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am 26. Mai 2015
If we want to beat cancer, this is one of the most helpfull books you can imagine.
Knowing that there are plenty of natural cancer solutions which are much more interesting than poisson the patient....

Think about this whenever you encounter cancer...
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am 14. Juli 2000
This will be my fourth purchase of this book. I am purchasing this for an uncle who was just diagnosed yesterday. All of the test results are not in yet, so I do not know very many details.
I purchased this for my dad 3 years ago when he was diagnosed with Phase IV Lymphoma with a grave prognosis. He had this book in his hands prior to beginning chemotherapy. He totally changed his eating habits based on Patrick Quillins recommendations. Dad has been in remission 2 years and still follows the diet plan. He has eliminated sugar, sodas and coffee from his diet. He has added soy, carrot juice, and all the fresh produce he can find.
I have many people in my family with cancer. I have added many of the Quillins recommendations to my own diet to hopefully help prevent cancer. I haven't given up soda or sugar, but I have cut back. I have added soy and try to have a diet rich in fresh produce and grains. I try stay away from any products listed below the "FAIR" list in the book. Our families have incorporated some of the recipes provided in the book into our regular routines.
This book is really technical, but it is worth reading through because the information is well researched and NUTRITION really does make a difference. So, get past the technical language and the basics are really easy to understand. I think the author is so brilliant he sometimes forgot the audience might have no prior medical knowledge. Mr. Quillin, I'm a GREAT proofreader, I'd love to be your editor!
I'm thankful for this book and the Quillins. It was with this book and prayers and faith in God that I still have my dad around!
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am 26. April 2000
Although the Quillins often get bogged down in technical terms, they provide a zinger every few pages which keeps the reader on the edge of his seat. For example, I was startled to read that 40 percent of cancer patients die from malnutrition and not the disease itself. The authors suggest that the underlying conditions for the disease must be addressed. Good nutrition, exercise, attitude, and the detoxification of essential organs such as the liver must occur. Cancer spreads as a result of a lack of oxygen, sugar feeding, immune suppression, and toxin overload. Thus, the cancer patient should avoid foods containing processed sugars, and practice breathing from the diaphram. Conventional therapies include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery as well as a host of alternate therapies such as macrobiotics and herbal remedies. The authors further believe that by using aggressive nutrition, the patient is able to bolster his immune system. Besides suggesting vitamin supplements, the authors present specific recipes which contain the essential cancer fighting nutrients. The book does a good job in offering helpful advice to improve the outcome in cancer treatment. Lastly, there is an appendix of physicians who use nutrition as part of cancer treatment. This book is most definitely a valuable resource.
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am 7. Oktober 1999
I don't have cancer....yet, but several family members have died with it. I am very interested in nutrition and how it effects the body and prevents illness. This book gave me the courage to face cancer if I ever get it and have a game plan of how I would handle it. All of a sudden I'm not affraid of cancer anymore. I wish everyone in my family would read this book.
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am 30. Januar 2000
A nurse gave me this book to read when I first was getting through surgery with stage three breast cancer. I had loss all hope of the future and would not look at the book. I went through chemo and was ready to start radition before starting to read this book. I was ready to find out what I could do on my own with nutrition. So I picked up the book the nurse had left and didn't want to put it down. It is one of my most treasured book now. This book gave me hope that I could do something to at least try to stay alive longer. This book is up to date information on nutrition. Easy to understand and one that can can get you on your way to healing your body to work at beating the odds. I have recommed it to close friends and they have very high praises for this book. It has self help directions it will give you a new lease on live so to speak. A must read for anyone who has illness. Eating right can at lease build the immune stystem and make our quality of life better and enduring.
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am 26. Oktober 1998
This book gives great nutrition advice. I read it halfway through chemo therapy and it made an incredible difference in how I felt and how quickly I recovered. Now, 6 months after chemo and 4 months after radiation, I feel better than I have since I was in my 20's (I'm 45) and a lot of it has to do with how I changed my eating habits and the vitamin supplements I take - all because of recommendations in this book. It also provides information on clinical studies which I found interesting and there's a chapter with recipes (quite tasty) and menus to get you started.
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am 9. Februar 2000
The most useful aspect of this book to me was the section that listed all the common elements in the various diets that are reputed to support people who are ill with cancer. I wish that I had known about this book before my brother died. His tumour certainly was a sugar feeder.
It's too bad that the book is not well edited (e.g., some of the diagrams are incomprehensible), because the information is so valuable. Unfortunately, some people (particularly doctors) will dismiss it, assuming from its unpolished presentation that the thinking is shoddy.
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am 4. Oktober 1998
Bought this book because my father has cancer, but can't tolerate the chemotherapy. This book provides dozens of herbs, vitamins, etc. that have been tried out by the authors over years of clinical testing. They even provide one stop shopping for most of their best "cures" in an "immunopower" concoction. In the back of the book is a comprehensive list of alternative doctors. Found one in our area and my father seems to be improving... Only time will tell.
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am 15. Oktober 1999
When my husband was diagnosed we found this book and it became our bible throughout treatment. It is a great book to go through chemo with. My husband went through treatment and a bone marrow transplant much easier because of the things we read in this book. Anyone diagnosed with cancer or knows someone diagnosed would be smart to get this book! It is usually my gift to someone diagnosed because the sooner you read this book the better you will feel!
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am 12. Juli 2000
This book reads like pseudo-scientific ramblings. The author's extreme bias interferes with any critical analysis of alternative medical practices (an analysis he is quite capable of applying to the traditional medical establishment). If you value your health, do not read this book. Instead, I recommend D.W. Nixon's "The Cancer Recovery Eating Plan ..."
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