The second part of the book is about the negotiation process - preparing you strategy, exchanging information, the actual negotiation, and finally getting commitment. I liked Shell's use of a chessboard metaphor to put these principles into a framework. It is unlikely you will master all these skills in one shot. This is a book you want to come back to every now and then, nibble a bit, practice the skill during your next negotiation opportunity, and go read the book some more.
I would strongly recommend the book because it teaches you skills to successfully negotiate your way through life. Even if you were to measure it in narrow monetary terms this book would reward you enormously in all the big-ticket negotiations we do in our lives such as buying a car, buying a house, agreeing on a salary, or accepting you next stock options package. But, even more important shell gives you valuable lessons about setting goals, following a strategy and building a meaningful relationship with the people you interact with whether it is your spouse, friend, grocer, or friendly neighborhood business tycoon. When I finished the book I realized that this book is not just about negotiations. It is an enlightening and entertaining book about living more effectively. While it will certainly help you negotiate a better price on your house it will also help you develop a more meaningful relationship with your spouse or child the next time you negotiate your vacation or broccoli vs. ice-cream deal.
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am 10. Juni 1999
If you ever asked yourself if a book can make you money- look no further. This is an amazingly effective and well-written book. One of the most unique aspects is that it does not ask you to alter your personality or business style. Rather, Shell delivers techniques that allow you to be true to your own style and become a much more effective negotiator. It works.
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am 22. August 2000
Really usefull book becasue it helps to understand more then just the basics of negoatition. Very interesting are e.g. the method to analyse your own negatiation style and find out what this means next to other styles. Sound analysis with good examples!
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am 31. Juli 1999
This book is terrific. It really help me prepare for a negotiation to acquire technology rights for my software startup from the University I work for. It gave me a lot of confidence to have read this book going in, and know that I had prepared well.
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am 10. Juli 1999
A very pragmatic framework for success in professional life
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am 21. Januar 2000
I must admit, when I first heard about this book from a business colleague, I was skeptical (oh no, another pop-ivory-tower book on how to persuade and influence people) !
Yet, the author has done something rare for an academic--he's taken something inherently secular and complex and provided some great research and valuable insight that can save "new economy" types alot of grief and hassle.
For example, when discussing and describing a negotiating technique known in academic circles as "post settlement settlement" (something only an academic could conjure up), Shell succinctly provides insight from his own research into the technique, and his conclusion that while interesting in theory, the technique is hard to implement in the real world (no sacred cow theories here). No surprise really, that real world managers find the technique of little or no value (who really wants to discuss more issues AFTER a deal is done? ---only someone who feels they got jipped, I suppose). But it does serve as an example to one of the lessons which, I believe, permeates the book ---that the best negotiators transcend technique and gimmicks (he does though, describe negotiating ploys to watch out for--helpful stuff).
This book is well written, well organized and pertinent. I read the book while negotiating the sale of my Internet company to a large corporation and found it to be very helpful in "bargaining for advantage".
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am 4. September 2013
Die Grundlagen und der Prozess erfolgreicher Verhandlungen werden in diesem Buch lebendig vermittelt. Die Gliederung besticht durch ihre Einfachheit. Ausgehend von den den 5 Verhandlungsstilen wird klar herausgearbeitet was den kooperativen Verhandlungsstil ausmacht. Dadurch wird schon eine Betroffenheit beim Leser hergestellt, da der Unterschied zum faulen Kompromiss-Verhandeln klar wird. Ziele, Standards, Beziehungen, die Ziele der Partner und die Erweiterung der Möglichkeiten (Leverage) werden spannend dargestellt. Den zweiten Teil bilden die einzelnen Prozessschritte: klar, verständlich und mit gesundem Menschenverstand. Das Buch ist eine gute Grundlage für den eigenen Fortschritt am Verhandlungstisch.
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am 8. Januar 2000
Who knew that a business "how to" book could also be an enormously enjoyable and enlightening treatise on human relationships? Shell combines psychology, sociology, morality, and economics (and decades of personal and professional experience) to offer lessons you will not only want to do business by, but also to live by. "Bargaining for Advantage" will help you gain as much of an upper hand as you are comfortable gaining -- in any business situation -- and be happy doing it. Best of all, by nonfiction standards, it's a page turner. Buy it without hesitation. You'll be glad you did.
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am 27. Dezember 2010
Ein wirklich gutes Buch für alle, die ihren Verhandlungsstil verbessern wollen. Es hat einen sehr klaren Aufbau und geht Schritt für Schritt durch ein Verhandlungmodell. Die Erkenntnisse sind vielleicht nicht bahnbrechend neu aber gut aufgearbeitet und klar transportiert.
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am 16. Juli 2000
Sometimes we get all worked up about negogiation. What I like about this book is that the author tries to help the reader figure out his or her style. Nothing here is breathtakingly new, but it is a easy read with smart advice.
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