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12 Years a Slave [Englisch] [Taschenbuch]

Solomon Northup , Abraham Lincoln
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CHAPTER I Introductory -- Ancestry -- The Northup Family -- Birth and Parentage Mintus Northup -- Marriage with Anne Hampton -- Good Resolutions -- Champlain Canal Rafting Excursion to Canada -- Farming -- The Violin -- Cooking -- Removal to Saratoga Parker and Perry -- Slaves and Slavery -- The Children -- The Beginning of Sorrow CHAPTER II The two Strangers -- The Circus Company -- Departure from Saratoga Ventriloquism and Legerdemain -- Journey to New-York -- Free Papers -- Brown and Hamilton -- The haste to reach the Circus -- Arrival in Washington -- Funeral of Harrison -- The Sudden Sickness -- The Torment of Thirst The Receding Light -- Insensibility -- Chains and Darkness CHAPTER III Painful Meditations -- James H. Burch -- Williams' Slave Pen in Washington The Lackey, Radburn -- Assert my Freedom The Anger of the Trader -- The Paddle and Cat-o'-ninetails -- The Whipping -- New Acquaintances -- Ray, Williams, and Randall -- Arrival of Little Emily and her Mother in the Pen -- Maternal Sorrows -- The Story of Eliza CHAPTER IV Eliza's Sorrows -- Preparation to Embark -- Driven Through the Streets of Washington -- Hail, Columbia -- The Tomb of Washington -- Clem Ray -- The Breakfast on the Steamer -- The happy Birds -- Aquia Creek -- Fredericksburgh -- Arrival in Richmond Goodin and his Slave Pen -- Robert, of Cincinnati -- David and His Wife -- Mary and Lethe -- Clem's Return -- His subsequent Escape to Canada -- The Brig Orleans -- James H. Burch CHAPTER V Arrival at Norfolk -- Frederick and Maria -- Arthur, the Freeman -- Appointed Steward -- Jim, Cuffee, and Jenny -- The Storm -- Bahama Banks -- The Calm -- The Conspiracy -- The Long Boat -- The Small-Pox -- Death of Robert -- Manning, the Sailor The Meeting in the Forecastle -- The Letter -- Arrival at New-Orleans -- Arthur's Rescue -- Theophilus Freeman, the Consignee -- Platt -- First Night in the New-Orleans Slave Pen CHAPTER VI Freeman's Industry -- Cleanliness and Clothes -- Exercising in the Show Room The Dance -- Bob, the Fiddler -- Arrival Of Customers -- Slaves Examined -- The Old Gentleman of New Orleans -- Sale of David, Caroline, and Lethe -- Parting of Randall and Eliza -- Small-Pox -- The Hospital Recovery and return to Freeman's Slave Pen The Purchaser of Eliza, Harry, and Platt Eliza's Agony on Parting from Little Emily CHAPTER VII The Steamboat Rodolph -- Departure from New-Orleans -- William Ford Arrival at Alexandria, on Red River Resolutions -- The Great Pine Woods -- Wild Cattle -- Martin's Summer Residence -- The Texas Road -- Arrival at Master Ford's Rose -- Mistress Ford -- Sally and her Children -- John, the Cook -- Walter, Sam, and Antony -- The Mills on Indian Creek Sabbath Days -- Sam's Conversion -- The Profit of Kindness -- Rafting -- Adam Taydem, the Little White Man -- Cascalla and his Tribe -- The Indian Ball -- John M. Tibeats -- The Storm approaching CHAPTER VIII Ford's Embarrassments -- The Sale to Tibeats -- The Chattel Mortgage Mistress Ford's Plantation on Bayou Boeuf Description of the Latter -- Ford's Brother-in-law, Peter Tanner -- Meeting with Eliza -- She still Mourns for her Children Ford's Overseer, Chapin -- Tibeats' Abuse The Keg of Nails -- The First Fight with Tibeats -- His Discomfiture and Castigation -- The attempt to Hang me -- Chapin's Interference and Speech -- Unhappy Reflections -- Abrupt Departure of Tibeats, Coo and Ramsey -- Lawson and the Brown Mule -- Message to the Pine Woods CHAPTER IX The Hot Sun -- Yet bound -- The Cords sink into my Flesh -- Chapin's Uneasiness -- Speculation -- Rachel, and her Cup of Water -- Suffering increases -- The Happiness of Slavery -- Arrival of Ford -- He cuts the Cords which bind me, and takes the Rope from my Neck -- Misery -- The gathering of the Slaves in Eliza's Cabin -- Their Kindness -- Rachel Repeats the Occurrences of the Day -- Lawson entertains his Companions with an Account of his Ride -- Chapin's apprehensions of Tibeats -- Hired to Peter Tanner -- Peter expounds the Scriptures Description of the Stocks CHAPTER X Return of Tibeats -- Impossibility of pleasing him -- He attacks me with a Hatchet -- The Struggle over the Broad Axe The Temptation to Murder him -- Escape across the Plantation -- Observations from the Fence -- Tibeats approaches, followed by the Hounds -- They take my Track -- Their loud Yells They almost overtake me -- I reach the Water -- The Hounds confused -- Moccasin Snakes Alligators -- Night in the "Great Pacoudrie Swamp" -- The Sounds of Life -- North-West Course--Emerge into the Pine Woods -- Slave and his Young Master -- Arrival at Ford's Food and Rest CHAPTER XI The Mistress' Garden -- The Crimson and Golden Fruit -- Orange and Pomegranate Trees -- Return to Bayou Boeuf Master Ford's Remarks on the way -- The Meeting with Tibeats -- His Account of the Chase -- Ford censures his Brutality -- Arriv at the Plantation -- Astonishment of the Slaves on seeing me -- The anticipated Flogging -- Kentucky John -- Mr. Eldret, the Planter -- Eldret's Sam -- Trip to the "Big Cane Brake" -- The Tradition of "Sutton's Field" -- Forest Trees -- Gnats and Mosquitoes -- The Arrival of Black Women in the Big Cane -- Lumber Women -- Sudden Appearance of Tibeats -- His provoking Treatment -- Visit to Bayou Boeuf -- The Slave Pass -- Southern Hospitality -- The Last of Eliza -- Sale to Edwin Epps CHAPTER XII Personal Appearance of Epps -- Epps, Drunk and Sober -- A Glimpse of his History -- Cotton Growing -- The Mode of Ploughing and Preparing Ground -- Of Planting, of Hoeing, of Picking, of Treating Raw Hands -- The difference in Cotton Pickers Patsey a remarkable one -- Tasked according to Ability -- Beauty of a Cotton Field -- The Slave's Labors -- Fear of Approaching the Gin-House -- Weighing -- "Chores" -- Cabin Life -- The Corn Mill -- The Uses of the Gourd -- Fear of Oversleeping -- Fear continually -- Mode of Cultivating Corn Sweet Potatoes -- Fertility of the Soil Fattening Hogs -- Preserving Bacon -- Raising Cattle -- Shooting Matches -- Garden Products -- Flowers and Verdure CHAPTER XIII The Curious Axe-Helve -- Symptoms of approaching Illness -- Continue to decline -- The Whip ineffectual Confined to the Cabin -- Visit by Dr. Wines -- Partial Recovery -- Failure at Cotton Picking -- What may be heard on Epps' Plantation Lashes Graduated -- Epps in a Whipping Mood -- Epps in a Dancing Mood Description of the Dance -- Loss of Rest no Excuse -- Epps' Characteristics -- Jim Burns -- Removal from Huff Power to Bayou Boeuf Description of Uncle Abram; of Wiley; of Aunt Phebe; of Bob, Henry, and Edward; of Patsey; with a Genealogical Account of each -- Something of their Past History, and Peculiar Characteristics -- Jealousy and Lust -- Patsey, the Victim CHAPTER XIV Destruction of the Cotton Crop in 1845 -- Demand for Laborers in St. Mary's Parish -- Sent thither in a Drove -- The Order of the March -- The Grand Coteau Hired to Judge Turner on Bayou Salle Appointed Driver in his Sugar House -- Sunday Services -- Slave Furniture; how obtained The Party at Yarney's in Centreville -- Good Fortune -- The Captain of the Steamer -- His Refusal to Secrete

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