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am 25. April 2000
My father gave me a copy of "Crazy Wisdom" on my twelfth birthday. I am now 20 years old, and I still struggle with the enormity of what this book implies. I have read it several times, left it behind, returned to it with new experiences and gained new insights. Basically, the book contains Tibetan philosophical wisdom, but it is infinitely more. I'd recommend this book to everyone who is interested in philosophy (and in particular Oriental and Tibetan). The book is a powerful and relatively understandable introduction to contemporary Tibetan philsophers, based largely on Buddhism, but the religious aspect of the book is negligible. This is not a cheap "This will change your life" scam, but contains some serious and powerful methods of working with the mind.
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am 19. Januar 2012
Chogyam Trungpa came to America in the seventies and was one of the first to introduce tibetan style buddhism in the native language of the country. He was a dedicated student of Western societies in order to really understand its dynamics and nature deeply in order to be able to offer alternative as well as authentic viable evolutionary path for individuals and organisations.

In this very book he describes the history and eight significant aspects of the buddhist saint Padmasambhava, who is supposed to have brought tantric style buddhism to Tibet. Being 'tantric' does not mean - as often suggested - a wild and narcisstic sexualized lifestyle - but rather a highly disciplined practice that intends not to be arrested too much by the inscriptive qualities of visual images, concepts, words, our fantasies, and narratives.

But rather being trained to understand deeply the partly artificial or virtual quality of the logic of separation (the separating aspect of logical thinking) and learning to traverse on the boundaries of what is understood by conventional opinion as acceptable as well as what is (or would be) sane for individuals and even societies on a reality basis.

The concept of crazy wisdom questions our taken for granted beliefs and also takes the risk of being misunderstood - but that risk differs from the risks that many of our conventional cultural notions, traditions and habits induce, e.g. unsustainable externalization of negative effects, short-term thinking as well as a depressing lack of empathy...
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