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3,1 von 5 Sternen519
3,1 von 5 Sternen
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am 19. Juni 2000
I had missed the chance to read the Celestine Prophesy when I was about 14. I was curious to see what's topping the charts of the New York Times bestseller, and there it was. The blurb wasn't terrible flattering, and I thought I had a lot more interesting things to do.
It's been six years of bittersweet memories that I wouldn't trade for the world. Along the way, I've been looking for answers to questions, learning and researching tai chi, talking with people determined to make a better living.
The second time I encountered the Celestine Prophesy was last week. I wasn't looking for the book. I've never heard anyone recommend it to me. I was at a bookstore browsing. I saw the book, and picked it up at as a prop since there's a lovely lass standing across the room. At least, the book was a prop until I really read the first few pages. Since then, I've been compelled to read this book, and a few of James Redfield's other books.
There's truth to what the less-than-"wow" reviews have said: the writing by itself wasn't all that great. The plot was well-greased and well-worn. The content of the book is not original.
But that's not what's compelling about the book. I knew what the author was trying to say, even if I wanted to smack the main character for not picking it up fast enough. Obfuscating and encoding the book into some college literature mishmash would not have the same impact as the book's clarity did. I wasn't just reading the book: I was reliving my life because I've encountered, first hand, what went on in the book. But this was the first time these ideas and concepts were put together like this. This was the first time that I could see myself as a whole person, and not just pieces everywhere. The Celestine Prophesy is catalytic -- it causes what's going to happen anyways at much faster pace. That's why, I think, the book is so compelling.
Some other reviewers have disparaged the lack of originality in the book. I have yet to meet people who dislike the book, and I would be interesting in meeting more of these people. From what I can tell of these people who loath the book, they didn't find the silver bullet in the book that would make their lives better, and they saw the book saw the book as a passive form of entertainment, or perhaps they just want spiritual awareness and the meaning of their lives handed to them. For those reasons alone, the book sucks. But then again, if you had grokked that you can take your spiritual life into your own hands, you wouldn't notice the material failings of the book.
I bid you all a fair journey. Please direct any personal flames to as I'd like to understand more of why some people hate the book.
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am 5. März 2000 may not need a college level education in writing to have duplicated the writing style or the plot complexity of this book.... or for that even had read the book those people who need to be dazzled by such criteria...(and will thus... judge a book accordinly ) ...then...there are are so many other books that are more worthy of reading and my recommendation is not to waste your time on this one my opinion... the writing style (which is so persecuted in many of the other reviews I read) may have been the author's intent to reach as large a mass of readers as possible for obivious capitalistic reasons....this is confirmed by the way the book ends in a kind of dissapointing cliffhanger...with a promise of a sequel "The Tenth Insight" chose his stlye can't blame him totally....he is afterall an author trying to cash in... as would any other... although other reviews complained of technical blunders in research (regarding the physics of energy and other scientific data)....the spiritual ideas and concepts presented in this work are still worthy and are the book's own saving grace probaly partially accounts for the reason that it sold 8 million copies (besides a clever marketing ploy)....however.....for those of you who consider yourselves to be more spiritually advanced...the so called "insights"... provided are probaly nothing new and you will most certainly recognize them as just a repackaging of old concepts and ideas and my recommendation to you is... also.... don't waste your time...on the other hand.... if you feel you are just beginning to explore your own spirituality but don't feel a need to identify yourself with any particular religion.....well then... this book may have something to offer and could serve as a good starting point to be presented with some intresting food for thought and contemplation....the fact that the book sold 8 million copies is probaly evident of the growing restlessness among the human race as a whole to rise above materialistic core values and try to advance to something more meaningful which is the way.... the basic substance and message of this book and is also an indication of the sad state of affairs our society is in... when it comes to spiritual matters.
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am 16. Mai 2000
I read this ages ago, probably when it first came out. Since then I have heard much about it - and read some reviews on it in I find that people either condemn it, and the people who get something out of it; or love it, and think it is the answer. From my own experience, this book somehow manages to interest and sooth, when a person is in need. That is the only way I can explain its popularity. Objectively, no, its not a riveting plot, nor are the ideas world-changing, and I can understand people who are not in a vulnerable state scorning it as "new-age mumbo-jumbo"; but I think they should realise - and respect - that others may find it useful.
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am 1. März 2000
This book has sold more than 8 million copies. It's hard to understand why. It's a poorly written fantasy-fiction novel about a modern day young man who goes to Peru to search for a manuscript that is supposed to reveal ancient secrets about the fate of humankind. The Church and the Peruvian government want to suppress this information, so there is an attempt at a plot. Most of the time I was bored and annoyed at the book, whose "insights" were certainly not new. All the characters seemed the same, and the story was silly. I was prepared to write a scathing review.
And then I thought about it some more and have softened my attitude. The basic concept of the book is one of hope. The vision it leaves is that the world is evolving into a far far better place. Not only that, but each one of us, by just being aware of the insights in our daily lives, can carry the message and make this nirvana happen sooner. And this hope I speak about is not just a personal salvation, but a salvation for the whole human race. This little book makes it all seem possible.
I don't think this book meant to be viewed as literature. It isn't. It's a positive message about the meaning of life. In that, the author succeeded. I would recommend it for curiosity seekers who would be willing to plod through it for this message. And, frankly, I'm glad I read it.
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am 15. Februar 2000
When I first read this book, I was captivated not by the plot, but by the ideas expressed. It was only sometime later that I realized why--I was tired of being told how to think--by my church, my government, my society. To its credit, this book urges you to see life as a mystery and to seek your own answers, rather than take someone else's opinion as your own.
However, after a little rational thought, I realized that there are numerous flaws in the nine "insights". First and most important, any aspect of them that is measurable fails the test. They don't seem to work, so where did this guy get them? He doesn't say.
As for the actual writing, it's not very good. Once you admit to yourself that the philosophy could never be true, the actual writing itself becomes visibly awful. The plot and characters aren't really so good, and anything to do with science was bungled badly (I'm a Physics and Computer Science major in college).
In short, the book is only good in that it can stimulate your curiosity to find out for yourself what you believe in, but many other books can do that. I would recommend finding a book that is written better.
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am 13. Januar 1998
Don't make the mistake of writing this book off JUST because it has become so popular. Admittedly it doesn't have the passion or insight of "Jesus of Nazareth and the Missing Years" by Richard Patton, or the profound writing of Dostovevsky's "The Idiot" or the pathos of Joseph Heller's "Catch 22". What it does have, is its finger on the pulse of the present consciousness that asks "What more is there? This can't be all there is"? Celestine prophecy has become a prisoner of its own success, but for good reason. It is a finger that points at some profound truths. For people that haven't had access or interest in 'Newage' belief systems, this book is a great Reader's Digest. It, more perhaps than any other book before it, has made 'spiritual' an openly used word and concept. If it were only for this, it would be worth reading - but it is more. The naivety of the writing is what makes it so accessible to the general public and therefore a great opener for people who might otherwise dismiss the word 'spiritual' from their daily language.
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am 20. Januar 2001
Die neun "insights"(Lebensweisheiten), die in eine spannende Erzaehlung ueber einen amerikanischen Aussteigers in Peru eingebaut werden, vermitteln eine Energie bezogene Sichtweise des Lebens. Vieler meiner Gedanken und Gefuehele wurden widergespiegelt... Ein sehr empfehlenswertes Buch!
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am 27. März 2000
The Celestine Prophecy is a spiritual adventure fiction. It is a description of the spiritual evolution of humanity. Population is growing to a critical mass. People have spent their lives filling their insecurities with material security. Now, in facing the question "why do we live," humans learn to channel the spiritual energy in order to bring the world into a higher spiritual plane.
It's all bogus. But I like this book not for the story. I like it because of Redfield's perceptiveness. He describes faith and faithlessness so brilliantly. He understands the fundamental existentialist question of being and not knowing why, and he encourages one to trust intuition and faith.
It's nice to see a spiritual philosopher behind a book. A good read if the reader takes the story with a grain of salt and recognizes that there may be something wrong with the world today. Especially a great read for humanists.
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am 8. März 2000
This is probably one of the most mysterious books that ever came out. One could read it as a novel and be completely disappointed by the plot and give it up half way through ...... but the true value of the book is in simplifying spiritual concepts that had been long forgotten by man along the way ........ the concepts and spiritual ideas of the book had long been researched and practiced for thousands of years and what the writer does is try to put those old / everlasting theories into a new and comprehendable scenario so that the people of the new age would understand them.
To enjoy this book you have to understand what it really offers and from there you would appreciate the values that might change your life forever, otherwise it will be just another OK novel.
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am 13. Mai 2000
This is an excellent book for those who wish to expand spiritually. It is NOT for the tunnel-visioned scientist who needs to prove everything on a physical level. This book helps to develop your intuition by making you aware of significant occurances in everyday life that we may not have noticed in the past. The point of this book is not so much to set "rules" for us to follow. But it helps the reader to further develop his/her own idea of what life means. I am a Psychologist and I also work with the Emergency Medical Service in Chicago.
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