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5.0 von 5 Sternen So much fun practicing - a simply fabulous book, 4. Februar 2000
lykke anholm (S. Angelo in vado, pesaro Italy) - Alle meine Rezensionen ansehen
I really don`t know how to praise this book enough, and I highly recommend it to anyone, who would like to increase their results in playing the piano, the cello, the oboe, singing or playing any other instrument, and surely the book could be more than interesting to other people practicing "performance" like actors, entertainers, footballplayer and so on. I was a bit puzzled by the title of the book, and bought it curious to find out, what was hidden behind these words. What I found was the most interesting book about practicing I have ever read, and I am amazed and sad about the fact, that the author is passed away years ago, wondering how the principles of this book can remain unknown to all the teachers I have had. The book has 16 chapters, each chapter taking you on a fabulous journey in practicing in a lot of different ways. The author gives you all the material you need to explore the music and more important your everyday life in a new and different way. She talks about handling inner judges, inner clowns, dancing your music, handling your symtoms of stage fright, giving up "playing it the right way" and finding out your way to play and sing the music, and gives plenty of examples of students finding their way through. And when it all comes down to final it is strictly about being aware. During the authors experience teaching, she makes you realize, that often we are so busy and messed up thinking about what people will say, how we will sound or what someone else would have done in our place, that we don`t even have the ability nor the energy to make a single decent tone, whereas if we put all that energy into awareness of what we are doing, we could really make something out of it. The book gives you a lot of diffent tools to try and get more out of your practice time and be more happy about it. Yesterday I went to my first songlesson at my conservatory in Italy after reading this book, and my voice was strong and free and I felt joy for the music for the first time in months. No one can garantee you, that it lasts, but if it dosn`t I can always go back and do another experiment guided by the book, there are plenty left for me to explore. So if you want to feel more comfortable about yourself and your instrument or your voice, do yourself a favor, and buy this book.
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Exquisite!!! A life saver!, 12. Januar 1999
Von Ein Kunde
I'm a Freshman at Portland State University. After playing the trumpet for upwards of eight years, I decided to major in music. I had finished off most of my first term when it came time to play a robust and quick piece infront of my collegues. I froze. I had never had an experience like this before and it was terrifying. I wanted to perform for a living, and this was threatening to stop me. The next day, a dear friend of mine, and a graduate student here, set this book on my case. "Try this," she said. "It helped me." She was right. After reading this book, I discovered secrets that not only have helped me unlock my music potential, but also helpedme in the competitive world of English Horseback riding. I remain forever greatful to her for her recommendation, and I make the same one to anyone with a fear of performing.
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