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Back to Eden: Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Natural Food and Home Remedies Since 1939
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 19. September 2015
Das Buch hilft einem besser zu essen; Diaet tips! Gesundheitstipps wie bei Omi..:) Ein interessantes Buch! Ich werde es weiter empfehlen!
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am 15. Februar 2015
Bin zufrieden mit Preis und Ware. Alles gut angekommen. Werde mich für andere weitere Produkte interessieren und weiterbestellen.Vielen Dank E.Fivoli
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am 9. Juni 2000
this book really gives you the feeling that you are about to go back to eden.it began in the history of the author and the alternative medicine wich after that follows chapters on fresh air and physical exercise and the benefits of them to the body.fasting is explained as well, and the bad effects of unnatural foods on the body.fruits & vegetables are explained also about how much important they are to our metabolism. a chapter on meat, and a chapter on cancer are also in that book, and how to cook in a natural way is the following chapters.water therapy\enemas\messages\baths\and vitamins and minerals are explained.there is a very big and detailed chapter on healing trees and a 156 healing herbs-very interesting!.how to make breds and many other self made medicines and foods are discovered in the book. it will be a crime not to read this book.buy it today,very recommanded!
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am 25. Mai 1999
I have never come across a better book on natural healing anywhere. This book gives herbal dosages and formulas, nutrition advice, hydrotherapy, massage techniques and a host of healthful recipes. It is a complete book on natural healing. Jethro Kloss shows his sincerity in helping people on every page. The author details his experiences in healing people of severe diseases. These incidents are truly remarkable. But I believe they are true. This book is refreshingly honest. Kloss tells the truth about natural healing and does not cut corners with his advice or experiences. This is in stark contrast to the majority of natural healing books today, which are watered down and the authors are afraid of "offending" the medical community. Truth should be told and this is exactly what this book does. A book that deserves to be a classic.
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am 18. September 1997
Calling Back to Eden the Grandfather of herb books is more accurate than I realized before I got into this monster of a resource. It contains information that is mainly useful on two fronts-- a look back at how medicine, both homeopathic and allopathic, was regarded at the turn of the century; and as a social history of middle America. In spite of the Kloss family's attempts to update the information, Back to Eden still gives out much that has been disproven, such as mustard is bad for you because it is overstimulating when in many a modern herbal mustard is recommended for a great many things. The book is male-centric, with odd ideas such as women should not read novels while they are pregnant. It is fundamentally dietary in nature-- vegan would be a good word to describe it-- and overtly dictatorial. Jethro Kloss claimed he had healed people of such diseases as tuberculosis, when there has never been a documented case of actual TB being effected by such things as diet and environment. There is much Biblical pontification as well. For women in particular, I would suggest Rosemary Gladstar's book Herbal Healing for Women, also available here at the lovely Amazon.com. It is far superior in usefulness
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am 30. Januar 1997
This is an excellent book, simply written in layman terms.
It was originally published in 1939 by the Author. It has
an easy-to-use, alphabetical format listing herbs, uses,
ailments, causes, treatments etc.--has a good index.
Includes diets for specific ailments. Excellence at an
affordable price.
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am 16. Dezember 1998
This was one of the significant books I discovered in the beginning stages of my health journey. Truth is timeless. Even though written quite a few years ago, the knowledge and information is enduring. I recommend it to everyone I consult and in my own "Vegan Journey Roadmap" on my site!
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am 29. Mai 2000
I got this book many many years ago, and it is a valueable and useful book, in understanding herbs and how they benefit the body. Certainly worth having if anyone is interested in natural rememedys with herbs.
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am 4. Juli 1998
Jethro Kloss shares his great knowledge and years of personal experience in the areas of herbs and their specific uses in herbal medicine.
This book is a must for anyone interested natural health and healing. An incredible reference for the herbal practitioner, pro or newcomer.
Detailed here, the history of herbal medicine, discussions of herbs and their properties, specific herbs for various medical problems, medicinal trees, as well as sections on your body and it's needs, foods, food preparation, water and good health, and many others.
A great "how-to" book complete with formulas that explain the basics to the more complex combinations.
Glossaries of medical terms and herbal properties, and indexes are very thorough for a "paperback".
A true "guide" to herbal medicine, natural foods, and home remedies.
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am 23. April 1997
This book has everything! Including several recipes and a section on how to be a good nurse!
It also conains info on vitamins, minerals, herbs,
traditional medical treatments, and who knows what else is in all those pages.
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