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1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 8. Juli 2014
Tate and Logan can't be any hotter and real and sweet and lovely!
I can't even say which get together of these two was hotter, but these two are explosive when they get down and dirty!

Take isn't your ordinary everything-is-fine-and-there-are-no-real-problems story. Ella Frank done a perfect job in this second book of Tate and Logan story. Both characters are so real, the problems that they have are real and the fact that they have to face problems that could be crucial for their relationship, makes the writing and the whole story far more real than fiction.

Both characters are growing in this story with all their insecurities and ghosts from the past and present. And still things don't seem to go easy - *points to the end*.

Some of the people they have to deal with are making my blood boil and bring out a violent side in me that is showing only rarely. And yet...this is what real life gay couple have to deal with, unfortunately.

Yet there are these people who don't care who you love and accept you the way you are! Game night was such a fun!!! :D

I so can't wait for the third book and yet I hope their story will never ever end! I can't get enough of Tate and Logan!
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am 24. Juli 2015
Tate und Logan sind endlich bereit sich ernsthaft auf ihre Beziehung ein zu lassen, mit allem was dazu gehört. Dazu gehört die Familie kennen zu lernen und die Freunde des anderen zu treffen. Einfacher gesagt als getan, denn Tate seine Familie hat ihm immer noch nicht verziehen das er sich von Diana scheiden lassen will und nun soll ihr Sohn plötzlich auf Männer stehen? Das kann einfach nicht gut gehen.

Das war die grobe Zusammenfassung von den Ereignissen im Buch. Man hat das Gefühl das nicht wirklich viel passiert ist, aber es waren ein paar sehr interessante und vor allem sehr intensive Szenen dabei. Tate und Logan muss man einfach lieben. Beide müssen harte Entscheidungen Treffen und man merkt, dass ihre Beziehung noch nicht zu 100% gefestigt ist.

Beide arbeiten aber daranhart und das Ergebnis ist es wert. Tate beginnt sich zu fragen ob Logan das alles wert ist und ich kann ihn verstehen. Alles ging ein wenig schnell und er hat nun mal sein ganzes Leben lang nur auf Frauen gestanden. Logan sollte ein wenig Nachsicht mit ihm haben.

Wen ich absolut nicht mochte war Tates Familie. Wir kann man nur so sein? Ich hätte am liebsten reihenweise Ohrfeigen ausgeteilt. Logan seine Freunde habe ich dagegen geliebt, sie waren so nett zu Tate und haben ihn mit offenen Armen empfangen. Ich wünschte Cole und Rachel würden ihre eigene, kleine Geschichte bekommen, sie sind einfach großartig.

Fazit: Die Handlung war spannend, voller Action und Gefühle und besaß eine Menge heißer Szenen. Leider konnte ich dem Buch nur 4 Sterne geben, da das erste schon von mir 5 Sterne bekommen hat. Der erste Teil war einfach großartig und der zweite kam da leider nicht ganz ran. Die Handlung ist zwar einfach toll, aber "Try" war einfach was besonderes.

Das Buch endet mit einer fiesen Szene und ich kann jedem nur raten sich Buch 3 gleich mit zu bestellen, sonst hält man die Spannung einfach nicht aus. Es tritt nämlich eine neue Figur in Erscheinung und die bringt eine Menge Ärger mit sich. Ich bin schon gespannt wie es weiter geht!!
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am 28. November 2014
Ich bin begeistert von dieser Gay Romance, sie ist sehr gefühlvoll geschrieben und die vielen heißen Sexszenen passen einfach dazu! Der ständige Wechsel von Kapitel zu Kapitel aus der ICH-Perspektive der beiden Protagonisten lässt ihre Gedanken und Handlungen sehr gut nachvollziehen und mit beiden mitfühlen! Ich liebe sie beide und bin gespannt, wie es mit beiden weiter geht, wieviel sie noch kämpfen müssen, um akzeptiert zu werden! 5 volle Sterne *****
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1 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 8. Juli 2014
I hope you remember what happened in TRY? ☺ If not - read it again!!!! ☺

Logan and Tate were finally together - but they still didn't have a name for whatever they were to each other... Both never had a boyfriend before - Logan, because he only had flings and Tate, well, because he has always only been attracted to women before....

But now they're starting something serious - and serious means meeting each others families and friends...

Which in Logan's case is no problem at all - they all immediately fall in love with Tate.

But Tate's family won't be as easy. They hated it when he divorced their beloved daughter-in-law Diana and now he's dating a guy??? NO WAY!

That's basically what happens in TAKE.

Logan and Tate trying to deal with everything that comes up when you're in a brand new relationship with a guy. Decisions. Family issues. Trust issues. Fear of/for the future etc.

There will be lots of VERY SEXY Scenes ☺☺☺

...sad and moving and frustrating scenes ...

...and lots of talking and being mad/sad/frustrated at each other....


NOPE..... I'm not telling you ☺

I don't want to spoil anything!!!

(OK, there will be a third book - so there's no HEA yet - and Cliffhanger? Yeah, kinda :( It's not that someone is literally hanging from a cliff - but book #2 kind of ends mid-conversation ☺)


Ugh - we had to wait soooo long to finally read about Tate & Logan again!!


It took me 3 days to read it - I could've read it in one night, but I wanted to make it last longer!!!!!

Logan & Tate's story is sooo amazing! So romantic and adorable and sweet and frustrating and heartbreaking and moving and sad and most importantly

☺ EFFING EROTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew!!! I still need hourly ice-creams to keep my body temp down!!!☺☺☺

Just like book 1 - book 2 does not disappoint.

In book 1 we had this funny side of Logan trying to get into Tate's pants...that's a bit missing here - there are funny moments, but it's more about finding their way, now that they're a couple. And facing all the problems that come up when you're suddenly gay....

Ugh, I hated Tate's family!!! No sympathy at all for them!

I kinda thought people these days were more open for anything gay! But Tate's mom probably didn't get the memo! So sad!

Well - if you loved book 1 - like I know you did - you will definitely love this second one too.

TAKE: Book #2 in the most perfect m/m Romance Trilogy ever! You think you know what Erotic Romances are because you've read Fifty Shades of Grey? Think again!

P.S. - no offense FSOG - I still love you Christian!!!! ☺

now please hurry with book #3 Ms Frank!!!!
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1 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
am 21. Oktober 2014
I liked this one even better than its predecessor because there's more to it than just hot sex. Oh I didn't mind the hot sex in 'Try', make no mistake about that. I didn't exactly pick that one up to gain valuable insights *wink*. Still, I appreciated how Ms Frank has tackled Logan's and Tate's development here - how they grow as a couple, how they deal with their lives now that they're more or less openly together, and a few rather serious topics are addressed as well. With books like this one, you don't expect heavy issues being thoroughly explored or even solutions being offered and yeah, maybe the author could have written more about Tate's struggle with his family's reaction to his new relationship, and maybe the ex wife could have been a little less the stereotype evil female. But she didn't, and I'm fine with it. The book is labelled erotica, after all, and she does a damn fine job delivering. The sex scenes are graphic but never vulgar and are a joy to read. While the out-of-bedroom activities (game night! museum! club!) are sparse and the outside-world-issues are but sketched, they add to Logan and Tate, making them become real people in the reader's mind instead of cardboard characters with hard bodies (pun intended) and that's a lot more than I've seen in other equally labelled m/m erotica/romances.

Well done, and I'd love to read more about these two.
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