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am 11. März 1999
Chogyam Trungpa, often referred to as one of the few oriental, Buddhist lamas who truly understood the Western mind, here transcends East and West by addressing simply and eloquently, the processes of the mind and ego. Trungpa illuminates how some of these processes can undermine an otherwise wholesome relationship to ourselves and our basic goodness (buddha nature) and our relationship with others. These processes can cause our suffering and the suffering of others and disrupt our efforts to be decent and skillful. The non-theistic text, transmitted by this extraordinarily gifted meditation master, is presented freely without prostelytizing and is offered clearly without judgment, blame, guilt, hope or fear. Cutting Through is an important stepping-stone towards developing self-awareness, fearlessness, friendship and loving kindness. A 'must-read' for any diver or warrior of heart and courage. Also recommended are Trungpa's: Shambhala, Path of the Warrior and/or Meditation in Action.
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am 3. September 1997
THIS BOOK IS IDEAL FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS READ A NUMBER OF BUDHIST BOOKS AND BELIEVES HIMSELF TO UNDERSTAND THE INNER MEANING OF THE TEACHINGS. It will cut through your arrogance like butter and will help to keep your mind open and your spirit humble.

The book is a great and well rounded look at spirituality and the problems encountered. It gives a brief view of the proper attitude towards spirituality, then gives detailed account of how our attitudes obscure and constantly attempt to manipulate spirituality for personal gain. Also included are good overall views of the most basic budhist the Four Noble Truths and the Six Realms.
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TOP 1000 REZENSENTam 12. Oktober 2003
"Cutting through Spiritual Materialism" is a real practical help for anybody interested in Buddhism. It does show many games that Ego may play to you. The contents are not only the relationship with the guru, but also a clear description of the Five Skandhas, the steps which the Ego developed, which may take off some of the fear of the open space, the apparent emptiness. Also descriped are the Six Realms, the Four Noble Truths, the Bodhisattva Path, Shunyata, Prajna, Compassion and Tantra. Chögyam Trungpa's writings give a deep insight into the Buddhist teachings. It is one of the best books I ever read about Mahayana Buddhism.
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am 28. Juli 2000
This is a classic of Western Buddhism, by one of the most influential Tibetan Buddhist teachers in the West. Some of the stuff about relating to a guru may be justifiably off-putting to many Western readers, but don't let that keep you from seeing all the wonderful teaching in this book. I've read parts of it again and again (especially the introduction and the first chapter) as the simple but elusive point has finally started to sink in that spiritual practice is not about getting anywhere or achieving anything.

This book is best for readers who are already involved in Buddhist practice. I also highly recommend Trungpa's "The Myth of Freedom," which is a better place to start if you're new to Buddhist practice, and "The Wisdom of No Escape" by Pema Chodron, a student of Trungpa.
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am 11. Mai 2000
The best? Why? First, because Trungpa Tulku was a genius. So he cuts to the heart of things with clarity and precision, and builds up a clear picture of a very complex subject. Also, he's got style; he was a great writer. Third, from an quite early age, he had one of those unbelievable educations where mind, memory, concentration, endurance, discipline, method, respect for subject matter and environment came together with devoted teachers, good companions and travel, to forge an educational experience we can only guess at. The book is a worthy result. In this dark period of the world (it will pass!), many high things have been well-nigh destroyed. One of these has been Tibet. But the magnificent achievement of the Tibetan monks has been to plant the seeds of Buddhism in North America and Europe (and Argentina, South Africa, etc.), during the very same years that their own country was being destroyed. That is the greatest tribute imaginable to the Buddha. And this book, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, is one of the cornerstones of this spiritual rescue. Nowadays, 30% of Americans have meditated or done something similar (NY Times). This astounding result has come about in some measure through the efforts of the great Buddhist movement. To end: Buddhism is a vast subject, and any one book merely waves in the wind of the mind--one of thousands of prayer flags. But what an elegant wave does this one make!
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am 3. November 2010
This book is wonderful, the delivery was fast and the product arrived in perfect state.
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