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5.0 von 5 Sternen The perfect sexy Romance ♥, 10. April 2014
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Dare to Desire (Dare to Love Book 2) (English Edition) (Kindle Edition)

Madison gave up her job as a social worker to work for her best friend Riley's husband Ian's football team. He needs her for this new idea he has: he wants to start a programm that helps retired athletes deal with life after sports. And he pairs Madison with no other than his halfbrother Alex.

Alex Dare - the guy she was falling in love with 6 months ago. Before his accident on the football field - before he sent her out of his hospital room as if she never meant anything to him.

Ian Dare thinks his brother is the perfect guy to work with Madison, he doesn't want Alex to go through the rest of his life without purpose...

Alex needs something to do - and Ian's new programm is perfect for him.

Now Madison and Alex have to work together.
Madison is afraid that her old feelings might come alive again - she doesn't ever want to trust someone with her heart again. She's been left too many times by too many people she loved.

But Alex? He's changed, he's not the same 'man-whore' he used to be when he was still a famous football-player. He wants more now. He wants love and a family and a job he loves. He wants Madison.
But he knows that he hurt her very much.

Winning her back might be the hardest game he's ever had to play - but it's not a game really, it's their life!

And Madison is not the only thing standing in the way of their happiness..... People from both their pasts come calling again .....


I'm not telling you that of course!! GO READ IT!


It could have been 200 pages longer though :(

Alex is sooo hot and cute and grrrr - just the perfect guy!

Well, he is now ☺ He wouldn't have been Madison's HEA-guy while he was still a famous athlete. But he's changed.

Now, if only Madison can trust him with her heart again!!!

I really enjoyed reading this book... I couldn't wait to read about Alex & Madison - we already met them in Ian & Riley's book DARE TO LOVE - and Alex was just as great as I hoped he'd be☺

This story was just the right amount of sexy, romantic, funny, exasperating, interesting, sad & moving = WONDERFUL!!!



And thank you for giving us another little glimpse of Ian and his Riley!! As well as a glimpse of our next hero: Alex's cousin Gabe ☺ - He'll be the star of DARE TO SURRENDER - coming this July!

and now PLEASE HURRY - I need to read Gabe's story ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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