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am 2. Mai 2015
The book written from the perspective of the main character, Elizabeth Joy Rider (called Beth), who learns that there's more to this world than she'd known. She's thrown into the midst of things and has to figure out who's friend, who's foe and who is she herself.

I enjoyed reading Nolander a lot. Great storyline, authentic characters and a good pace cost me a couple of hours of sleep. Highly recommended!

(Side note: there was one thing irked me a bit. Beth's hometown is called Dorf, the German word for village. As a native speaker I stumbled over it whenever "in Dorf" was mentioned, it reads really strange in another language.)
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am 2. Februar 2014
These days I'm quite reluctant to start anything that is marked as part of a series, because usually it either ends with a HUGE cliffhanger or just sucks.
This one was different, though. Yes, it sort of ends with a cliffhanger, leaving me curious and full of questions. But on the other hand, the story also was somehow finished.
It is a strange, and somewhat frightening, world Becca Mills created there. And interesting.
And she clearly can write.
I liked it. A lot.
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am 12. Januar 2013
On one hand the story amazed me with speed and new sides. At the other side I've got so much questions about all. You can say a short telling story with much inside but it needs another book to clear all the openings. For the first book it is OK. But not more!
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