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4.0 von 5 Sternen Stooping to Hitler's level, 9. Januar 2004
Von Ein Kunde
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Der Brand: Deutschland im Bombenkrieg 1940-1945 (Gebundene Ausgabe)
May I address my review particularly to fellow American readers?
Read page 222 first. A member of an American bomber crew recalls how he went to his superior officer with moral reservations about that nightï¿s mission:
The fire-bombing of a particular city, which dated from the middle agesï¿as most did. His superior replied that the Germans started it, so bombing the hell out of them served them right. To this day, most Americans interested in World War 2 would agree, although Dresden is not mentioned among the heroic deeds of our greatest generation. And there were many Dresdens.
Der Brand is a 500+ page meticulous description of what that eye-for-an-eye justice meant in practice. With thoroughness and dispassion, it tells of the deliberate and systematic incineration of every major German city, and the intentional slaughter of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Nearly 1000 years of culture literally gone in a puff of smoke. But, as youï¿ll learn, Germans have had several centuriesï¿ experience in being devastated by various foreign military forces. So maybe they take it all in stride. Maybe not.

You canï¿t help reading Der Brand with an eye on todayï¿s news. Youï¿ll think of the ï¿Shock and Aweï¿ air campaign in Iraq, and maybe take some consolation that this time we removed (mostly) the government and (mostly) spared the nation. (Does anybody know whether the author has commented on this?)
Frequently, youï¿ll encounter the phrase ï¿moral bombingï¿, always typeset in English. It would be interesting to know its exact origin. At first I thought it might have been a misprint for ï¿morale bombingï¿. That was certainly the stated objective: to terrorize the German civilian population into ending the war by overthrowing Hitler. (Ha!) But ï¿moral bombingï¿ was also used to describe what you might call a righteous chastisement of the wicked, wicked, militaristic German people, raining down from the very heavens. So maybe the spelling is correct.
Well, today, most of the world believes America is the Nazi Germany of the 21st century, and President Bush, the Hitler. As I write this, we are bracing ourselves for another attack from Ben Laden & Co, who also believe in terror, slaughter, and destruction in a good cause. Two can play at ï¿moral bombingï¿.
I have given the book 4 stars because of the lack of photos; before/after pictures would have helped the reader to understand the extent of the devastation. Also the lack of footnoted substantiation is a weakness, and undercuts some very disturbing assertions. For example, during the Battle of Britain when the beleaguered RAF heroically stood up to Hitlerï¿s mighty luftwaffe, (blah, blah, blah), long range heavy British bombers were trying their hardest to destroy the entire Black Forest with incendiary bombs. Nazi trees! This is spiteful enough to be true, but Iï¿d like to see the proof. To my knowledge, the last lunatic to declare war on nature was Caligula.
The author also states that Churchill planned to use what we now call WMDs (chemical and biological) against German cities. The only reason he didnï¿t was that his own generals pointed out that the contamination would make the country too dangerous to invade. This one is a reputation- buster indeed, but whereï¿s the evidence?
The German is difficult but not impossible, although sometimes the author expresses himself somewhat abstractly. But it may just be my poor German. On the other hand, when reading about the destruction of a German city takes as long as the attack itself, you can approximately follow the air war in ï¿real timeï¿. Fluent readers might miss out on this. Also, you appreciate how the allies had plenty of time to stop and think about what they were doing.
In short, a horrifying and disgusting chapter in modern history, which is far from closed
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Ersteintrag: 10.08.2009 10:21:21 GMT+02:00
Dear reader -

as I have already pointed out elsewhere on this page, it is a common mistake to argue that Hitler's Germany started the air war against civilian targets. In fact, the first raid on an undefended city (aside from air attacks on rebel tribes in the British and French colonies) was flown by the French in December of 1914, the target was Freiburg in SW Germany. The Germans retaliated by raids on British and French targets. By 1918, air-raids had become commonplace, with thousands of victims on either side.

Thus, the raid on the Spanish town of Gernika by the German Legion Condor, much exploited by the Moscow propaganda machine and still thought by many to have caused it all, was by no means the first of its kind. Moreover, the town was in a combat zone and thus constituted, to some degree a legitimate target. It fell to Franco's troops a few days later.

We must not forget, in this connection, that Churchill, in 1918, was dreaming of a raid on Berlin with a force of a thousand aircraft and that, at the time of the Gernika raid, four-engined strategic bombers were already on the drawing boards in the US and Britain. The Germans never got beyond their twin-engined Heinkel 111s tactical aircraft.


Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 23.02.2014 02:57:31 GMT+01:00
Father Jack meint:
Repeats the old straw man argument that "others have done cruel things as well before" and that therefore it's somehow "all relative". I'm afraid this simply does not hold water. WW2 was an aggressive, unnecessary global conflict deliberately orchestrated by Germans, that culminated in the ideologically driven, mechanized destruction of great parts of European Jewry and other groups. The end goal lay nothing short of "Aryan" world dominance. Even towards the end of the Reich there was no significant, widespread resistance aimed at overthrowing the regime from inside. Germany had to be stopped at all cost. War is hell. Germany reaped what it sowed.
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