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am 19. Juli 1999
I met Scott O'Hara, and a friend, now long dead, had a brief affair with him. In the flesh he was much more handsome than in his movies - a real voluptuous Germanic beauty. I asked my friend what he thought of him. What he said summed up my thoughts exactly: "He's a lost boy." What I also sensed was a deep suppressed anger. Which was surprising. Because he was immensely charming and sunny. I didn't know at this time he was HIV positive, and I believe this was the root of it. What he doesn't speak of in his autobiography is the emotional devastation his diagnosis must have caused - his statements about the validity of unprotected sex don't just read as glib or high idiocy: to me they read as dishonest. Especially after he casually relates the months of agony he'd been through with various symptoms. But to admit as much would have been 'Failure' to him. He was not only charming and handsome and well hung, which was more than enough to provide him with a easy ride in life, but he was also rich.Not surprisingly he had immense self-confidence. He had star quality. It was easy to be dazzled. But at the end of the day, , although he would never have wished to admit it, his life, and his book, is a melancholy tale.
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am 9. Januar 1998
I was surprised and delighted!
I did not put much faith that this book would be more than a tell-all of the gay porn industry. I was surprised--quite pleasantly--to find an eloquently written and insightful autobiography of one of adult films' bad boys.
O'Hara does not shy away from recounting his family upbringing, nor does he apologize for any radical views he has of his life growing up. He tells it like it was, from his perspective, growing up in a super-religious yet non-traditional family who instilled in him a sense of integrity he still maintains today.
To be honest, I expected a lot of smutty stories and inside scoop on gay porn stars. There's that, too, to a degree. But it is written clearly, intelligently and with a writers--not a porn star's--artistry.
The book makes Chi Chi Larue's and Joey Stefano's recent biographies look like they were written by reporters from The Enquirer! A must-read for all gay porn lovers.
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Scott's book is remarkably well-written and a pleasure to read.
It's very refreshing to read about someone who survived the eighties without being infected by all the New Age psychobabble and relationship doctoring going on. Scott did not like his family, especially his mother, and he was not worried about trying to fix it. That's just how it was. He had his own philosophy and enjoyed living up to his own standards.
I'm saddened to find that he passed away in February 1998 but I am truly inspired by the life he led. He spent most of his time doing only what he loved most. There are not many people who can honestly say that.
This is really a fun book to read and the cover ain't bad to look at either!
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am 5. Mai 1998
The late Scott OHara has a talent for his craft - not that of porn god - but that of serious writer. His book was insightful, succinct, and well written. OHara pulls no punches in describing the poignant and revealing parts of his past. I did find his opinions on voluntary seroconversion to be quite disturbing, however. He takes the position that people who choose to seroconvert willingly are freeing themselves from the everyday burdens of mundane life and "taking the plunge" into a more exciting, devil may care existance. This opinion is one that I find quite hard to swallow.
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am 10. April 1999
I think the other reviewers must be groupies or simply amazed that a porn star can write in a half-way literate manner. The early history is interesting, but the rest is repetitive and boring. The personal philosophy seems self-serving and, frankly, superficial. The videography will be helpful to die hard fans and porn collectors. The poetry is, at best, sophomoric.
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