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am 10. Juli 2009
Written by an expert in testosterone therapy, Testosterone for Life covers all aspects of testosterone & testosterone supplementation in a witty and accessible style. Drawing on 30 years' research, the author discusses the role of this hormone in the body, symptoms of its deficiency, safe supplementation and its benefits, plus the latest scientific breakthroughs. He uses anecdotes from his practice backed by established data and the latest research. The chapters conclude with case studies of men who have benefited by supplementation and a question & answer section. The book confirms Dr William Regelson's claims for testosterone in his groundbreaking book The Superhormone Promise but is more extensive and up to date.

The symptoms of deficiency include libidinal dysfunction in many men over 40 years, erectile dysfunction, loss of energy, lethargy, fatigue, low mood or clinical depression, muscle loss and fat gain. Low testosterone also increases the risk of osteoporosis and resultant fractures. Boosting testosterone levels may lead to improved overall health, increased vitality, sharper mental agility and an increase in lean muscle mass whilst reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Various ways of supplementation like the patch, gel, injection & pellet, possible side effects & medical monitoring are examined in detail.

Morgentaler's research revealed that the historical fear of higher testosterone levels increasing the risk of prostate cancer is baseless, lacking scientific support. In fact the latest research results indicate just the opposite; that prostate cancer risk may be greater among men with low levels of the hormone. In the last chapter, the author investigates preliminary evidence which suggests that testosterone supplementation may profoundly improve quality of life by means of a wide array of general health benefits. Testosterone for Life is an informative read and valuable reference guide. The text is enhanced by illustrations.

Of course testosterone is not the only natural hormone of which supplementation brings about improved health. The body's production of all of them declines with age. The benefits of DHEA, part of which is converted into testosterone in the body, are discussed by Stephen Cherniske and Ray Sahelian who has also written informative books on melatonin and pregnenolone. Ronald Klatz & Robert Goldman have long investigated anti-aging and age reversal techniques; testosterone is amongst the substances examined in their latest work The Official Anti-Aging Revolution.
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