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TOP 100 REZENSENTam 26. Februar 2013
... to learn how to make really decadent Brownies froom scratch.

As I am a very pathetic cook when it comes to the sweet cuisine, a book like this - and a freebie too - comes very very handy to me.
And I really had to learn to make not "decadent", but only "decent" brownies right from scratch.
And this has been the right book for me!
As the authoress of many other famous cookbooks writes, Brownies are realy a fabulous and delicious dessert, liked by both adults and children (and my doggie, too! :)...
Here I can really learn from the very beginning how to make many different types of brownies.
But when You read the "Kurzbeschreibung" above - You will know what I mean!

I - with my both left hands for cooking cookkies or cakes or other sweeties - made my first brownies... A
And today when my daughter came to visit, they were a real success! She downloaded the book on the spot for herself and her Dearest!
Even my husband was pleasanly surprised by my new ability...

This very useful ebook contains recipes for Brownies with and without cooking, with and without liquors, microwaved or frozen Brownies - all You may ever desire!
A heaven for Brownie-Fans!
Word of a real, honest girlscout aka Brownie!

Have a good Brownie time!
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