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4.0 von 5 Sternen Rocks!, 24. November 2009
When her sister, Rose, is brutally attacked by Lucas Johnson, Lily Carlyle tracks him down with murder in her heart. Lily succeeds in killing Johnson, at the cost of her own life. The next thing Lily knows is waking up in a stranger's body.

Alice Purdue is dead and Lily now resides in the lovely lady's body. It all boils down to Lily being the one referred to in a prophecy. A group of demons is preparing to enter our world through one of the nine gates of Hades. Lily is the only one who can stop them and permanently seal the gate when the time is right.

In the meanwhile, Lily must live Alice's life without anyone realizing that Alice's soul in not the one in residence. When she is not trying to blend in to a stranger's life, Lily must utilize her time to train so she can dish out some serious demon butt kicking. But not all is what it seems.

**** FOUR STARS! Writing that synopsis was harder than you would believe. It was the best I could do without giving some major spoilers away, for not only this title, but also for the future releases of the series.

This is the first of a new trilogy. It is unlike any other the author has published before. Those readers who have read Kenner's other demon stories will find no parallels. This is totally unique from any other plot line Kenner has done before. Readers will not have to wait long for the next books either. The publisher will release the three titles of this series within three successive months! WOO-HOO! And since I have j-u-s-t finished reading this first book, I can tell you that Lily's story rocks out loud. ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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