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am 29. April 2014

Kennedy is one of the 3 owners of KINNECTIONS - a matchmaking agency in upstate New York.
Her friend and business partner Kate found her HEA in the first book in the series SEARCHING FOR SOMETHING and now it's Ken's turn.
Only, she's not really searching. She's happy with her sometimes-dating. Well, not happy - more content. She doesn't want to get too close to somebody, because she's afraid that they get to see the real her. Not the sexy matchmaker, but the sad and lonely fat girl she used to be in highschool.

Enter: NED - or rather Nathaniel Ellison Raymond Dunkle ☺
He's the proverbial NERD! A rocket scientist - even though that's not what you call them anymore - he's an aerospace engineer ☺

And since he just turned 32 and nobody really cared....he decides to finally go looking for more. He wants to meet a woman, get married, have kids. He doesn't want to be alone anymore.

He starts doing research - by reading COSMOPOLITAN and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and the KAMA SUTRA ☺ and now he's signed up for a speed-dating thing from Kinnections.

He doesn't make the best first impression, though.
First of all, his skin is orange!!!
He didn't like this laboratory white skin-tone - and that's why he used some bronzing lotion. (way tooooo much)

Then - he's way too honest and serious and socially filter-less ☺
None of the 20 ladies want to see him again.

Challenge accepted! Thinks Kennedy. She decides to take him under her wing and turn him into the perfect guy.

Unfortunately Ned, or Nate - as he's supposed to call himself now - is really attracted to his gorgeous match-maker!!!!

They seem to have sooo much in common!

Will Kennedy finally let herself fall for someone?
Will she be able to overcome her fears and give this nerdy guy a chance??


I'm not telling you that, of course ☺
I don't want to spoil your reading pleasure ☺


I loved Jennifer's ^Marriage to a Billionaire Series^ - and this is the second book of the spin-off series. We even meet most of the old characters again ☺ And the book of Spells too☺
I normally hate most things supernatural - but it's only this tiny little thing here - that ☺ It didn't bother me at all.

This was such a sweet and adorable Romantic Comedy!!!
I would LOVE to watch the movie ☺ I really want to see who they would cast for Nate ☺

There were sooo many funny and cute and sexy moments in this book.

Some people might say it was a bit cheesy - fairy-talish Rom-Com clisheed - but I really loved it.
That's just the way you want your Romances to be!!!

Of course not everything and everyone is always happy in this story - our characters have faced some real problems in their pasts and now it's time to work on them - to overcome all their fears and insecurities and fight for the love of their lives!!!

I can really recommend this book to everybody who loves a sweet and fast-reading romance!

You might even shed some tears - at least I did ☺

Oooohhh and all you Wolfe Fans out there (Me! Me! Me!!!) - we met him in the last books - he's in here too (in sexy Golf clothes!!!) - I hope we'll get to hear his story soon ☺

Can't wait for the rest of the series!!!

Were there a few things I didn't like? Hm nope -not really. Mayyybe - like in the first book - Jennifer mentions lots of TV-Shows - which is weird since Nate is a nerdy workoholic who doesn't even watch TV - and wouldn't know those shows.
Nothing else to complain about!!!!

I really enjoyed it.
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am 12. Juli 2014
Zweiter Teil der Searching for - Reihe. Diesmal geht es um Kennedy und wow, hat die Frau Probleme. Nach außen hin stark und pefekt, leidet sie innerlich immer noch sehr unter dem, was sie als Kind erlebt hat und was ihr gesamtes bisheriges Erwachsenenleben geprägt hat. Doch dann trifft sie Nathan und Nathan stellt ihre Welt komplett auf den Kopf.
Witzig fand ich, dass die Rollen hier mal komplett getauscht sind. Sie ist die sexy, unglaublich gut aussehende, aber beziehungsscheue Karierefrau und er der symphatische, gradehinaus, wenn auch etwas trottlige Nerd, der sich seinen Weg in ihr Leben bahnt und alles auf den Kopf stellt.

Bonuspunkt war der Auftritt von Wolfe, von dem ich gern mehr lesen würde.
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