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am 4. Mai 2013
This book is a waste of time and money.
Large portions of the book have nothing to do with its subject at all.
There is a lengthy excursion into Alfa's history of the glorious Thirties, there are endless descriptions of other cars from Fiat or Lancia that were derived from the same donor platform as the 916 series.
Each and every car is described in a colourful and poetic language as being wonderful without any mentioning of the fact that each and every European magazine test simply gave a thumbs down to these products because they were so mediocre.

When it comes down to the car in question, there are many inaccuracies and downright severe errors in the facts.
Many of the stylists and designers involved in the project are credited with the wrong history (e.g. it is claimed that Robert Opron, a French stylist with a history at Citroen and loosely involved in the 916 project, hat designed the Citroen DS. This is severely wrong, as the DS definitely has to be credited to Flaminio Bertoni, whereas Opron designed the SM, CX and GS models for Citroen).
This renders the book useless as a reference or documentation.

Also the fact that these cars were an economic desaster for its manufacturer and a complete failure in the market are mentioned nowhere, nor are the painfully obvious reasons for this. There is no critical reflection as to why these cars never lived up to the expectations and why they never could exploit the undeniable potential buried in them.

There even aren't proper photographs of the cars. The pictures in the book come from marketing material or show more or less heavily modified cars - again without any mentioning of the fact that the vehicles pictured are non standard and where.
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am 11. Dezember 2016
Das beste Buch zum GTV und wahrscheinlich das Einzige. Mit Grundkenntnissen der englischen Sprache ist das Buch gut zu lesen.
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am 15. Juli 2013
Viele werden sagen, ich hab schon soviele Alfabücher, was gibt es den Neues, dass da jetzt drinnenstehen könnte. Ich habe fast Alle dieser Alfabücher. Zum Einen, wenn man schon viele dieser Bücher hat, dann fehlt dieses, zum Anderen, ja es stehen oft Sachen drinnen, die man im Detail nicht wusste (weil sie sonst nirgens stehen) oder es gibt Fotos von Modellen, die man irgendwo zwischen nie bis selten sah.
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