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am 7. Juni 2000
...if you have a genuine love for knots. My fascination with knots grew out of years spent as a stage hand, where it was a necessity to know how to tie a bowline, a clove hitch, the occassional trucker's hitch, and of course knots tied on the bight when you're sixty feet above the stage having to tie off a 100' rope to the grid.
I would probably guess that 99% of people who know knots have learned them from others, who in turn have inherited their knowledge from someone else. It's a tradition, that's how I learned. In this day and age though, where for all practical purposes the art of knot tying is dying (if it is not already room temperature), _The Ashley Book of Knots_ is keeping that tradition alive, even though it may have been published well over 50 years ago. The drawings aren't always the clearest (it does help to have some knowledge of knot tying in hand when reading the book), but they are sufficient and with enough time and perseverance, the knots are doable. On the other hand, while it is one thing to know how a knot is tied, it is another to know its history and practical use. And that is where this voluminous book shines. As far as historical archives are concerned, this is one of the best, if not THE best, and you will want to have it in your bathroom... err, your library.
Highly recommended.
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am 29. Juli 1996
Today we tie things together with velcro, zippers, tape, and hypertext links. Slip knots, square knots, and granny knots are still tied; but most of us no longer use rope or knots to the extent that our ancestors did. The Ashley Book of Knots takes us back to an earlier time, a time when one's ability to tie many knots was commonplace. The author, Clifford W. Ashley, was born into a sea-faring family in 1881. He worked as a canvasman at a circus, served an apprenticeship in knots aboard a whaling bark, and dedicated over forty years to studying knots. He studied knots used by over 90 occupations including surgeons, butchers, weavers, and sailors. Eleven years were spent writing, researching, and richly illustrating this book of 3900 knots with over 7000 drawings.
The book was first published in 1944. It should be considered an important historical archive. Recently I saw quotes and drawings from The Ashley Book of Knots in E. Annie Proulx's 1994 Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Shipping News. Ms. Proulx found a copy of The Ashley Book of Knots in a yard sale for 25 cents. She acknowledged that The Ashley Book of Knots inspired her to write the Shipping News.
Ashley lived to see the death of square-rigged ships, and the decline of knots used by other professions. He carefully illustrated dying and common knots, such as the Spiritsail Sheet Knot, the Cat-o'-nine-tails, and the Department Store Loop. Finally, he organized his instructions and illustrations into 41 chapters. The lasting gift of Ashley is that his work has kept many knots from being forgotten to history. Ashley's knots are available for us to tie and appreciate. Ashley wrote that, "...the simple act of tying a knot is an adventure in unlimited space." This book allows all of us to travel on the adventure.
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am 16. April 2000
This book is the indispensable, essential, must-have book of every knot a person could ever dream. I bought three other knot books before this one, believing that Ashley's book was more than I needed. Now the other three books gather dust and this one is the only book I use. It isn't just knots, either. Ashley also tells a lot of tales and lets us know what life was like when he lived, as he collected the information to put together his book. I actually read this book sometimes just for the pleasure of reading it. You don't have to be tying knots. It would be hard to imagine a book that could improve on what Ashley has put together. Simply outstanding. I love it.
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am 12. Juni 2000
This book has to represent the best value on the market today for anyone interested in knots, splices and fancy ropework. I worked in the Merchant Navy and have spent most of my life living on and around yachts, and I sincerely wish that I'd discovered this book 35 years ago. The Ashley Book of Knots is a treasure trove of useful information and instruction for anyone, from novice to expert, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Jim Briggs. Gold Coast, Australia.
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am 13. Dezember 1999
Clifford Ashley takes you to the heart and soul of knotting.
The magic of the intertwining of line was a passion to this man -- and that passion can infect you, if you're susceptible.
In the course of his descriptions of knots, he takes us through some of the history of knotting -- his references go back to the 1700's. Mainly, this art is descended from the square-rigger seafaring trade. Mr. Ashley knows the language of these sailors.
Although written in the first half of the 20th century, this is still THE authoratative book on knots.
Thousands of knots, thousands of pictures. Knots, from practical hard-working specimens, to purely decorative; to even a few useless knots. Self-illustrated with occasional bytes of humor.
This is "the" book if you have a love of knotting; if knotting is a part of who you are.
However, if all you want is to quickly learn a few knots for very practical reasons, you'd probably be better off with one of the more modern knotting books, which usually have clearer explanations for the layman, replete with pretty color photos. Newer texts would also have recently-invented knots, such as the amazing icicle knot.
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am 29. Mai 2015
Lieferung ins Ausland schnell und perfekt.

Das Buch ist eher ein Kulturschatz als ein klassisches Knotenbuch. Das Buch ist ein Nachdruck des Originals und eine Dokumentation über existierende Knoten und ihre Einsatzzwecke, herrlich zum Stöbern und Nachschlagen, ästhetisch gestaltet und mit viel Liebe und Humor gezeichnet. Wer des Englischen mächtig ist, sollte sich die englische Originalversion besorgen. Ein wunderbares Buch, das jeder Knotenfreund besitzen sollte, auch wenn sehr viele der Knoten derart komplex sind, dass man sie anhand der Nummerierungen und Abbildungen nur schwer nachknüpfen kann.
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am 6. März 2000
I have been sailing square riggers for 12 years now and I would not put to sea without my much loved copy of Clifford Ashley's book. Any person who wants to take themselve's seriously as a knot tier must keep a copy of this book in their sea bag. I love Clifford's interesting insights into the history of knots, his ability to spin a yarn and his sense of humour. If it doesn't make you want to meet the man, I'll eat my hat! I consider this book my first port of call if I need to learn a new decorative knot for a project or just to impress landlubbers with my seman's skills. This book is salty! I give it my hearty recommendation to all persons with an interest in knots but especially to those young souls who are about to make a life on the sea. Clifford Ashley's life work is a gift to us all that and he could not have imagined it's value.
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am 4. Januar 2000
Simply stunning! Nearly 4,000 knots and as many illustrations fill this hefty tome.
Having said this do not assume that this book is heavy going - rather the contrary - Ashley writes in a light and interesting style, interspersed with humour.
Every type of knot is covered - from practical knots though decorative knots to trick knots. An assement of practicality of each knot for specific uses is also included.
Add to this plenty of history, and the classification of knots by use and occupation, and this makes this book a must for anyone interested in knots. It is also handy for dipping into on rainy days!
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am 2. Juli 2012
Als ich bei der Paketverfolgung irgendwas von knapp 2kg las konnte ich es noch nicht so recht glauben. Aber das Buch ist wahrhaft groß und einfach nur voll mit den unterschiedlichsten Knoten.

Beschrieben wird die Herkunft, die Verwendung und wie die Knoten gemacht werden. Es sind durchwegs Handskizzen vorzufinden bis auf ein paar wenige Seiten mit Bildern auf Hochglanzpapier. Die Anleitungen sind manchmal recht einfach gehalten und die Skizzen leicht verständlich, aber ich finde auch dass dieses Buch erst richtig zur Geltung kommt wenn man bereits etwas Erfahrung hat und einige der Knoten bereits kennt. Oft setzen sich manche Knoten aus anderen Knoten zusammen und hier werden meist nur die Namen der Knoten verwendet und nicht jeder einzelne Schritt erklärt.

Was mich persönlich anspricht ist die Herkunft der Knoten und deren Verwendung in der Schifffahrt oder in anderen Berufen. Man findet (wenn man ein wenig sucht, schließlich sind es ja über 3800 Knoten) für jede Situation einen geeigneten Knoten, lashing, wrapping oder was auch immer man im Sinn hat.

Wer ein wenig mit Paracord und Survival Bracelets zu tun hat wird hier einige alte Bekannte treffen.

Nicht ganz billig aber auf jeden Fall eine Kaufempfehlung.
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am 27. August 2013
Durch einen Artikel in der Geo aufmerksam geworden, habe ich das Buch gebraucht bestellt. Es kam in fast neuwertigem Zustand an,lediglich eine Ecke war leicht eingeknickt.

Zum "Durchlesen" ist das Werk wohl nicht gedacht, aber zum Stöbern und Entdecken. Dagegen wirken aktuelle Knotenbücher wie Kinderbücher. Nur English sollte man gut können. Jedoch ist das Betrachten der zahllosen Illustrationen ein Genuß gleichermaßen für Knoten- wie für Bücherfreunde.

Fazit: Wer es wirklich wissen will, kommt an diesem Buch nicht vorbei! Ein Stück Kulturgeschichte gewissermaßen.
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