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am 27. September 2014
Diese Liebesgeschichte mit Folgebüchern spielt im der heissen Wüstenstadt Las Vegas.
Die 21-jährige Danika arbeitet neben dem Studium als Nanny bei einer Anwaltsfamilie. Als der Arbeitgeber den aufstrebenden Musiker Tristan nach Hause nimmt, verliebt sich Danika in ihn. Er aber steht zwar auf One Night-Stands, aber nicht auf Beziehungen.
Wir erleben intensiv den Beginn einer grossen Liebe mit allen Tiefen und Höhen, Glück und Verzweiflung, viel Sex und schönen erotischen Szenen. Die Geschichte ist gut geschrieben, sie wird nie langweilig, unterhält gut. Doch bleibt das Ganze zu sehr auf die Beziehung der Beiden fixiert, ich hätte gerne mehr Einbettung ins Leben. Empfehlenswert für Romantiker.
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am 5. September 2013
Fans of the Up in the Air trilogy know Tristan and Danika. In these books, they're friends of the rich and influential James Cavendish and though they seem to love each other, they have a lot of issues (which I don't want to talk about in detail because the first book in the series doesn't get there yet). And if I wasn't a fan of Lilley's writing before, I certainly am now. I loved this book! It was just so wonderful and sweet and heartbreaking.

I don't fall in love easily with male characters like many other girls swooning over their hordes of book boyfriends (which is sort of adorable I think). But I fell hard for Tristan. Right from the beginning, he had my heart in a grip and didn't want to let go. He was so amazing, being a house guest on the couch of a loving family with two kids and their nanny Danika. Tristan, of course dangerously hot, offers to make breakfast for he, he fold laundry with her, walks the dogs, watches the children and just because he wants to. Because he likes spending time with her. I think Tristan's very empathic and an incredible observer. He finds out quickly what Danika likes and how she thinks. It's amazing for a man to be so understanding.

Danika was great, too. She gave in to his pressing and starts to live in the moment with him. It's hard for her to give up control and overthink every situation but she learns how to do exactly that. Even though they quickly agree to be friends, Danika doesn't stand a chance... not even for a second. But honestly, who could have? *sigh* But in the end, I couldn't understand her insecurity. Why does she ever need to hear those specific three words when everything else he says makes his feelings so crystal clear? It's a bit narrow-minded I think. I felt sorry for Tristan, but then I found out he wasn't perfect either.

I loved the way their relationship developed, it was very natural. In the first half of the book there was almost no sex involved. Then it was almost a bit too much in the second half. I also didn't appreciate all those repetitive scenes, e.g. the embarrassing displays of both character's jealousy. But that hardly spoiled all my reading fun.

I'm usually a very patient person but damn I want to read the next book Rock Bottom right now! I'm a hundred per cent sure it will be mind-blowing and having lots of danger and trouble in store for my man Tristan, oh and yeah his girlfriend.
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am 27. Oktober 2013
Holy S***!!!! The relationship between Danika and Tristan is intense, extreme and HOT as hell!!!
one second you feel for her and he is the asshole...and then it's the other way round! this is a rollercoaster ride with a teary cliffhanger ending and I can't wait for the second book to be out soon.

PS: HELLO Mr. Cavendish again :-P ;-)
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am 19. August 2013
Die Geschichte ist sehr gut geschrieben. Ich kann den zweiten Teil gar nicht erwarten....Absolut Empfehlenswert.
Auch folgende Bücher von R.K.Lilley kann ich nur weiterempfehlen:
- up in the Air
- Lana
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am 23. Juli 2014
Die Storry ist ziemlich flach, dafür die Erotik in den ersten Kapiteln prickelnd. Leider habe ich das Gefühl, dass es gegen Ende abflacht. Fazit: Nett, aber die Fortsetzung werde ich nicht lesen.
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