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4.0 von 5 Sternen Two stories of brothers with rather unusual characteristics, 11. März 2007
Rezension bezieht sich auf: My Immortal Highlander (Taschenbuch)
This book contains two stories featuring identical twin brothers Bothan and Calum MacNachton, members of a strange Scottish clan of people who have fangs, great strength, long life, drink blood and can't go out in the sun. The history of their clan is one of violence and attacks on others although they have recently changed - now the clan members try to marry Outsiders from the clan and they are careful about using their gifts.

The first story, 'The Hunt' by Hannah Howell, follows Bothan MacNachton as he meets Kenna Brodie. He discovers fairly quickly that Kenna has been tasked to kill him by her uncle - as a means for her uncle to dispose of her as he doesn't expect her to survive the encounter. Kenna is rightly the laird of their clan but her uncle has usurped her position and wants to get rid of her; he also has an obsession with destroying the MacNachton clan so tries to kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately Bothan and Kenna confuse his plan by marrying and returning to Bantulach to take up their position as laird, banishing Kelvyn the uncle. However he is still plotting against the MacNachtons and has helpers in the village, plus Kenna isn't really aware of who her husband is. When she discovers his different nature will she be afraid of him? Can she and Bothan make their village safe?

This story is fairly simple in its plot and characterisation. There aren't any real suprises along the way and problems and obstacles seem to be overcome without too many difficulties. Kenna herself has some strange attributes - she is a seer and she hears her dead mother's voice - which enable her to accept that the differences in Bothan are not instant proof that he is a demon. Neither character really grows or changes through this story, it is more about a woman dispossessed of her inheritance regaining it with the help of a strong and handsome man, so it's light reading rather than a more in-depth story.

The language of this book is a mixture of American and Scottish - occasional modern American phrasing creeps in, along with strong Scottish words (hasnae, dinnae, mon, weel etc). There's not a great deal of historical detail but that doesn't matter too much to the story. However the strong Scottish way of speaking might put some people off - for example, although Highland stories are popular in America the Scottish accent isn't generally seen as very appealing in England.

The second story, "The Rescue" by Lynsay Sands, worked rather better for me. Calum MacNaghton, brother of Bothan from the first story, is travelling to London on a small task for his uncle when he finds himself rescuing a young lady from a group of men who are trying to kidnap her. Unfortunately the kidnap is taking place in daylight and so whilst helping Sarra DeCourcey, the young woman, he becomes dangerously weak and eventually passes out. Sarra helps him back to her father's castle and lets him rest there with her father whilst he gets back his strength. However the man behind the attempted kidnapping still wants to get Sarra so he can marry her - Sarra's father is dying and she is the heir to a reasonable estate. With a traitor somewhere in Sarra's castle, and with Calum needing to continue on his journey within England to reach London, can Sarra be made safe?

Like the previous story this one is fairly simple and plain - in under 150 pages it's difficult to make a very complex plot and characterisation. However there were some amusing aspects to this story that made it more enjoyable to read than 'The Hunt'. Calum's horse, Pretty Boy or Black, behaves in a rather un-horselike manner, Sarra herself struggles to rescue Calum and ends up tying him to the horse upside down, and their way of dealing with some of the more difficult problems of being under siege are also quite funny. It's not laugh-out-loud amusing but it adds a little lightness to the story.

Calum is Scottish, of course, and speaks in a Scottish manner but the rest of the characters in this story are English so I found it rather easier to read. It's noticeable that Lynsay Sands uses the word "vampire" for her hero which wasn't used in the previous story - although focusing on two brothers these stories did have a rather different feel. Again some Americanisms slipped in to this story but overall it was an enjoyable read and I found it more satisfying than 'The Hunt'. For those who like reading stories set in Scotland these were fun but they did suffer from the limitations of the shorter story format.

Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at [...] © Helen Hancox, 2007
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5.0 von 5 Sternen 4.5 Stars!, 26. September 2006
Rezension bezieht sich auf: My Immortal Highlander (Taschenbuch)
This novel contains two stories set in Scotland, early sixteenth century. The first story is titled "The Hunt" and written by Hannah Howell. Kenna Brodie of Bantaluch is a seer. Her uncle, wanting control of her people, sends Kenna on a quest to prove herself. She is to bring home the head and heart of a MacNachton. (The uncle never stated that the MacNachton had to be dead.) Kenna has no intention of completing the quest. However, Botham MacNachton meets her in a cave.

The MacNachton clan has a bloodlust. They can morph into beasts. In fact, Botham and his twin brother, Calum, are on missions to locate wives from outside the clan in hopes of saving their people. Kenna has no problem with loving both sides of Botham, neither the man, nor the beast.

The second story is titled "The Rescue" and written by Lynsay Sands. This is Calum MacNachton's tale. Sarra DeCourcey had spurned a cruel suitor and ended up being kidnapped. Calum rescues her. They soon find themselves falling in love. Problem is that the spurned man refuses to give Sarra up.

**** An interesting blend of talents by two well-known authors. Though the authors' writing styles are quite different, they seem to compliment each other somehow. The male characters in their stories are able to shapeshift into catmen. (They even purr in their sleep, though they would never admit it.) Very well done and highly recommended to all who enjoy paranormal romances! ****
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