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5.0 von 5 Sternen No Heroin In The Living Room, 16. September 2005
"My brother would get grounded for being 10 minutes late for dinner. By the time they got
around to me, it was pretty much 'No heroin in the living room.'" (3)
-Mike Dugan, joking about being the youngest child in a big family and his parent's possible leniency.
By the time I read the sentences above, I had laughed six times already and I was only on page 3.
To say this book is some of the best good-natured humor anyone can read is an understatement.
Mike Dugan delivers his mature and personal message about becoming the "right kind of man"
with what is often knee-slapping, belly-rolling, and even telephone-your-friends-and-pretend-you-
made-it-up-yourself, comedy. (If you're not good at telling jokes I suggest you use text messaging
and simply copy these jokes word for word from this book.)
In, "Men Fake Foreplay...And Other Lies That Are True", Mike Dugan shares his introspective
quest to discover the dynamics involved between men and women in order to develop his own
personal philosophy. He begins this quest by asking two simple questions: "What makes a man?"
and "What do women want?" He addresses these two insightful questions throughout the book
with chapters and headings such as: Communication; Domestic Priorities; Blame; Commitment;
Boxing, Bubble Baths, and Big Boys Crying; to name a few.
Mike Dugan is no relationship expert and doesn't claim to be. If anything, he comes across in this
book as an average guy with normal thoughts, healthy desires, and realistic expectations and
emotions. He is the first to point out his own mistakes, misconceptions, and misadventures in the
area of relationships and his interactions with the opposite sex. These mis-understandings have
caused him much pain and regret in his own life, and he often displays a more serious side to these
issues when they subsequently inflict pain upon the women he's been associated with:
"...if you choose to avoid your own ignorance when it reveals itself to you,
it becomes arrogance..." (65)
These are immensely profound words from someone who comes across as an "average guy",
but that's why this book is so enjoyable and worthy of reading. From a man's point of view, it
reads as though two guys are sitting around having a deep and meaningful conversation about
women. Men won't talk without laughing, and they will surely lose interest if it is nothing more
than the typical feel-good group therapy session. Mike Dugan is a man's man, and he has done
an expert job (as a non-expert) in this book of sharing his experiences and personal philosophy.
Men seem to shy away from experts, and men don't even read the books by experts; but men
talk to each other and laugh, and realistically most men will listen to reason. Sometimes,
men just need to hear the right words from someone like Mike Dugan, who has obviously
put a great deal of thought and good intention behind becoming the "right kind of man".
According to Mike Dugan, "the right kind of man" will honestly listen to a woman and nurture her.
He will develop his character and create an environment of trust with the actions he takes and
the words he uses. "Men Fake Foreplay...And Other Lies That Are True" really isn't about sex,
it's about what a man does when he's NOT having sex. With this great little book, Mike Dugan
points MANkind to the next level of social evolution. Every man should own a copy of this book,
and then he should pass it along to his sons.
~Brian Douthit
author of "Perfectly Said: when words become art"
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