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am 27. Januar 2007
I think it is one of the best books for production of dance music (techno, house, trance, rnb, ...).

The start may be a little hard for beginners (explaining the midi programming standards with ASCII codes), but later on it never gets to a level the reader would not understand.

But anyhow, I would recommend to anyone, getting some basic knowledge first. All the required information is given in pre-chapters, but just to refresh the memory, not as tutorial for beginners.

From there on it goes to basic arrangement, synthesizer usage, filters and effects, different dance music genres, mixing,...

It covers pretty much all chapters needed for production of a good club track.

If you just want to buy one book, get this one.

But my recommendation is getting some knowledge about all basics needed (music theory, sequenzer handling, synthesizer programming, effects & dynamics,...) and then enhance and combine that knowledge with this book.

And getting some more books afterwards about mixing, mastering, the music market...
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am 27. November 2007
I love this book! I haven't read it through already, but most of it, I picked out the chapters that were of most interest to me, like dance music theory, basic synthesis, compression, processing and effects, then some chapters about different dance music styles and about mixing. The topics of MIDI, sampling and digital audio, mastering and even marketing and copyrights are also covered, amongst others (recording vocals, tools of the trade, mixing desk). The whole book is 500 pages! And its not a lie whats written on the backside of the cover: Its packed with invaluable information.

It really gives you a great overview about anything you need to know when youre doing dance music. Snoman explaines, f.i., how the human perception works, and from that he derives how to use an equalizer. I've read another book with explanations about using an equalizer, but never understood why I should cut steep when minimizing, and more even when maximizing a sound. Thats just one example of very many in the book, that make it exciting, because Snoman has a deep knowledge and is able to provide the information in a short but very well explained and even entertaining form (but always very focused).

I've read about 5 other books on dance music, each covering only one aspect, like mixing, or arranging. I prefer each chapter of this book over the entire other books I've got, because I feel this is the information I need to have truly comprehend the topics better.

My skill levels are those of a beginner that has some basic knowledge aquired in online-forums and producing my own DAW-based music, which is profitting a lot from this book. In my opinion also absolute beginners can start with this book, if you don't understand it all at once, you will with a bit of experimenting and online-help. I don't know if it can also teach advanced users some things, but I do think so, since there is just so much information in it!

This is the first review that I write, I'm doing it because I really love this book.
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