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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
Ageing Disgracefully (English Edition)
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:4,13 €

am 6. Juni 2014
ohja, die "harmlosen" Alten ... von wegen!
ich liebe Coterill und diese netten bösen Geschichten sind kaum zu überbieten. Einiges davon ist aus seinem Leben inspiriert - da wünschte ich mir noch viel mehr davon.
Der Mann sprüht vor Witz, bleibt ernsthaft un bescheiden - außergewöhnlich liebenswürdig trotz aller schonungslosen Offenheit.
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am 7. November 2015
Great sense of humour, funny and entertaining. Recommended for anybody starting to feel their age. Will get a few more laughing wrinkles for certain.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 14. November 2011
For a real, true admirer of Dr Siri the Reluctant Coroner and the new-arrival Jimm Juree the Hilarious Heroine the time between books can be very, very long and very, very boring.
From Dr Siri's latest adventure Slash and Burn: A Dr Siri Murder Mystery over the first Khun Jimm mystery Killed at the Whim of a Hat to the next Rural Costal Southern Thailand Crime Scene Granddad, There's a Head on the Beach in March 2012 a real Fan of Colin Cotterill has another choice: Ageing Disgracefully.

I myself had passed it by a lot of times, not exactly knowing what I expected from this book...
But then, finally, a couple of weeks ago, it hit me like a bolt from the blue: Having ONE Colin Cotterill book to read is always better than the alternative, having NO Colin Cotterill book to read!
And Friends, I can only give You an advice: Buy it, read it, and You will know a lot more about the world of Our favourite Laotian/Thai Crime Writer!!!
And You will never see it (and HIM) the same way You did before!!!

This collection of 12 Short Stories and 4 Cartoons is casting a bright light on the manners and styles and misbehaviours of men, women and other genders old enough to retire and do the things as Dear Ol' Granny or Pop should do.

The knowledge that the stories and places are freely inspired by experiences the author himself has encountered makes them just more appetizing for the real fan.
(Look, people, I wrote INSPIRED!)
We will learn that our C.C. was born and bred and schooled in England, then started for a world trip that hasn't ended yet.
We will visit Great Britain, Australia and the U.S. of A., to finally arrive - for now - in South East Asia, last stop Thailand to be exact.
But beeing born in the year 1952 (as I know..?) our Author has yet to reach the average age of them he writes about in this book, which has the capacity to entertain - in one way or the other - everyone of us with an average sense of humour.

We will meet Bank-Robbers (Gran Larceny),
Murderers and Wannabe-Killers (Coconuts, Forked, The One Legged Marathon Runner of Wildebeest Crescent),
Serial-Killers (A Night on the Tiles, The Fanta-Man),
Perverts (Tart, Ode to a Siam Square Pizza),
Supernatural Phenomena (Life as a Torreja, Collecting Old Footprints),
People that are simply 'Playing Grand Theft Auto III With Death' for Life-Saving.
And - a welcome Bonus to every friend and admirer of Dr Siri - there is also the Short Story 'Has Anyone Seen Mrs Lightswitch?'- a mystery egregiously resolved by our Laotian hero.

Those are the twelve 'written' Stories.

But there is a lot more to discover about Mr. Cotterill!
He is also an ingenious Cartoonist!
Yes, no joke, I give You my word as a Girl Scout!

You will be confronted with:
Oldtimers com-pleeet-ly out of their wits with the bad taste for worse jokes (Jack Wong Has a Rare Moment of Lucidity) - an absolut politically incorrect one!
75-Year-Oldies-but-Sexies that have the insight as big (or little) as a peanut (The Inside Job) - hilarious, simply to roll on the ground laughing!
The Life of a Dog (It's a Dog's Life - in Four Short Acts)......and...
... a personal experience of the Writer/Designer himself (A Slightly Embellished True Story from the Gulf of Siam) - texted in rhymes! A real jewel!

Each and every story has its own illustrated afterword, written by the Author's own hand in printed letters.
This little Extra gives the stories a very personal touch, telling You more of his life and character You (perhaps) ever wanted to know...

To make a yet long story short: If You are collecting books written by Colin Cotterill, this one is a Must-Have for every real fan.
An earlier Edition reaches astronomical prices yet (look and learn!).
And I believe that the book is way too special in the original language to be ever traslated into German.
It would perhaps lose too much of its word wit or the dead serious meaning of some of the stories.
Because - don't misunderstand this review.
There are moments of thrill together with those that will simply make You cry.
You will find stories that can only make You laugh, and then others full of that kind of wisdom a person can only acquire by seeing the better and the worst of mankind plus a great amount of the shades in between.
Especially the comments are often so refined, so acute that You will ask Yourself - how has he been able to see those things, remember them and model them into the very right shape???
I myself have never regretted buying and reading the book.
But, as I always use to say - De Gustibus etc. etc. It's always a matter of taste.
Try to find out - it is a small price to one biiiiiig entertainment!
Word of a true Colin-Cotterill reader.
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am 12. Oktober 2014
Alte Menschen sind nicht immer hilflos oder geistig nicht mehr auf der Höhe. Cotterill zeigt, dass es auch anders sein kann und die Alten für die eine oder andere Überraschung gut sind. Ein köstliches Lesevergnügen mit skurrilen Charakteren und erheiternden Situationen.
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am 30. November 2012
Das ist eine seltsame kleine Sammlung. Manche der Kurzgeschichten sind wirklich extrem gelungen und man trifft auch alte Bekannte wieder, andere finde ich eher daneben. Gelacht wie bei Dr Siri oder Jimm Juree habe ich allerdings nur selten. Es sind ganz interessante Ideen, auf die für ihn typische Art umgesetzt, dennoch konnte es mich nicht restlos überzeugen, auch wenn hier viele der Menschlichen Eigenheiten aufs Korn genommen werden. Unterhaltsam, aber ich mag seine Romane sehr viel besser.
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