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4,6 von 5 Sternen58
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 14. April 2008
Meine ersten Gedanken zu diesem Buch waren das es sich bei den beiden Hauptdarstellern nur um Adrenalin-Junkies handeln kann.
Beim weiterlesen änderte sich meine Auffassung grundlegend. Der Schmerz, die Todesangst, das Gefühl des Verlorenseins wurde mir bisher noch in keinem anderen Buch so nahe gebracht. Noch nie hatte ich beim Lesen die Empfindung von Schmerz - bis ich dieses Buch in die Hand bekam.
Die Schilderung der Ereignisse geht in wahrstem Sinne des Wortes unter die Haut.
Ein Buch nicht unbedingt für schwache Nerven, fesselnd und abweisend, packend und irritierend zugleich.
Meine Hochachtung an den Autor - solch ein Erlebnis auf diese Art und Weise aufzuarbeiten und dem Leser das Gefühl zu vermitteln dabei gewesen zu sein!
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am 26. Juni 2000
I have never been mountain climbing, but I read this wonderful book in one sitting. Joe Simpson's personal account of his "near-death" experience is written in a simple, yet eloquent style.
Cliches such as "inspiring" and "harrowing" don't do this book justice. It is a one of a kind read. Into Thin Air is also a terrific climbing book, but for me, Simpson's story was more personal and in a way, almost spirutual.
Even though he comes across as an unbelievably brave hero, it is evident that he is not trying to, which makes him seem all the more heroic. I would recmmend this book for sportspeople and couch potatoes alike.
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am 16. Mai 1999
How far can the human body be pushed before total collapse? What can the mind endure before succumbing to what seems like inevitable termination? Joe Simpson's tale of survival after what should have been a fatal mountaineering event begins to explore the limits of human capability. Readers in our book group felt the prose was not first rate but written well enough that few wanted to put the book down. This book is good enough to become canon in mountaineering literature. For those with no mountaineering experience, some of the climbing aspects and descriptions may be difficult to envision. Nonetheless it is an amazing story. Our group read this in conjunction with Caroline Alexander's book "The Endurance", another incredible story of survival against unbelievable odds. While Simpson's ordeal occurs over the span of a few days, the story of Shakleton's group living on the ice for nearly two years explores the other spectrum of what it takes to survive - the two stories seem to compliment each other in the scope of human endurance.
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am 29. Juni 2000
They say it's better than 'Into Thin Air'. They are wrong ! It's 10 times better than that ! You are a climber, or a non-climber, it doesn't matter, go and get this book ! Reading this book, not only i am amazed by the way he has survived, but also by the way he has written it. His words are simple and yet they are capable of filling the entire space of my heart. I cried and laughed reading this book. At some points, i even wished that i were there with him so that i could put my arms around him and tell him that everything would be fine. Even after i have finished reading it, i still pick it up often and re-read some pages. The effect never subside....
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am 3. April 2000
Harrowing first person account of Joe Simpson's near-death while climbing in the Andes. After breaking his leg and heel and falling into a crevasse he is left for dead. He struggles out and crawls/hobbles miles into base camp where his climbing partners are preparing to break camp (after having burned his clothes thinking he was dead!).
If you liked Krakauer's Into Thin Air, you will like this. If you like this genre read Alfred Lansing's book on the Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance.
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am 11. März 2000
I can sum up Joe Simpson's book Touching the Void in one word: inspiring. This thrilling and harrowing tale of two friends ascending a Peruvian 21,000 foot peak is inspirational to man's tough will to live, and the never ending struggle to survive. As the two climbers face almost sure death, they realize that a minute mistake by either one, and they both could be dead within hours. The two climbers are very similar. Joe Simpson, the author, narrator, and main character is a climber without writing background. However, he does have courage, a cool nonchalant attitude, and he is a man who has dignity. Simon Yeats, his partner, has a strong conscience, bravery, he never panics, and he accepts reality even if it is unfavorable. Together, the two make a great team. The style in which this piece is written is one of great description. The use of vivid adjectives gives the reader an image with DVD lucidity of the ongoing story. The reader feels as if he/she is right in there inside Joe's head, thinking what he thinks, feeling what he feels. If you read the book, you take every step with the two up the mountain and down again. Yet Joe is not the narrator all the way through. After the two climbers are separated on the descent, the story jumps back and forth from Joe's point of view, to Simon's thoughts and his point of view. This allows the reader to juxtapose the two perspectives. This book is great for the mountaineer, and even for those couch potatoes that just need to get a little inspired to start their own adventures. If you like the works of Jon Krakauer, the author of the chilling tale Into Thin Air, a story of the ill-fated 1996 Everest attempts, you will thoroughly enjoy this tale of survival. On the "F" scale -- F1: frighteningly bad, F2 fairly bad, F3 fun read, F4 fine piece of work, F5 fantastic book - I would give this book an F 4.5. It is an inspiring story that gives you a sense of adventure.
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am 16. Januar 2003
This book recounts an amazing tale of courage, fortitude, and the will to live, despite dire circumstances. The author, Joe Simpson, and his climbing partner, Simon Yates, attempted to ascend a perilous section of the Peruvian Andes. Near the summit, tragedy struck when Joe, up over 19,000 feet, fell and hit a slope at the base of a cliff, breaking his right leg, rupturing his right knee, and shattering his right heel. Beneath him was a seemingly endless fall to the bottom.
When Simon reached him, they both knew that the chances for getting Joe off the mountain were virtually non-existent. Yet, they fashioned a daring plan to do just that. For the next few hours, they worked in tandem through a snowstorm, and managed a risky, yet effective way of trying to lower Joe down the mountain.
About three thousand feet down, Joe, who was still roped to Simon, dropped off an edge and found himself now free hanging in space six feet away from an ice wall, unable to reach it with his axe. The edge was over hung about fifteen feet above him. The dark outline of a crevasse lay about a hundred feet directly below him.
Joe could not get up, and Simon could not get down. In fact, Joe's weight began to pull Simon off the mountain. So, Simon was finally forced to do the only thing he could do under the circumstances. He cut the rope, believing that he was consigning his friend to certain death. Therein lies the tale.
What happens next is sure to make one believe in miracles. This is an absorbing read and one of the great stories in mountaineering literature.
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am 6. März 2000
- Horror. This book should be filed under horror in bookstores. It is an account of one fatal adventure in the Andes. Joe Simpson and his climbing partner decided to climb a virgin, difficult wall in the Peruvian Andes. Joe has an accident near the summit, breaks his thigh. Of course weather changes to hurricane and although the continue descent, they are both bound to death. In the middle of the wall the rope clings in some rock feature and they lose voice contact. The rope is stuck, and they have no fixed belay. The only thing that can be done is done. Joe is cut off and falls into the darkness, a couple of hundred meters. His partner survived, haunted by the fact, that in order to save his life he must have committed his partner to sure death. Joe not only fell off, but fell into crevasse in the base of the wall. This is my recurrent dream. Crawling for life after the fall. I have fallen a couple of times while climbing and this story has put my dreams into the shadows, although I always jerked cold and wet and frightened, suddenly awake of fear in the middle of the night, haunted by remembrances of the actual and could be accidents. Joe Simpson has survived, and everyone agrees that how he managed to is the weirdest story in the alpine history. A must read.
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am 16. Februar 1998
I rarely recommend books because no one ever agrees about what is a satisfying read. This book, however, is one of the few exceptions. Every person to whom I have recommended this book has reported enjoying it very much. I have read all of Mr. Simpson's books and find moving the accounts of his mountaineering expeditions and his philosophy of living. "Touching the Void" is the most simply-rendered story among his work. There is no hyperbole, no trite suspension building rhetoric. Rather, it is a plainly-told story of what happened to him and Simon Yates. It is a story that gives me perspective after I have had a bad day. Perspective -- Mr. Simpson's day on Siula Grande was a bad day; what I have are, comparatively speaking, mere annoyances. I leave this book, as with all of Mr. Simpson's books, wondering if there is a perspective on life most us will never understand.
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am 16. Februar 1999
I think many of the reviewers of this book have confused an incredible adventure with a rather lackluster retelling of it. Average prose, a weak ending, and a sometimes less than clear narrative fail, however, to obscure the fact that Joe Simpson had an almost inconceivably close brush with death. Throughout I was reminded of the Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times!" At the risk of understatement, Simpson had a most interesting experience!
I have been told that despite the literary shortcomings of this book, his other books are much better written, though of necessity, they treat of less "interesting" adventures. And for his sake, I am very glad that they are less exciting.
My recommendation: if you have any interest in mountain climbing or extraordinary true life adventures, you should definitely consider reading this.
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