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am 8. Dezember 1998
The Schirmer Inheritance is Eric Ambler at his best. The introduction recounts the story of a German sergeant who deserts during the Franco-Prussian War and changes his name to conceal this desertion. Ambler then takes us to modern times and the tortuous complications that this seemingly-trivial event has on the search for the heir to an unclaimed fortune. Along the way we encounter the many interesting vignettes and insights into human behavior that typify Ambler's stories. If such revelatory insights coupled with compelling twists and turns of plot are more important to you than explicit sex and violence, then you too may find Eric Ambler to be THE master of intrigue as well as one of the finest novelists of this century in any genre. You may also decide, like I have, that The Schirmer Inheritance may well be his masterpiece.
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am 23. Februar 1999
I can't believe that it's taken me so long to discover Ambler. I first read Coffin for Demitrios on a whim (and a little help from Amazon), and The Schirmer Inheritance is the third Ambler book I've read. In relatively short novels, Ambler combines intrigue, vivid detail, political intrigue and complex character development. The Schirmer Inheritance stands out for its historical context, the ongoing and developing tension between the two main protagonists, and Ambler's ability to keep you completely engaged throughout the novel. Think of this book as a series of mouse-traps laid out in a dark room. As you carefully walk across the room, you "feel" the traps, know that one or more will spring, yet you are drawn to the other side of the room by the power of the story-telling. Great fun!
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am 9. Februar 2014
-an anderer Stelle (der Übersetzung) mehr, was soll ich mich wiederholen. Aber das Original ist immer das sicherste und schönste.
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