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am 15. Juli 2014
This e-book is a brief and informative summary of what's happening behind the cloud of mainstream media and brainwashing of our governments and the lobbyists. Never wondered why there are no such things as free, for everyone available energy, even though our fossil recources will be gone in near future? Wanna know what's behind our so called "health"care system and why more and more people are getting sick instead of healthy? Wanna know why there will be NEVER and really NEVER equallity and wealth for everyone? Who is responsible for that and wants that to stay? Do you really think our gorvernments govern the world? Do you think you live in a country of democracy where the people are actually in power? You'd better take a lesson or two.
New World Order isn't a stupid conspiracy theory, it is (unfortunately) the thruth, just open your eyes and read this.
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am 8. Juni 2014
When started reading I couldn't stop. This short book contains so much important information about how the whole world and even our life is influenced by the few percent who run the world with their billions or trillions. Even in healthcare they show great influence to stop new medication that could heal major deadly diseases, because they make more money with medication that keeps you alive, but won't heal you. This book also explains how the banking system really works and how they press money out of average people with their rotten loans, along with other subjects that will open your eyes.
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