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am 1. Mai 2000
If I wanted to read a book about the psychological reasons for fantasy and an anaylsis of how women are changing through time, I would have read one by a psychologist. Reading a small sample of fantasies mailed to you does not make you an expert. Stop analysing and just report like you did with the first two books!
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am 28. Juni 1999
I first found this book in my Dad's bedroom when I was 15-years old. I am now 21 and I still think it's incredible. The only thing that has changed is my appreciation for it. I now know how rare it is to find such fearless and honest erotica that really turns me on. Some of the fantasies, notwithstanding, aren't for me.
This book is also therapeutic: A friend of mine was recently thinking of seeing a sex therapist. She did, but I also helped by giving her my copy. She hasn't given it back, so this will be my third, counting my Dad's which I read until I moved out.
"Women on Top" is a great reminder or proclaimer of the fact that sex is a natural part of our existence and our everyday lives, and should not be taken for granted.
I think everyone over age 15 (depending on individual maturation) should own this book and be given a sexual education that includes teaching the biology, anatomy, intellect and emotions of sex.
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am 10. April 1999
Wow! I just stumbled upon this book by accident and was totally amazed by it. I really liked hearing all the stories about first sexual experiences and first becoming aware of one's sexuality at early ages, and how this self- concept of sexuality develops. I found the interpretations by the author to be eye-opening especially the ones dealing with how mothers and society in general have totally different expectations and feelings regarding the sexuality of daughters vs. sons. I do feel there is a double standard and girls are suppossed to be "good" and not want sexual things done to them. Where boys do not have this pressure or expectation put upon them in the same way. This book gave me more freedom in expressing my sexuality with my husband and there are things I've always wanted to try, but felt like I "shouldn't". I feel so much more in touch with my sensuality and this book has made my already good sex life, really really great. I also like the distinction the author makes between fantasy and reality and how she points out that there are some things we love to fantasize about doing, but would not want to do in reality - and that's normal.
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am 9. August 1998
I applaud Friday's guts to stand up to the prudish Prunellas and false feminists and write/publish this book. Her take on women's fantasies is on the mark.
That having been said: if you find the idea of sex with animals as utterly revolting and disgusting as I do, there are entire sections of this book you may wish to avoid. Many of her correspondents discuss not just fantasies about bestiality but actual experiences with it. These women seem to have no conscience, no guilt about committing what is nothing less than a form of rape. Would these women be so accepting of pedophilia? Or rape of the mentally disabled?
However, as Friday is writing about women's sexuality and fantasies, I think she has a right if not an obligation to tell the entire story. If women are fantasising about raping defenseless animals, that is part of the story, and she shouldn't leave it out.
Again, another top-notch piece of research by Friday, but not one the average person can read wit! h unmitigated pleasure.
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am 19. Oktober 1999
There are so many things that I have always fantasied about, but was brought up in a sexually suppressed environment and was taught that they were wrong. Nancy has become like a friend holding my hand telling me that I am normal and that it's okay! I feel like a sexual weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can now live my life guilt free! I will be grateful forever for what I have realized in the short time that it took me to finish your book. My husband has even noticed a positive change in our sex life, now that I'm not as insecure! Thanks again, Nancy!!
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am 7. Juli 1998
I have read Nancy's book "Women on Top" and yes it was a turn-on and it told us all about the things we wanted to hear, but this is the norm with most women. What I am trying to say is that this is not some great experience for us, a great sexual awakening... Saying all of the above, the books are good, I'm only sorry that I didn't think of the idea myself......I'm sure Nancy is smiling, I would be if 150 women wrote to me with their experiences and all I had to do was print them and make millions..!!
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am 10. September 1997
There is no doubt about the role this little book will take in the lives of its readers, and the important place it will take in their bed side cabinet. And there's nothing wrong with that. The most amusing facet of these books is their power to send MEN into twitching justifications of why they read this book - because they want to be more in touch with the female sex apparently..
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am 14. Juni 1999
This book has stayed by my bedside since it came out in hardcover. Most of the stories left me breathless and eager to read more. I strongly recommed this book to singles who need alittle 'fantasy' to help them through a lonely night or for couples to snuggle up and read together. Very educational for men who would like a deeper understanding of how women work.
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am 27. April 1998
Mrs. Friday did a wondeful job of really explaining sexual fantisy. I learned alot from reading other women's fantisies, but I learned even more from reading her thought-provoking interpretations. This book really made me look at myself and my sexuality. Much Kudos to you, Nancy!
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am 31. August 1997
As a reader of "My Secret Garden" and "Forbidden Flowers", I was looking forward to having a more recent book. Here it is! Things have changed since her first books, but the best thing is that I think women are open about sex and fantasies
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