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am 19. Juli 2013
The concept behind the E.A.S.Y. routine together with the ssh/pat or pupd (pick up/put down) has worked really well with our 5 month old daughter! Before she could only sleep right after feeding (she is breastfed).

At four months she started waking up around 4-6 times a night to feed, even though she was not hungry. Sometimes we tried not to give her the boob, but she cried more and we always caved in. Many times she just stayed there 5 seconds without sucking and went back to sleep at the boob. She created this association "nurse to sleep" (well, we are to blame actually!) and for us the wakings became too much. We knew she could fall sleep by herself, because she used to before.

The problems were not only during the night: if she was too tired, she wouldn't eat much and fall asleep at the boob, but wake up half an hour later because she was still hungry. Or worse: if she was sleepy but not hungry, or if she finished eating and hadn't managed to fall asleep - in these cases she wouldn't fall asleep at all, even though she was ready to, unless we took her out. She ended up wanting to suck the breasts as a pacifier and we don't want to let her do that. So she would cry.

Anyway, one week after we decided to start changing her routine and break this association "nurse to sleep", she was already sleeping by herself some of the times - now we just put her in bed, she talks a little bit, turns her head to the side and falls asleep. And the best thing: without nursing! It has been 4 weeks now since we started implementing the E.A.S.Y. method, she still fights if we don't follow our bedtime routine, if she is overtired or if she is not home. I guess that's normal. She is a little bit fussier for naps, but if we bring her in the dark room and play calmly with her 5-10 minutes, she also goes down easily. Our routine is to bring her to the bedroom, close the curtains and play a white noise song.

Yes, our baby cried through the change. Without considering the naps, because we started being focusing at 7pm bedtime first: 1st day 1 hour, 2nd day 30 mins, 3rd day 10 mins. But in our opinion babies cry for any change in what they know, and they adapt quickly. I know this book is not for every family, but for us it has work wonders! Even during the changes, if she'd slept good, she would wake up with big smiles just like before.

P.S.: we didn't implement it exactly as it's suggested by Tracy Hogg. We didn't push our baby to feed only once at night (at 11 pm) and we didn't change everything at the same time. We decided to do it more gradually than what's recommended at the book - it was our choice.

P.S.2.: we also didn't appreciate much the tone from Tracy Hogg. But we just ignored it and tried to focus on her ideas and understand the basics behind them. It works!
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am 12. Januar 2010
The book is written in an easy to read, no-nonsense way, with non-controversial methods of soothing your baby. She condones an easy method for keeping your baby on a routine, called EASY. This is far from a military routine and is very flexible to your baby's needs. Basically, you get Eating, Activity (including diaper change), Sleep, and You time. The times given for each are only ballpark times, but the important thing with the routine is helping you to know where your baby stands in its routine so that you can better figure out its needs when it is crying.

She also has very practical methods for helping your baby sleep at night, which don't involve leaving it to cry itself to sleep, which may take hours and cause emotional damage.

Though our baby isn't due for a few months still, I can highly recommend this book as a good starting point for learning about parenthood. It covers a lot of topics and takes it through early childhood. Though I wouldn't say it is the bible, and it won't solve ALL your problems, it will help you better understand your baby's needs from the BABY's perspective, enabling you to be a better parent.

Those expecting miracles should seek a snake oil vendor, but those seeking no-nonsense, practical advice, you will do well to buy this book. A big recommendation from my wife and I.
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am 19. Dezember 2016
Between the condescending tone ("luv" and "ducky"? Really, Ms Hogg?), some weirdly strict attitudes towards scheduling, and downright wrong breastfeeding advice, the worst of wich is the idea to "hold off" feeds by a certain amount of minutes until you reach a magical schedule, for example every two or four hours, I found this book jarring and a pretty difficult read. I muscled through the first half and I just couldn't anymore.
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am 24. April 2012
This has been such a life saver for us. Our third child is very different than the other two and this book has helped bring a little more predictability and calm to our household. We hadn't been getting much sleep and neither had the baby, but now that she's on a routine (not schedule per se, just a structured day/night), she seems much happier and so are we!
EVERY parent should be reading this no matter how many children they already have. I wish I'd known about this book years ago.
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am 7. Februar 2013
Although Tracy's "voice" is a bit condescending in this book, once you get past that she has a lot of good information to offer. You really need to read through the sections completely to understand her philosophy and methods. Helping babies with eating and sleeping is not a quick fix process. I find her methods balanced and practical and her suggested "E.A.S.Y" daily routine has done wonders for both my son and daughter. I do not do everything exactly as she says but rather take the main idea and adjust it to fit my parenting style and the temperament of the baby. I have learned it helps to get the babies sorted out with a predictable daily pattern sooner rather than later... started at 4.5 months with the first one. It was challenging but worked well after about 10 days. Started at 2.5 months with the second baby and he took to it immediately.
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am 2. Oktober 2014
Mir hat das Buch gar nicht geholfen und ab und zu fand ich, dass sie sachen drin stehen die zu mir oder mein Baby gar nicht passen. Ich kenne allerdings Leute die andere Meinung sind (deswegen habe ich es gekauft!) aber für mich war es nichts.
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am 14. Oktober 2013
I have heard of T. Hogg from one forum, that she quides no-cry it out method of teaching babies sleep and other important steps in their development. I ordered it and it worked totally with my kids, no leaving kids alone in the room, no punishments etc... This is great book and recommend it further.
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am 26. August 2015
Read the book but didn't like the way the messages are delivered. Felt like being brainwashed in a way. Not recommending it.
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am 23. Oktober 2011
This book gives you a few tips but in the process I felt insulted. The author constantly tells you what you're doing wrong. Following your natural instincts is apparently wrong. She gives you insight into what it's like for the baby in the first few months and why they may have trouble falling asleep. But she constantly tells you that what you're already doing is wrong. She almost says 'stupid parents' for trying any and everything to get your kid to sleep.
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am 17. April 2006
My boyfriend found that book on Amazon by chance and in April I started to use the proposed EASY (Eating - Activity - Sleeping - Your time) routine with our little boy now 3 months old. And surprise, suprise - he is more predictable now, we know most of the time what he wants, he seems to be happy too and he is already sleeping on his own (almost) every night. Since we seriously started to use the proposals of the book (as it is of course also committment from parents' side to adjust their rhythm to the one of the child), our life is much calmer again, we are able to have dinner in "peace" ;), household and showers are no problem any more, friends can come along again and - best of all - we got our nights back :)) This book has actually all the information we needed in the first weeks after we got our baby - unfortunately in the hospital they didn't mention anything of that. Read the book at the last part of the pregnancy (and also later on) and you are well prepared when you finally have the baby in your arm ! It was a great help for us !
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