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am 8. Juni 2013
This is a YA paranormal book that has an interesting idea for 2 different races sharing the earth with humans, for once NOT werewolves and vampires. And NO zombies. You aren't left guessing since the prologue clears up that they are Merpeople and the Sons for Thor, and that these 2 groups have some bad blood between them.
The actual story starts out with a very well-drawn look at life for the perspective of an abused 15 year old girl. The one thing the author did well was getting us into Cassandra's mindset.
Gripe No. 1 is the way the story is told: The story is told in first person by Cassandra and Eric, the Son of Thor who falls in love with her. No a bad story device but the author repeats a lot of the same dialogue and (He heard/she heard) doesn't really give us some much extra information that we really needed to reread what was essentially the same scene twice. Gripe number 2: The style is wooden in places. Cassandra is really the only well-formed character in the book. Eric is okay, but for the second main character we read an awful lot about him suffering because of his separation from Cassandra and not much else. Yes, this is an important point, but surely Eric consists of more than this. Even with Cassandra, we never find out why her father hates her, what the mystery behind her ancestry is, and the deeper reason why the Merpeople adopted her. Gripe 3: the story ends rather abruptly. There is no real hint that there will be another book, which would have at least made you think, 'okay, more on this and what happens with Cassandra and Eric will be part of the next story.' Gripes 4 and 5 are that the punctuation and spelling are abysmal. The comma is not my best friend either, but I would at least have someone else read the text before I asked money for it. This isn't a 99 cent book! And the then there are the misused words - presents instead of presence (repeatedly!!!!)- and the missing words, and the words that run together, and formatting errors. Every author makes mistakes that aren't caught in editing, if they don't pull you out of the story, it's not so awful. In this book however, at times there are multiple errors on an a page and this really distracts from the story.
To make matters worse, when you read about the author you see that Ms. Gropp has taught English, both to children and adults. She really should know better then. I hope she reads her reviews (not just mine!!), makes the changes to this text and spends some real time on editing her next book.
So all in all, the book isn't awful but it could have been much much better.
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