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am 18. August 2004
There's usually a frisson of excitement and pleasure when a reader comes upon an exciting debut author or a compelling new protagonist. For me, both were found in Barry Eisler's initial thriller, "Rain Fall."
In a review of that book I wrote, "Few fictional characters burst upon the scene fully realized, more than ready to take their place in the pantheon of unforgettable protagonists. Add one to that meager list with the creation of John Rain in Barry Eisler's dynamite debut "Rain Fall." In fact, Rain, an accomplished assassin doesn't just burst upon the scene - he steamrollers into it."
Both Eisler and Rain have been steam rolling ever since. First with the follow up to his debut, "Hard Rain," another thoroughly entertaining and suspenseful yarn that left readers pulling for an ultra cool killer, and now with the eagerly awaited "Rain Storm."
Don't know how he does it but Eisler has created a hit man unlike any other - he's both sympathetic and scary, capable of breaking a large man's neck with an arm chop. The sympathy comes into play because John Rain does not seek out or opt for any of the tough assignments he's given, but rather they "happen" to him. Such is the case with "Rain Storm."
Rain has fled to Brazil in the hope of retiring from one of the world's most dangerous businesses. He's getting away from his enemies. However, he's the one man in the world with his capabilities (making death look like an accident) and able to blend easily into almost any Asian culture. Plus, he does owe a favor or two.
It's payback time and the CIA wants him to "retire" Belghazi, a brutish arms dealer in a Brioni suit with a curvaceous blonde on his arm. Belghazi makes a pile selling stolen arms to the most unsavory groups imaginable in Southern Asia. At this point Eisler scores again with his evocative scenes of that part of the world, the dark streets, the hidden bars, the steamy waterfronts.
With a naive young prostitute for company and cover, Rain awaits Belghazi in one of Macao's plush hotels. But, taking out Benghazi isn't the easy task that Rain thought it might be as someone else wants to put him down, too. Who's the second assassin? The curvaceous blonde, Delilah, of course. She's almost a match for Rain.
She's not the only roadblock - Rain soon has reason to wonder whether or not he's been set up by the people who hired him.
This is the third time Barry Eisler's stepped up to the plate, and he's hit a home run each time. The complex Rain is more fascinating than ever before, the dialogue is rapid fire, and the action fast. Enjoy!
- Gail Cooke
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am 30. November 2005
Attention! The original title of this novell is "Rain Storm". It was just renamed "Choke Point"
So if you already read "Rain Strom", "Choke Point" will be a "deja-read"
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am 9. November 2012
Rain is human, reflective and invincible at the same time. I enjoy especially that he is operating in Asia. Giving me a new perspective on Japan, China, etc. I have some problems with fiction that starts boring and descriptive. Not here, Rain starts to operate at the first word. Enjoy the read – 5 stars.
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am 31. Dezember 2008
Jeder Teil wird besser, ich bin aufs englische übergegangen, weil die ausgaben einfach früher am markt waren.
james bond ist ein langweiler dagegen (obwohl ich den neuen mag)
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am 3. März 2010
Spend your money on spmething else. Stuffed sentences to fill the pages, and here it is a book, like cartoon magazines for kids, spying, tracing, gadgets for each situation, hiding under a sink!! on a hammock!! in brief : stupid
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