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9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press (Englisch) Taschenbuch – März 2008

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"David Ray Griffin has established himself--alongside Seymour Hersh--as America's number one bearer of unpleasant, yet necessary, public truths." -- Richard Falk

"[I]t succeeds as a searing and close reading of the events of September 11." -- PW "Publishers Weekly"

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende

David Ray Griffin is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Theology at Claremont School of Theology, Professor Emeritus of Religion at Claremont Graduate University, and Co-Founder of the Center for Process Studies. He is the author of "Two Great Truths: A New Synthesis of Scientific Naturalism and Christian Faith", and coauthor, with John B. Cobb Jr., of "Process Theology: An Introductory Exposition". Author of numerous books in philosophy of religion, he has also published two popular books on the World Trade Center attacks: "The New Pearl Harbor: Distubing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions".


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5.0 von 5 Sternen 911: A category not by itself 18. Juni 2008
Von Elaine Douglass - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch Verifizierter Kauf
As you read David Ray Griffin's elegant and restrained text, as you read, for example, that an Air Force E-4B was caught on news video over Washington, DC during the 911 crisis and the Pentagon claims it had no planes aloft, your entire brain screams for relief: How can this be? you cry. With the eyes of the world focused on the events of 911, how could the Pentagon deny the reality of the aircraft when there is irrefutable evidence it was there, and no one in authority challenge that? How, oh how, could this be?

911 is in a category not by itself. In the post-war period, I can think of four controversies which fall in the category, defined as matters so explosive in their implications that the utterly outrageous "contradictions" which accompany them go unchallenged because the American people simply cannot bear to contemplate those implications.

The four controversies are: (1) that John Kennedy was assassinated by elements of the US government; (2) that the CIA traffics in illegal drugs; (3) that UFOs are extraterrestrial and the US government knows it; and (4) that 911 was a false flag operation carried out by elements of the US government. If criminal responsibility of the US government was established for any of these four controversies, it would shake American society to its foundations. That is why the American people do not want to know about these controversies beyond the official story.

I remarked to a friend one day, "You can load the World Trade Center with explosives, kill 3000 people and get away with it, but don't fire nine US Attorneys! Oh, they'll get you for that."

To reach a conclusion about any of the four controversies requires years of study. I have put my time in on only one of the controversies, (3) UFOs. As for (4), the 911 controversy, I try to keep up with it, which led me to Griffin's book. It is written with exceptional restraint, care, deliberateness. Griffin presents his facts with an almost plodding deliberateness; one by one they are set in front of the reader, with little comment and no hype at all. It is a manner of writing which gives the book great credibility.

Dissent from the official line on each of the four controversies has spawned a cottage industry in which the controversy scholars toil away and produce analysis of impecable quality--all ignored outside their respective cottage industry communities. In each case, the public would rather have the corruption, the depravity, the audacity, the venality implied by the controversies remain in place than face the disintegration of our institutions that would result from revelation.
1 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
Von jorma - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch Verifizierter Kauf
Mr. Griffin has compiled a book of contradictions from the accounting of the 9/11 tragedy. The simple fact that an entire volume could be written on this staggers the mind! The author steers completely clear of any conspiracy theories ( a challenge in itself ) He compiles a very systematic accounting of CONTRADICTIONS WITHIN THE OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS THEMSELVES!!! That these questions have not been addressed is severely disappointing. This book however is not, I almost got through it in one reading (not much else done that day) A superb job by a most competent author! Thank You Mr. David Ray Griffin for a much needed excellent volume! SOME citizens await ANY action on these concerns, that the entire country is not outraged is beyond my comprehension!!
2 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen No conspiracy theories, just facts and contradictions 25. Januar 2011
Von Retired Guy - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch Verifizierter Kauf
In his latest book on the 9-11 tragedy, David Ray Griffen simply presents facts from the official record with regard to 9-11 and asks that they be somehow reconciled for the historical record. he does not accuse, present alternative theories, os dissemble. He simply presents dozens of statements from the record by major figures in the investigation and that are mutually exclusive and asks that someone resolve the discrepancies and set the official record to rest. These facts need to be settled for the official record to have any weight in the future. That is not too much to ask.
33 von 37 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen When a person constantly changes their story, doesn't it usually indicate they're lying? 22. März 2008
Von Kameelyun - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch Verifizierter Kauf
As is announced with the promotion of this book, 9/11 Contradictions does not delve into possible alternative scenarios with respect to 9/11. It deals purely with internal contradictions within the official account of 9/11. This is already a quintessentially important point. Many people think, in simple black and white terms, of "official story" versus "conspiracy theories." This very thinking numbs the average mind into believing, if having not done the research, that there is "one" official story versus the "many" conspiracy theories. This in of itself is a fallacy, because though there is indeed one official story in the generic sense ("19 Muslim extremists attacked us because they hate our freedoms"), this story comes apart at the seams because the official accounts and testimonies contradict each other (and sometimes themselves) in so many ways. As this text deals only with internal contradictions within the official story, congress and the press can not be excused for not asking these questions out of fear of being tarnished with the "conspiracy theorist" tag in the pejorative sense of the term.

When a child lies to avoid getting in trouble, he often has to change his story in order to cover for himself. This is often because he didn't see a logistical problem with the first lie. Sometimes, the child doesn't even realize he's not keeping his story straight until the adult points out the inconsistencies in the story, at which time the child thinks (or says aloud) "Uhhh-ohh. I didn't think of that..."

With the 9/11 official account, the sources who endorse the official narrative have changed their story time and again. Perhaps they are confident that these inconsistencies will be erased down history's memory hole, but they are wrong; the internet is the greatest invention since the printing press when it comes to the exchange and rapid flow of information. For example, when Bush was notified of the second plane strike, we all know that he stayed in the classroom for at least 7 minutes and at the school for another half hour; however, on the one-year anniversary of 9/11, the White House issued a revisionist account, according to which Bush got up and left the room only seconds later. This revisionist account was clearly an attempt to squash uncomfortable questions about why the Secret Service did not whisk the President away, as indeed was the case with Dick Cheney, who was in the White House. The hard question, which journalists should be asking, is why the head of Bush's Secret Service did not whisk Bush away unless he somehow know that the Florida school was not a target. Perhaps in putting out their revisionist account about the Florida classroom, the White House never anticipated someone like Michael Moore to break through into the mainstream and make Bush's true behavior widely known.

Some information I was not previously aware of involves multiple changes of story by the Florida classroom teacher, Sandra Kay Daniels. Clearly she knew the truth, but in conjunction with the White House's 2002 revisionist account of Bush's behavior, Mrs. Daniels also supported the story that the President left almost immediately. Even more interestingly suspicious, she presented two different accounts, within two days, to support this revisionist history. According to an LA Times story on the one-year anniversary, Mrs. Daniels said: "I knew something was up when President Bush didn't pick the book up and participate in the lesson... He said, 'Mrs. Daniels, I have to leave now. I am going to leave Lt. Gov. Frank Brogan to do the speech for me.' Looking at his face, you knew something was wrong. He shook my hand and left." However, the next day, a NY Times article told a very different story, based on a 9/11/02 interview with Mrs. Daniels. In this account, it was a Secret Service agent, not Andy Card, who informed Bush of the second strike, and this agent said "Where can we get to a television?" Mrs. Daniels then reportedly said: "The President bolted right out of here and told me, 'Take over.' I knew something serious had happened, and then a short while later he came back and said, 'What we thought was an airline accident turned out to be a terrorist hijack.'" Mrs. Daniels even elaborated on the suddenness of Bush's disappearance: "My kids were so happy that morning - imagine the President sitting there shooting the breeze, and then poof, suddenly, he's gone." So even in support of Bush leaving the room quickly, Mrs. Daniels gives two contrasting scenarios. Why the multiple revisionism? Who is telling Mrs. Daniels what to say? What is being covered up?

Another point which for me is not new is the issue of Barbara Olson's calls to then solicitor-general Ted Olson. Mrs. Olson's supposed call is among the foundational cement in the definitiveness of the official account of 9/11, whereby airliners were hijacked by terrorists. Mr. Olson first claimed, on 9/11 itself, that Barbara phoned him twice, from a cell phone. On Sept. 14, however, Olson told FOX's Hannity & Colmes program that she called the department of justice, collect. He then speculated that this was because she did not have her credit cards with her and therefore couldn't make a normal-way call. This scenario, of course, would be consistent with not a cell phone call but a seatback airphone. Astonishingly enough, Mr. Olson changed his story again later that same night on Larry King, reverting back to cell phone. He said that the second call went dead because "signals coming from cell phones from airplanes don't work that well." Two months later, at a memorial service, Mr. Olson flip-flopped AGAIN, settling with airphone. Why so many self-contradictions on Mr. Olson's part? Not only does Olson contradict himself, he is contradicted by other sources, one of whom is the FBI. The FBI acknowledged, via documents released after the Moussaoui trial, that there were only two on-board phone call attempts by Barbara Olson, and these were unable to connect and therefore lasted "zero seconds." This SHOULD be front page news around the world. Where are our investigative journalists?

9/11 Contradictions lays out literally hundreds of internal contradictions within the official account of 9/11, some blatant, some subtle; but every one of these contradictions is important in that each undermines the credibility of the whole story, and journalists, as our "Fourth Estate," have an obligation, a responsibility, to look into these inconsistencies. Unfortunately, the First Amendment seems to only be alive and well on the internet and alternative media, for the corporate-controlled media has not looked into even one of these inconsistencies. Indeed when Michael Moore exposed Bush's classroom behavior to the mainstream, many pundits in the corporate media hopped onto the "Michael Moore is un-American!" bandwagon. The corporate media has clearly lost the trust of much of the American people for not asking the tough questions leading into the Iraq war; questions which, had they been vigorously addressed, might have averted the war from the get go. For this, hard 9/11 questions notwithstanding, they are already going to be remembered in history as the generation of media that failed its citizens. Whereas we look back to the days of Edward R. Murrow as an era of journalistic integrity, we will look back on this era's journalism with shame. Indeed, TV news commentators who spew forth the idea that 9/11 Truthers should be tased and kept in secret prisons will be viewed, in a couple decades, the way we now view Dr. Goebbels. However, the media just might begin to redeem themselves if they wake up and begin asking the hard questions about 9/11, and should they choose to take this red pill, Griffin's works are the perfect arsenal toward restoring true democracy in the United States.
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Well researched and exceedingly well written. 1. Januar 2011
Von mikegil56 - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch Verifizierter Kauf
David Ray Griffin has shown himself to be a true hero of our times. He has tirelessly researched this topic, and worked hard to expose the omissions and distortions of both the Bush Administration's version of 9/11, and the 9/11 Commission's report. We should all join in the effort to help spread the word that we need a new, independent investigation, to return this beautiful country to our Constitution and for the sake of the world.
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