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am 16. März 2014
It's done. I've laughed and cried so hard and now the story is told. And Mrs. Lilley has moved up to be one of my most favorite authors of all time. I will read every word this woman writes from now on and I'm positively sure that I'll highly enjoy every minute of it. *sigh* But I will miss Tristan. In fact, I miss him already. Maybe I should stop writing these damn review, go and re-read the trilogy right now. Alright. *deepbreath* I'm focusing...

The book picks up where Rock Bottom has left us. But after this long hell of a blurb, I don't think I need to give you my own overview of the plot. I didn't have any difficulties diving right back into the plot.

As always with my 5-fairy-rating books, I don't have much to say about it other than: it's perfect. Go read it now! Lilley pulled out all the stops and took us back on the rollercoaster ride that is Danika and Tristan's life. But this book was not just a copy of the first. And that is so very important, because many essential things have changed and the characters have been developed.

Bad Things had been intense and sometimes dark, but overall funny and so sooo heart-warming. I fell in love with Tristan and envied Danika fall all her beauty and lightness (and dance moves). Rock Bottom then was a complete trainwreck of a book. It ripped my heart out of my chest, forgetting to stuff it back in and it made me hate my darling Tristan. You know how they say that love and hate are so close.

Lovely Trigger now was quiet compared to the other books. It depicted the work that needed to be done for those to people to come to terms with their past. Many things had to be done, many conversations to be had. It was once again sweet and funny and I got my Tristan back which I'm forever grateful of. I loved that Danika and Tristan learned how to actually talk about things, about theirs fears and needs, instead of having hot-tempered sex all the time because their emotions, jealousy, angst or whatever else was running wild again. They've actually grown up and that's just the way it needs to be.

Everybody who likes romance, hell everyone with a beating heart, should read these books. The author doesn't shy away from pain and puts the reader through hell but it'll be very worth the (reading) experience, trust me! The story of Tristan and Danika has come to a perfect end and I'm glad that I could be a tiny part of it by reading about it.
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am 21. März 2014
5 Million stars review to follow...just need to gather my thoughts and emotions :D well, I'm still so thrilled over this book!
It is such a wonderful end to the series. Tristan and Danika so deserve it!
From the changes of POV, all the jumps in time to the special and important moments, to drawing the circles to the first books, to the beautiful writing of R.K. Lilley.
Danika and Tristan haven't lost their chemistry. And it would have been surprising, if the fire wouldn't have been matter what happened!
Finally Tristan mans up and fights for what he wants! No one can be angry with Danika about her behaviour, you can feel her pain.
And the HOTNESS between them? Well, these parts need a cold shower! And then you have the funny parts and you have the teary parts!
This book leaves you breathless!
Thank you R.K. Lilley

P.S. You also meet all the other wonderful characters of Mrs. Lilley! :P
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am 27. März 2014
Schon lange nicht mehr so eine gute Serie gelesen. Band 1 ist wunderschön: Freundschaft, Humor und Liebe. Band 2 ist hart: Drogen, Tod, Verrat und viel Herzschmerz. Band 3 gibt Hoffnung: trotz soviel harten Erfahrungen kann alles noch gut werden kann und die Liebe von Danika und Tristan ist nicht wirklich zu stoppen. Habe länger gebraucht über dieses Buch wegzukommen - immer ein gutes Zeichen!
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am 11. März 2014
wonderful ending and highlight of this wonderful lovestory!

R.K Lilley is an amazing author.Tristan andre Danika story will make you feel!!
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am 13. März 2014
Finally got to read it! Was waiting for months! Glad it worked out with D&T the end of the second book nearly killed me
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