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4,2 von 5 Sternen37
4,2 von 5 Sternen
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"Keep yourself far from a false matter; do not kill the innocent and righteous." -- Exodus 23:7 (NKJV)

I enjoyed this thriller by David Baldacci. He manages to add nuances to the usual clichés in the genre to craft a different kind of story where a government assassin finds himself facing ethical and emotional issues that he doesn't expect. While it's hardly a deep-character-development novel, Baldacci succeeds in making his characters interesting and attractive enough to keep you turning the pages.

While all thrillers are a bit near the top, if not over it, I found that this one contained elements that made it seem more realistic at times than most of the genre. That was due to careful plotting that I admired while reading the book . . . and even more after finishing it.

I also liked the way the plot twists were designed to reveal new clues concerning what is really going on.

If you've liked any earlier David Baldacci books, I think you'll like this one.

The book begins by establishing the solitary work of Will Robie in getting rid of the bad guys under difficult circumstances. After you are well into that, he comes to a hit that surprises him . . . and leads to some unexpected events. In the course of those events, he meets a runaway girl who attracts his protective instincts. In a role reversal, he ends up trying to look out for her while taking care of his own precarious business. It makes for some amusing scenes and sequences that humanize the thriller and increase its appeal.

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am 3. Februar 2014
I can picture this story as a blockbuster. The Innocent is one of the best Baldacci story I have read for a while. He showed his mastery again in scene-setting and did a great job with visual imagination. The role of Robie in all his interactions and the other characters in the novel show characterization came out well. The character of Robie reminds me of Gavin in the thriller Triple Agent, Double Cross, who like Robie, is in great shape but equally rugged and soft inside. Complicated though Robie is, his purpose is good. And since he is someone crosses the paths of evil people, the circumstances he finds himself in make him the hero he cannot shy away from becoming in order to survive and stop the bad guys. In short, The Innocent is a story to read.
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am 8. Januar 2015
Will Robie is a professional assassin for a government agency. But in one job he gets in a rush, he hesitates to pull the trigger. Somebody else kills the victim and Robie is on the run. He is also assigned to be the contact person for the FBI in the case of investigating this murder. A murder, Robie should have performed but has not. Something is not right here and Robie wants to know what it is. After all, his live depends on it.

A few details in the plot are just not realistic. One could definitely not know how exactly multiple people would react in certain situations and design such an extremely detailed and fine grained conspiracy. Nevertheless: typical Baldacci: good plot, well written and engrossing.
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am 5. Januar 2016
okay - okay, I include David Baldacci too ;-)

Since I am audiobook listener, the narrators are sometimes even more important than the Story Teller. The best Story is simply unbearable if badly read. But my "dream Team" Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy make me want to listen nonstop to the end, and restart again.
Thank you for making listening to a book so much fun. Clear pronounciation, even though dialects shine through - allows easy understanding also for me as non-native-english listener. The Switch in narrators keep the reading active and lively. Very well done !

And yeah, the Story itself is a true Baldacci. You can read about it in the other Reviews ;-)
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am 8. Februar 2016
Baldaccis neuer Held Robie gibt seinen Einstand. Wir befinden uns in Washington, wo Robie (eigentlich ist der Mann im Hauptberuf Killer für den Staat) um ein Haar hintereinander Opfer eines Schußwechsels, einer Busexplosion und einer militärisch durchgeführten Attacke auf ein Restaurant wird. Jedesmal entkommt er knapp. Doch wer oder was steckt hinter den Angriffen? Da führt der gute Erzähler Baldacci mit Präzision um die Ecken - auch schon mal um falsche. Robie wächst uns ans Herz, und man freut sich auf die beiden folgenden Stories um seine Person - mal sehen, wie die dann so sind.
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am 28. Oktober 2015
The book started off as just a series of sentences telling the story, but soon got into its rhythm and the characters got some meat on them, fulfilling all the favourable reviews and the author's reputation. The number of unnecessary killings was over the top, but eventually you find out why. The denouement was absolutely out of the blue - I like the way he keeps secrets from you!
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am 17. Mai 2013
Das Buch war über die ersten 80 % wirklich spannend. Leider ließ dies zum Ende hin immer weiter nach' das Ende selbst war SEHR konstruiert und überzogen. Außerdem hat das Fehlen jeglicher Hinweise auf den “Täter“ letztendlich dazu geführt, dass man die richtige Person verdächtigt.
Die englische Version ist sprachlich auf mittlerem Niveau (vermutlich nix für reine Schulenglischkenntnisse).
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am 5. Oktober 2012
Nach ein paar eher mittelmäßigen (Solide Grundkost) Baldacci Büchern hier ein toller Thriller mit starken Protagonisten: Supeagent mit Herz "adoptiert" Jugentdliche und geht in einem tollen Katz und Mausspiel, dass erst ganz zum Schluss aufgelöst wird durch das Buch ... einfach toll und packen!
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am 21. Mai 2012
Erstaunlich, wie Baldacci es immer wieder schafft neue Figuren zu erfinden und seine Geschichte von Anfang an so spannend zu schreiben.
Nach der letzten Seite möchte man von jeder Figur sofort das nächste Buch lesen und wartet voller Ungeduld auf die nächste Ausgabe.
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am 13. Dezember 2012
Sehr, sehr spannend bis zum Schluß. Das Buch macht einen süchtig. Mann muss immer weiter lesen bis zum Schluß. Wenn man es fertig gelesen hat, ist man traurig, dass es zu Ende ist.
Toller Schreibstil - würde jederzeit ungesehen ein Buch von David Baldacci kaufen.
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