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am 6. Mai 2015
Maybe I am being unfair to this book, I would have given it 3,5 stars if I could, but it doesn't live up to the current hype in the dragon-fan community.
Lets talk about the good and the bad things, bad things first:
-It is extremely predictable. Maybe if I had read that book when I was 12-14, which seems to be the target audience, it would have felt better, but oh my god is it predictable. The politics and intrigues are so ridiculous, you can see EVRYTHING coming. The author would have been better of if he hadn't even tried, or just made a parody of all the plot "twists", like this it was a bit sad to read, though he was trying.
- It's as black and white as it gets. A character is either completly evil, or as noble as it gets. Sure, not every book can have Sandor Cleganes and Gerald Tarrants but come on, you could atleast try. This also means that there is very little character development.
-The violence is extremely forced, like "oh my god I need to make to make this book appealing to a greater audience quickly lets have some completly unimportant side character die." Urgh. Seriously, If the author had dropped the violence and the politics, you would have had "How to train your dragon"-in Laton. Which would not necessary have been a bad thing, and it would have made a great childrens book.

Now the good:
-The narrative is excellent. The world is rich and immersive and even though everyone in the kingdom is an idiot you still love to listen to the author describing the lore surrounding the kingdom, so good that it alone pretty much covers the poor sides.
-The dragon is amazing. It is the most loveable creature since (film-)Toothless, and even a cold hearted grudge like me that grew up with Game of Thrones and The Black Company warms up to that little thing.

That pretty much sums it up. I wont mention that laws of physics or biology dont apply to this world as it is fantasy and I have given up on that. Or the fact that you could pretty much conquer the entire continent with an IQ of roughly 130 and a slingshot. I really recommend this book for younger teens or complete beginners in the Grand Game. And somewhat recommend it to people who like dragons and are bored, it's decent entertainment. However, don't expect anything like GoT or even WoT, but for the authors first book, its OK.
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am 14. Dezember 2013
I really enjoyed this book - I like LOR, The Thief, Name of the Wind...maybe you will like this too!
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