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5.0 von 5 Sternen Resident Genius of Romance is at it again!!, 27. Dezember 2007
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Ice Storm (Taschenbuch)
Anne Stuart is one of my favourite authors for three decades now. I started reading her Gothics back at the end of the 1970s. She was dead bang solid of a writer back then, and she continues to hit the target time-after-time ever since. I believe I recall one book that didn't get a five star from me. I gave it four, only because I got really annoyed at a whiny sister character!

She is NOT for everyone. You have to love very dark Gamma Heroes. Most readers love Alpha males, the hero that is hard, but has that inner core of honour. Gamma heroes are very different. They are dark rogues...anti-heroes...men you can hate...and yet love. Not many writers can do them and do them well. Stuart is the Resident Genius of Romance because she can do what few others can, make you love the anti-hero. Often, she causes a schism in the reader because you really HATE the Gamma hero the whole time you want him. That is a difficult hat trick. Why Stuart reigns as Queen of the Gamma heroes, because she has the magic to do it. This division of polar emotions causes some readers not to like her, which is their choice. For those who do get Stuart, heads up she's done it again.

Only this time she's given us a bad girl to match this Gamma Rogue hero. Stuart patent spell is the vulnerable girl who gets caught in the snare of our Gamma Rogue. Generally, he uses her and she gets burned bad because the moth flew too close to the flame. However, in this "Ice" book, she gives you the aftermath of that betrayal. The woman made hard and tough as nails by the past. Long ago, Isobel thought she killed the man she loved. Only, KIllian is back and asking for help.

Stuart is a wizard. She loves to push the readers' buttons; make them hate the hero and in the same breath desire him. I think she tosses out
these works of brilliance, then sits back in glee at the reactions she causes. Long may she keep doing this!

It's dark, hard, and not the cup of tea for everyone. Stuart fans will adore another masterpiece.
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